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Chapter Text

They were only millimeters apart.

Khan's gaze never left his. Those crystalline blue pits were egging him on, trying to goad him into giving in to the violence. He made no move to pull away, the superhuman's slim hand was icy cold against his, heart beating a steady rytham.

" When will you realize that most life is meaningless captain? You have seen those you care for snubbed out a thousand times, and yet… you insist on its importance. Only one or two will use their potential to its fullest, and more often than not, it is they who point the gun, and fire that final shot."

The captain could not help but notice, the slight tremor in the other's voice as he finished the sentence. With a broken smile, Khan stepped back and turning on his heel, vanished. The captain, laughed humorlessly, before collapsing down onto the cold palate and drifting into a deep and dreamless sleep.

A soothing breeze fluttered in through the open window, the brief chill causing the young man to further entangle himself in his snowy comforter. The sound of birds filled the slightly sticky air, bringing a newfound sweetness to the black that surrounded him. He could even feel the spring sun's teasing caress against his skin. He curled even further into the covers, luxioriating in the perfect feeling of content that often comes with waking in a cozy bed. It must be almost afternoon…

With a jolt he shot up, electric blue eyes wide opened as he realized his mistake. In seconds he was out of bed, managing in the process to knock the entire contents of his bed onto the floor. After a few minutes of muttered curses as he bumped into every piece of furniture the tiny attic contained, he ran out of the room, the large white door closing with a reverberating slam.

It was at first glance, a tiny attic room like every other. It had a bed tucked into the corner next to a sizable window, on the sill of which sat a very malnourished looking cactus, there was an antique looking wardrobe, a small desk which currently housed only a laptop, and a large shelf full of all manor of clutter. However, if anyone bothered to examine further they would probably be quite surprised.

The cluttered shelf was filled with books of every genre, language, and time period. Some of them were the new shiny editions, which could be found at every commercial bookseller's in the world, but most had been rebound with scrupulous care. Under the bed, hidden from view, was a small box containing a record player and several record all in perfect condition, their gold embossed covers declaring them to be the symphonies and concertos of all the grand masters.

The crown jewel of the rooms oddity was perhaps the smallest and easiest to miss by far. Tucked into a small nook, concealed by the low sweeping ceiling was a tiny white model ship suspended in the air by a thin silver chain. It was however, no ordinary ship. It was a starship, and carved onto the top in tiny neat letters was a name.


The young man sprinted down the vast lawn, which lead to the main hall of the White estate. His phone buzzed ominously in his pocket, but he ignored it, already knowing the contents of the messages. When the young man reached the small side door, he came thundering in almost colliding with the cook, who shot him a bemused glance as he continued along.

It was hardly the first time he had been late, and it was now almost expected to see the young man running about like the world was about to end. Most of the other staff found it endearing, for the rest it was simply painfully irritating.

At long last he reached the small cupboard, which held his supplies, and, after retrieving the essentials of the day, he set out onto the vast land, that was home to the great house.

The white manor, and its surrounding land, had been home to over 25 generations of the white family, and as such it seemed timeless. The gardens, which surrounded the house, were so large that it would be quite easy to become lost in them if one did not know his way. The best part, in the young mans opinion, was the giant maze of rose bushes which sprawled across almost a three square miles of land. Hidden among the brambles and briars, were secret alcoves with fountains and benches. When he had finished his tasks for the day, he would often seek out his favorite of the lot, one he knew for sure that no one else could find, and read a book.

In case it is not completely obvious at this point, the young man was a gardener. Or rather, he was while he took a year off before college. His father had spent his entire life working for the family who owned the house, and as a result, when the young man had found himself alone and without any way to make money, he had been offered a job.

The white family had always been rather secretive, many speculated that this was the reason they had managed to outlast the decline of the aristocracy, and the countless wars and skirmishes, which are inevitable in history. Having grown up near the estate all of his life, the young man knew something about those who lived up in the great house, but not much.

He knew that it was home to a husband and wife, and their single child. He knew that the child was about his age, seeing as they had been born only a few months apart. He knew that this child was a boy of great intelligence, who played the piano and composed sonnets, (which he only knew because he would sometimes find them crumpled up on the ground in the maze). This However, was the extent of his knowledge. If he were asked, he would probably have stated frankly that "his kind and their kind just didn't mix." There was no contempt or anger in the words, just truth.

After four straight hours of pruning and trimming the plants, his work was done. Setting down his tools under a nearby tree, he shed his sweat-stained shirt and once again stepped into the maze of roses.

He had been lying in his secret alcove, staring up at the blooms around him, when he heard a rustle not far off. Suddenly the sound of a musical laugh filled the air, blending with the perfume of a million million flowers to create the perfect image of heaven. A tall, slim figure rounded the corner and in that moment the young man's life seemed to have come to a complete stop.

He wore a white button down shirt, and dark skinny jeans, which clung to every inch of his figure. In one long, elegant hand he held a slim leather bound book, and under his arm was a still squirming corgi puppy. At last the dog managed to free itself, coming to leap happily onto the gardeners bared chest with an excited "woof". The newcomer's piercing eyes widened briefly, and then his beautiful face returned to an unreadable mask.

The gardener jumped to his feet, upsetting the puppy.

" I am so sorry sir, I was just-well you see-" The gardener stuttered lamely, but was silenced when the beautiful stranger raised a hand. He trembled as he felt those crystaline eyes take in every inch of him slowly and deliberately.

The gardener stayed rooted to the spot as the other stepped closer until they could have almost kissed, before saying in a surprisingly purring voice, "Your socks don't match James."

James T. Kirk, blushed and with another muttered apology ran away, leaving the other smiling happily at his retreating back.

Notes: Ok, ok, ok, I know this was weird, but i promise you it will all be explained in later chapters, so please don't throw anything at me. I was actually going through some of the older episodes from star trek: next gen when this idea hit me, so feel free to drw whatever conclusions you want from this. If you have seen the particular episode to which the premise is extremely similar then please dont ruin it by telling everyone. ANyway, I hope you guys are ok with the the crazy new turn in the plot..I love you all, keep reading!