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"So let me get this right, Allen is my grandfather that has been in a coma for 200 years and is teaching a class with my mom." Soul said

"Ya that sounds right. Yu, can you tell me why I was in an innocence crystal."

" Of course. We were in a battle against a level 10 akuma. You were hit pretty badly, and the akuma a locked away you Noah regeneration ability. So it was up to your innocence had to do it all the only way it could. unfortunately it could only completely heal you by the crystal. Even after that your soul was damaged badly. That was when lord death came and said he will help heal your soul, but it would take a long time." Kanda said

"Well that sounds reasonable. So why was I in a coma for 200 years?" asked Allen

"I theory on why." Mana started "After the battle that we learned that the akuma took your power for itself and crown clown knew that without that part of you, you would most likely die. And the three of us would live for basicly ever due to Mom's curse and you noha power so Yullen and me will be fine. But without you we would have no more purpose."

"Next question. How are do you have biological kids?" Kid asked

"Well on one of Allen's and mine missions we had to find two pieces of innocence. It just so happened that when we found them the they disappeared. At the time we had no clue that they became absorbed into my body. With the two pieces together it temporarily made me have female organs. So for nine months I got to feel what it is like to be a female. That is how the two of us have biological kids." Kanda replaced to kid.

After that Allen went with Kanda,Mana and Yullen to the apartment they were given.

"I still think that you are crazy for blaming me getting you pregnant." Allen complained to Kanda wale Allen was laying on Kanda and playing with his hair.

" Who said that I blame you for it. I have never regretted it or anything I do with you. I expehley can not wait till we can teach those kids what real team work is. Yullen already decided that to pass the class the have to beat two of us." Kanda continued.

"That will be fun to see them try to beat us any of the four together will be able to beat them in seconds. So we start tomorrow this this the best time I have ever had" Allen said as he fell to sleep.

DWMA Classroom with the soul eater gang

" Soul do you know any thing that your family is teaching?" Liz asked

"No, I tried to get some info out of my mom before they went to their apartment but her response was ' Now why would I tell you. Telling you will only ruin the surprise.' so no matter what I tried I got nothing. My uncle Mana said that this is a great family reunion thing. I have no clue on what to do but wait." Soul said. Just as he finished the four teachers came in.

" Lets get class started. The four of us do not like formality that well so please call us by our first names. I am Yullen and this is my brother Mana. The two others with us are our parents Allen and Kanda. Now that is done from now one we will have class on the training grounds."

With that the class headed of to the training grounds.

" To start off I will tell you what our goal of this class is. The normal goal is to help you work with other partners and find your best combination." Mana started " Some of you already know which other partners you are good with" at this Mana look Soul and his friends. " to pass this class you have to beat or come close to beating any two of us."

With that last statement some kids were confused because they were thinking that the four of them were wepion and mister pair. Yullen convinced Kanda to not have mugen out in the open but still with him. The Soul eater group were freaking out because they saw how strong Allen was on his own but they had no clue how he was with one of the other three.

" There is a way for you to get out of this class" Kanda said with a smirk, " you will have to defeat any of us now or any time. If you are unable to beat us by the end of the school year you will not necessarily fail, if you showed that your are able to work with others then you will get a decent grade in this class." After seeing the expression of everyone Allen could no longer hold his breath.

"So do we have any challengers" Allen finley said after having a laughing fit.

"We will nothing even though THE MIGHTY BLACK STAR does not need help I will take the help this time. Kid, Maka you ready to get out of this class." Black star said

"We will probably not win but I would like to see how good we are compared to them." Kid commented on black star.

"So who will it be." Allen asked

"we will go with Yullen and Mana" Maka said, " Aw I don'e get to fight them. Well may be later." Allen said as he and Kanda walked to the side lines to watch the 'show'.

The soul eater gang had no clue what the were in for. First the were surprised to see that Mana's power look just like Allen's. Yullen had pulled a katona out of her hands as well.

Within minutes the place was silent because seven students laid on the ground unconsciousness for a minute before regaining consciousness.

"Wow that hurt more than when we fought Allen" Black star said.

Any more who would like to try to beat us, You have seen how me and my brother fights and I am pretty sure at least 90% of you saw Black Star's and Allen's fight, so now you just need to see how Kanda fights. But no one answered. "So lets call that the introduction and class is dismissed. Just remember that you have this class twice a week."Mana stated.

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