Four years later…

Jareth anxiously paced the throne-room. Today was the day. Sarah was finally coming back to the Underground.

It had been a difficult four years to say the least. It had rained in the Labyrinth for weeks after Sarah had returned to her world. To avoid the ever-persistent temptation of going to see her, Jareth had thrown himself into his royal duties. Repairing damaged walls and houses that had toppled when the Labyrinth broke, patrolling the borders, settling disputes, making decrees and amendments. Thankfully, he didn't have to worry about wishers. In the modern-day Aboveground, a proper wish to the goblins was a rarity.

Sarah had kept in contact with her friends via her vanity mirror. Through the grapevine, he'd been able to stay up-to-date with her life. She'd graduated high school in the top five percent of her class, was accepted into NYU for her basics and had eventually told her parents that she'd be moving to London to pursue theatre.

"Don't worry, you majesty." Sir Didymus said cheerfully. "I'm sure her ladyship will be here any moment."

"Yeah," Hoggle grunted, "a watched pot never boils, ya know."


Jareth huffed, but otherwise, ignored the three fools loitering in the corner.

The dwarf had been the one to inform the Goblin King of Sarah's plans to return, though he'd been sworn to secrecy about just what time Sarah was supposed to make her grand entrance, much to Jareth's chagrin. The little scab had even refused to speak when Jareth threatened to dunk him in the Bog!

Over the following week, Jareth had run rampant making preparations for the wedding and coronation. The goblins worked tirelessly to decorate the city and castle with lavish garlands of gold and emerald green. Shiny white flowers dotted nearly every nook and cranny. Crystals drifted around in the air. Now if only the bride would show up already!

I'll bet she's doing this on purpose just to torture me. He thought petulantly. It would be just like her to tease him for old times' sake. Impudent brat. He silently grumped, though his lips rose into a fond smirk. Guess I'll have to teach her a lesson about the 'fear me' and 'do as say' part of our deal.

Just as he was about to cave and find a way to physically drag her to the Labyrinth himself, a thick swirl of glitter wafted up from the stone floor and when it cleared, Jareth was completely speechless.

Before him stood a twenty-year-old Sarah Williams. She wore a simple, long-sleeved grey shirt with a sweeping neckline revealing a modest view of her adult sized breasts. Her blue jeans accentuated her long, toned legs and wide hips. Her hair was the same color and length as before, only more voluminous, framing her head and shoulders in gentle waves. Her face had lost all traces of baby fat. Her cheeks and eyebrows were thinner, her lips fuller. But her eyes, oh her eyes! The same expressive and beautifully cruel viridian eyes stared back at him provocatively. She was a vision of perfect loveliness. He felt himself growl with desire.

"Well, Goblin King?" She crooned flirtatiously, planting her hands on her hips. "Are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna kiss me?"

Next thing Sarah knew, her body was slammed against the opposite wall as a hungry male mouth thoroughly ravished her own.

Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus fled the room screaming.

The End