Thimbles Week 11 Fanficflashfic

Prompt: www. youtube watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QZ-1cq8ibwg

There are stains on my shoulder. You keep going back to him and when you come back to me you smile for a minute, but most of the time you cry for hours. Don't do it anymore. I'm your best friend and that's how it has to be, I get it.

Don't love him. Love me.

So I have to tell you it's going to be all right. I'm lying. It's not.

Why him? What's wrong with me?

You're with him again tonight, after yesterday. After he laughed and made you feel small. You went back to him.

I should walk away.

I should walk away, but I can't. You're not small. You're this thing that goes on and on and on, and I can't see straight when I'm with you.

You take my comfort and my warmth. Take more. Please, take everything.

It's 2AM and you're knocking on my door. I let you in so you can find your spot on my couch. I grab a couple beers and listen to you tell me how awful he makes you feel. Your head's on my shoulder and there's that moment I think you'll finally realize. But you won't, will you?