The first thing she heard was the humming of machines. Not people walking around, or blaring alarms, but a soft humming coming from the ship. That meant nothing was wrong. Except for the fact that she was awake. She should be deep in cyro sleep. Amane opened her eyes, glancing around the small cyro tube. She noticed there was no movement from outside, so pulled the release lever.

She groaned as she moved from the tube, slightly disoriented. Cyro sleep always did that to her. She waited for her head to clear before standing up straight and observing her surroundings. It was the standard passenger ship. Approximately thirty cyro tubes, all filled with people, except for the one she had been in. Four of which held her friends. She slowly walked down the hall, her boots barely making a sound.

She checked all the cyro tubes. No one looked remotely awake. She stopped infront of the last one. Bold red letters glowed above it that read 'PRISONER! DO NOT OPEN'. She had forgotten about the fact they were transporting a convict. He was huge. all muscular in black cargo pants and a black tanktop with goggles covering his eyes.

"You certainly look friendly." She stated sarcastically before heading down the hall, not noticing the small smirk that appeared on the convicts lips. As she made her way towards the cabin, she was suddenly happy that she had decided to actually memorize the ships map. While the ship wasn't huge, it was just big enough to get lost in.

Amane quickly showered and relieved herself. She put on some of the clothes that were in the cabin for the crew, thankful there was some about her size. She then headed out towards the cargo hold, to get some of her stuff. As she passed the cyro tubes she froze, noticing a body lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She recognized him as the merc escorting the convict. She suddenly got a sinking feeling in her stomach as she looked towards the prisoner's tube. Sure enough, it was empty, nothing left but shattered glass.

Instincts took in as she sprinted down the hall towards the cockpit. She raced through the halls silent as a mouse, thankful she knew where she was going. But all thoughts left her head when she got there, to see an intimidating figure sitting in the captains chair. She froze in the doorway, barely breathing. She took a few silent steps back, watching him mess with the controls, before turning to sprint down the hall.

She didn't get more than a few feet when she was slammed into the wall. Her feet weren't touching the ground as he held her up by her throat with his arm. She gasped as she began struggling, but realised it was useless. There was no way she could do much with her 5'2 form, since he was well over 6' and well built.

For a moment there was just silence. Him staring at her through those goggles, and her glaring back. Then he leaned forward, his nose running along her collarbone. He was...sniffing her. Her struggles began again, and she did the only thing she could think off, and hit him where it hurt most. It was just enough for him to loosen the grip. Just enough for her to slip away and slam the cockpit door shut, setting the electrical lock.

Riddick sat in his cyro tube. He was taking his time. Waiting for the right moment. How he got caught by the fool of a merc who had him know was really a mystery to him. But he knew he wasn't going back to the slam. Luckily, the merc was stupid enough to leave his goggles. He would have no problem escaping.

He froze when he heard movement. From one of the cyro tubes further down. It wasnt just a sleep stir either. He heard the person release the cyro tube, and stumble out. Female. Small. Delicious. Her scent hit him hard. He listened as she examined the ship, and watched as she came into view. Stopping infront of his tube. There was no fear, just annoyance from her.

"You certainly look friendly." Her voice was magical. He could feel his inner beast stir. He wanted her. He smirked, thinking of the ways he would have her, and watched as she slowly disappeared from sight. He waited until he heard the shower before moving. He broke the chains holding him with one good pull. Merc had no idea who he was dealing with. He then broke the glass, since his tube didn't have a release.

The first thing he did was get rid of the merc. Opening his tube and slitting his throat, letting him fall to the floor in a pool of his own blood. He left him there, heading to the cockpit to change course. The first destination they were headed to was the slam, and he sure as hell wasn't going there.

As He got to the cockpit, he heard the shower go off. She would find the body soon The beast inside of him got excited at the thought of her fear. He sat down though, waiting patiently as he began changing the course they were on. She got there faster than he thought she would have. She backed away slowly, fear and determination coming off of her in waves.

He waited for her to turn before he made him moving, silently coming up behind her and pinning her to the wall. He froze, trying to control himself as she struggled under his hold. The movements made him hard. And he didnt want to do anything. yet.

He took her in. She was tiny. 5'2 from what he could tell. He towered over her little form. She was beautiful. Her hair, was white as pure snow, falling in waves past her shoulders. Her eyes were what stunned him though. Purple. A glowing purple with no pupils. They almosted mirrored his own. But her scent. Oh her scent.

It intoxicated him. A mixture of cherry blossoms and vanilla. He lowered his head, running his nose along her collarbone, taking in her scent. Her struggles renewed, but this time she did something unexpected. She kicked him in the groin. He froze, pain flashing through him. He unintentionally let her go, and she slammed the cockpit door shut before he could move. He laughed at that. A dark humorless laugh. So she thought she had won? Locking herself away. He grinned as he stalked off, the game of cat and mouse begun.