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This will take place after the soul eater anime. With -man this story will follow after the anime and some of the magma. Allen has become one with the 14th but he is in full control and can use his powers. This will have some Yullen just later on in the story. This is also my first story and first crossover.

Death city

Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty were on their way to the death chamber to report to Lord Death. Their last mission was about a soul that was almost a kishin that had gotten in to Death City. The bad thing was that they lost it and Maka had not been able to see its soul.

"Lord Death, we've have lost kishin and now it is some where in the city" Maka a little upset told Lord Death

"That's O.K. at least you tried. We will wait for it to come back and show himself." Lord Death told the group in his normal happy mood.

As soon as he said that the power when out. It stayed out for a few minutes, and then the power came on. Everyone was straddled by the power that they did not see Sid come in.

"Lord Death, the blackout was cased by Project Crown Clown conceiting to the main system" the zombie informed Death.

"Project Crown Clown that has been on the side power for almost 200 years. What happened?" Lord Death now asked in a worried tone.

"I'm not sure I was just told to tell you that." Sid replied.

"Father what is Project Crown Clown I have never herd of the before?" Kid asked his father which was the same thing that the others in the room were thinking.

"Project Crown Clown is the…well it protects one of the grated people of the hidden world that has been in a coma for 200 years. The side power was just enough to run the systems but if more power was needed it will connect back to the main power. That is what we just went through" Lord Death told them as he was on the way to the room that held Project Crown Clown.

The students followed Lord Death to the room, witch they thought it was o.k. sense he had not stopped them yet. When they entered the room there was a large green crystal with a person inside of it. (A/N: The crystal looks the same as when Lenalee put inside the crystal by her innocence. It looks almost the same because it was cased by the same thing, innocence.)

"Well, he looks different than the last time I came here" Lord Death said.

He was referring to the two gears over the person's left eye, the white cape, the silver mask, and the black claw.

When every one, but Kid, saw the person they were awed how cool and strong he looked. Kid was having a fit by how asymmetrical the person looked, that he told Liz and Patty to go in to weapon, witch they did, and kid started to fire at the crystal. When he did no one believed what he just did not even the Thomson sisters. As soon as the bullets got to the crystal they were stopped, and fired back at kid who recede a few gun wondes.

"I was going to worn you about that but I was too late. That crystal will do any thing to protect the boy inside of it." said Stine

"Stine is correct we tried to get him out but had the same reaction to what Kid had." Spirit said.

"Death Scythe, Stine I suppose you two and the kids wont to know who that is in the crystal and why he is here. His name is Allen Walker and he is here for us to protect him while he in still in his coma." Lord Death told every one in the room.

That is Ch. 1 hope you like it.

The hidden world is what the DWMA and the Black Order are a part of since the whole world does not know of their existence.

In this Allen look like he is in 20s just so you have something to go on by how old he looks.

Sorry if some characters seem out of character.

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