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7. Hello, I'm a Pirate.

"Helmeppo will have you executed in three days, Zoro. " Luffy announced while staring at Zoro. "And if you don't believe me, Coby here can confirm."

Coby just nodded fearfully when Zoro looked at him.

"Damn, I knew it." Zoro muttered under his breath.

"I'll free you and then I'll get your swords. Is that okay, Zoro?" he asked. Zoro just nodded.

"I don't care about the rest, but get my white sword. It's my treasure." Zoro said. Luffy nodded with a grin and cut him from his binds with his Meitou.

"Coby, Zoro, wait here. I'll be right back." he said. "Gomu Gomu no Rocket!"

Zoro stared in disbelief as Luffy launched himself to the top of the marine base.

On the roof of the marine base, various marines were pulling a statue of Captain Morgan. Helmeppo suddenly stormed in and tried to convince his father to have Luffy killed. Predictably, the man punched his son and denied him any help.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, what a bad father." someone spoke up. They looked up and Helmeppo was scared by the familiar looking Straw Hat.

"Dad, that's the guy that hit me!" yelled Helmeppo and pointed at him. Luffy jumped down.

"You know what I'm going to do to that ugly statue?" Luffy asked, while clenching his fist.

"What are you on about, foolish commoner?!" yelled Morgan in anger. Luffy grinned mischievously and punched the statue. To the surprise of the marines, it wasn't his fist that broke, but the statue. In a thousand pieces no less. Marine jaws dropped when he ran off while laughing out loud at them.

"GET HIM! KILL HIM!" yelled Morgan in furious anger.

Marines saluted and ran after him. Luffy found Helmeppo's room (without help this time) and took the swords, while being deeply disgusted with the girlish decoration.

At about the same time, a certain redhead was searching for something in the base, glad for the distraction.

When Luffy looked out the window he saw his two rather panicked looking friends surrounded by marines. He sighed in frustration and jumped through the window, taking the bullets at the shock of everyone present.

"Yes, I ate a devil fruit. It's called Gomu Gomu no Mi and I'm a rubberman!" he yelled irritated when he saw the shocked expressions. "Now you'd better all run back to your base, before I kick your asses."

The marines flinched at the threat, but it made the captain even more angry rather than back away wisely. He handed the swords to Zoro, then he took out his own sword. He stepped forward and the marines instinctively backed away. Zoro was impressed by the man's aura. He hadn't even done anything yet and fully grown marines were scared shitless.

"You're not scared of this little brat now are you?" yelled Morgan at his subordinates, who became even more scared now. "Anyone who's scared, shoot himself now! THAT'S AN ORDER!"

Marines reluctantly started to obey, assuming they were dead either way. Luffy facepalmed and Zoro chuckled at his reaction. He then used his devil fruit powers to whip them before they could do anything.

Morgan was furious now and foolishly tried to attack Luffy. When the future pirate king saw his approach he chuckled. Morgan tried to cut Luffy in half with his axe, but he was stopped by Luffy's sword.

"Armament: Hardening." muttered Luffy and his other hand became shiny black.

"What the hell is that?!" yelled Zoro.

Luffy ignored him and punched Morgan, who flew directly into the base, crashing into it and spitting out some blood.

"Luffy." Zoro begun. "I know I promised to follow you, but don't interfere with my dream. If you do, you'll have to apologize at the end of your sword."

"I know, Zoro!" grinned Luffy. "You don't have to worry about that! Your fights are your own."

Then he turned to the marines. He grabbed Coby and Helmeppo (who tried to shoot him, but it didn't work).

"Hey, guys!" he yelled to the marines, who flinched. "Who's the second in command?"

An ordinary looking marine stepped forward, somewhat pale. "I'm commander Ripper."

"Commander, could you sent those two to my grandfather, Monkey D Garp? Alongside this message?" he asked, receiving astonished looks.

"Luffy, your grandpa is Garp the Fist?" asked Zoro, totally shocked now.

"Is that true?" asked Ripper. Luffy nodded.

"I'm Monkey D Luffy, pirate. He wanted me to be a marine, but I won't be, so I'm sending these two as replacement."

"Do you want to be marines?" he asked the two. Coby nodded furiously, while Helmeppo just shrugged, but then nodded. "Alright. *sigh* I'll see what I can do."

He looked at the two pirates.

"You may stay for the day. Then I'll have ask you to leave, since you are a pirate." he said. Luffy nodded. "I suggest you use this time to say goodbye to your little friend here."

Coby, Zoro and Luffy all nodded and left the base and headed for the bar. The marine commander sighed and looked at the message. He couldn't help but smile.


Hi Gramps!

I'm sorry, but I've become a pirate, so I'm sending you these two guys, Coby (pink-headed geek) and Helm-something (Blond Onion-headed asshole)! They're really weak but I bet you can make something with them (Coby In particular could go far, he could be an admiral or something someday if you hit him just about right).

Love ya (even if you do punch me all the time),

Monkey D Luffy

(future pirate king)

I have to confess that I imagined Luffy doing the woop woop woop that Zoidberg does while escaping from Morgan.