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Chapter Twenty One

Legolas and Elrohir looked around at the scene before them. The waters of the river Isen covered everything in murky water and there was debris floating around. Here and there Ents moved around talking to each other or just silently watching the mounted company which was being led by Treebeard to the Tower of Orthanc.

Merry and Pippin had been found in the guardhouse much to the delight of the Fellowship. Pippin now rode behind Aragorn while Merry rode with Gandalf.

As they approached the Tower the two elves glanced upwards and couldn't suppress a shudder. The black structure stretched menacingly up to the sky and to the two Eldar it seemed to radiate evil. Even their horses were restless. Gandalf alone seemed to be the only one who didn't feel fear.

"Show yourself Saruman!" he cried in a powerful voice.

The Tower doors opened and Saruman strode out on to the balcony white robes billowing around him. If Saruman was unsettled by the destruction of his stronghold he hid it behind a cold sneer. His dark gaze fell on King Théoden.

"Long we have fought against each other. May we not have peace?" he said in a smooth voice.

Théoden scowled anger flashing in his blue grey eyes.

"We will have peace when you answer for all you have done!" snarled the King of Rohan.

Legolas and Elrohir exchanged looks of relief. It was rumoured that Saruman's voice could be hypnotic and he used it to bend people to his will. Théoden had been strong enough to resist him. The two elves turned their attention back to the proceedings just the wizard's servant Grima Wormtongue came shuffling onto the balcony. The greasy haired man had eyes only for his master. But those eyes were full of hate. Without warning the small man pulled a knife and stabbed Saruman twice in the back. Legolas loosed an arrow which pierced Wormtongue's heart but Saruman was already dead.

"It is over," Gandalf murmured.

The company turned their horses and rode for Edoras and the Golden Hall where the people of Rohan were waiting to welcome back their King.


Legolas and Elrohir smiled as they watched Merry and Pippin dancing and singing on one of the tables. They laughed as Pippin knocked over someone's tankard but fortunately the long haired man didn't seem to mind. Legolas' attention was caught by Gimli who had apparently come over to issue a challenge. The woodland elf exchanged an amused glance with his husband and the two followed Gimli over to a table where several tankards of ale were laid out.

"A drinking game?" Legolas queried arching an eyebrow.

"Aye laddie," Gimli said with a hearty chuckle, "last one standing wins."

Legolas and Gimli stepped up to the table while Elrohir leaned against a gilded column with an amused expression on his face. Gimli and Legolas picked up the first mug and the contest began.

Bye the end of it there was a clear winner. Legolas and Elrohir snickered as they hauled a very drunk dwarf to his feet.

"And that is why you should never drink with an elf," the cerulean eyed woodelf informed his drunken friend.

Gimli only glared at him but allowed himself to be dragged down the hall and deposited in the room where most of the Fellowship would be sleeping. When the bonded couple were curtain that Gimli would be comfortable enough and was sleeping soundly they left and went to the room that had been given to them as a married couple.

The raven and golden haired elves began to undress and when they were both naked they fell on to the bed Legolas landing in Elrohir's arms. Grey eyes filled with passion gazed at him intently for a moment before Elrohir's lips landed on his in a hard kiss. The Mirkwood prince groaned and eagerly parted his lips as a tongue began lapping at them. It was Elrohir's turn to groan as he slipped his tongue into his spouse's mouth. The Imladrin elf rolled until he was on top of his beloved and pressed his hands down on either side of the golden head as he deepened the kiss.

A whimper escaped Legolas' lips and Elrohir's moved down to his neck and he began sucking gently on his pulse point. The archer leaned up into the sensation and his eyes fluttered closed. A hand began running down his body until it reached his already hardening member. He began to thrust his hips upwards as his husband stroked him and moaned loudly. Elrohir smirked and increased the pace until Legolas was screaming his release into the room.

While he was still recovering Elrohir used some of his mate's essence to slick himself up and then slid into the glorious body below him. Legolas groaned as Elrohir began thrusting into him at a frantic pace and as the dark haired elf reached his release inside his beloved, Legolas was hit with a second climax.

Elrohir remained inside his husband while the two of them regained their breathing. When they had recovered Legolas whimpered as his silver eyed spouse pulled out of him but sighed in contentment when he was pulled into strong arms. He laid his head on Elrohir's chest and allowed his mind to wander the path of elven dreams.


The next morning Legolas and Elrohir were the last to arrive at breakfast which earned them a knowing smirk from Aragorn and Gimli. The two elves glared at their friends but this only served to amuse the man and dwarf further and they both chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Merry asked as Legolas and Elrohir sit down.

"I think they're still feeling the effects of all ale they drank last night," Elrohir said aiming a kick at his adopted brother which caused the dark haired heir of Gondor to pout. This made Legolas and Elrohir laugh.

Breakfast passed with much talk and laughter the Fellowship allowing themselves to recover from the battle of Helms Deep. There would be more troubles ahead and it was important to take what happiness they could.