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Riddick was livid. Every muscle in his body was tight as he gripped the metal frame of the bed. His knuckles were white, and he could feel the metal bending in his grip. The minx had bit him. The taste of blood was still fresh in his mouth as he clenched his jaw. She would come to regret that. It had taken everything in him not to hit her right there. He wasn't one to hit women, but then again, he also wasn't one to be so rough. But the more he was around that vixen, the more he lost control. He could feel the control slipping away, and his animal side taking over.

He would have her. He already claimed her. The mark on her neck was proof, whether she knew it or not. And the more he thought of what happened, the more he felt his control dwindle. She needed to pay. She needed to learn her place. She needed to learn just who she belonged too.

Amane sat in the shower panicing. The dark look that had been in his eyes let her know there would be hell to pay. She would admit, she was afraid of leaving the room, fearing what would happen once she did. But she needed to get out of there. She looked around for a weapon, any weapon. She found none. But she did spot an air vent, just big enough for her to fit into.

She wasted no time getting to work. She quickly jumped out of the tub, leaving the shower running. She stepped onto the toilet, and began pulling at the vent. It came free with a loud groan, and she cringed. She could hear Riddicks footsteps coming to the bathroom, so hiked herself up. She glanced at the door as he entered. The look in her eyes told her that he would hurt her. He was definitely not the man from yesterday. He was not the man who swore not to hurt her. He was different, more animalistic.

She was in the vent when she felt a hand on her ankle, tugging back. She grabbed onto the corner of the vent, where it turned, for dear life. She tried to pull free. It didn't work, so she did the last thing she could think of, and kick back. Her foot connected with what felt like his nose, and he let go. She immediately scrambled into the vent, crawling as fast as she could, thankful he couldn't catch her in there.

But she had a lot to worry about. She couldn't tell where she was going while in the vents. And she was naked. She needed to find clothes. There was also the possibility of him hearing her in the vents, and following her, trapping her. But what worried her most, was the feral growl that echoed through the ship.

Riddick was seething. The vixen had escaped. Crawling through the air ducts. She thought she could escape. He growled, loud enough for her to hear. Oh, he wasn't done with her yet. He would hunt her though the entire ship, and she would pay. For biting him. For running away. For kicking his nose. Oh, the minx would pay. He would make sure of that.

But first he needed to find her. To flush her out. She was in the air ducts, naked. Getting her out would be easy. He grabbed the cuffs, before walking out of the room, headed straight for the cockpit. He listened carefully. She wasn't near him. He couldn't hear her over the humming of the ship, which meant she was far away. probably headed for the second cabin to get clothes. And she would definitely need them.

He his smirk was nothing but evil as he reached the cockpit. He fiddled with the controls until he found the air conditioning. He let out a dark chuckle as he turned it on full blast. The sound of the machine turning on was music to his ears. He walked out of the cockpit, heading for the second cabin, listening for her in the air ducts.

Amane was almost to what she hoped was the second cabin when she heard a machine turn on. Almost instantly brutally cold air filtered past her. Her nipples went hard and goosebumps covered her body. Shit. She continued crawling, faster this time, as the temperature slowly got lower and lower, turning the metal she was crawling in ice cold.

She finally arrived at the vent gate that she thought lead to the second cabin, and almost let out a sigh of relief when she saw she was right. But it died in her throat. Lounging on the bed, was none other than Riddick. Shit. Her breathing quickened as she slowly backed away, earning a dark chuckle from the man on the bed. She turned and headed for a nearby exit, but when she tried to move it, it wouldn't open. Then she noticed the edges. They were sealed shut. How, no, when did he do that? She groaned as she started shivering.

He was one step ahead of her. He had the air conditioning on full blast. She would freeze to death if she stayed up there. She turned before heading down another passage, finding another opening. She looked around the room, and saw nothing. She pushed on the grate, and was happy when it opened. She quietly slipped down, not noticing the looming figure behind her.

As soon as both feet were on the ground, Riddick pounced. He grabbed both her arms, forcing her to the ground. He straddled her waist as he pulled both her hands behind her back,cuffing them together. She never stopped struggling, and he loved the feel of it. Her skin was ice cold next to him. But he had clothes on, so it didn't effect him as much as it did her. Once she was cuffed, he got up, pulling her up with him.

"Let me go!" She hissed out, glaring at him. His response was a dark laugh as he pulled her to him.

"You. Are. Mine." He growled out each word slowly, sending shivers of fear down her back. "I will let you go, when I want to." And with that, he began walking, pulling her behind him.

A million thoughts raced through her mind as he pulled her across the ship. For a while she didn't know where she was. Not until they passed the escape pods. They were headed straight for the cargo hold. Whatever his plans were, if they were there, they weren't good. She immediately started struggling, pulling back. But it didn't affect Riddick's pace. He didn't even seem to notice.

Amane's eyes widened in terror once they reached the cargo hold. Under any other circumstance, it looked fine. But at that very moment, it was a terrifying place to be. Hooks littered the ceiling, hanging at various lengths. Numerous items that could be used for any sinister purpose layed around haphazardly. Ridick pulled her down the steps, and towards the center of the room. He stopped in the center, reaching around back and uncuffing a single hand.

Before she could do anything, he pulled both of her arms in front of her and recuffed them. He then dragged her to a nearby hook, and raised her arms up, slipping the cuff over the hook. Amane was short, so her toes barely touched the ground as she hung from the hook, trying not to have all the weight on her arms. She glared at the Convict in front of her. The dark look in his eyes told her, whatever was coming next, was very probably not going to be pleasant. At least for her.