Chapter 19

Adam arrived in Paris and headed to the Police Headquarters, he looked around and thought it more a Hotel then a Police Station.

"Mr Carter."

Adam turned around at the mention of his name to see a tall brunette approaching him.

"Hi, you are?"

"Stefanie Blake."

"You're British?"

"Well you're observant." She smiled.

"Sorry, I just expected…"

"A Frenchman…?"

"Well yeah."

"You shouldn't judge Mr Carter."

"Adam please."

"Very well…Adam. Right, so you're here to accompany Juiet Shaw back to London I've been informed."

"Our Boss was attacked and we have two possible attackers."

"And you think Ms Shaw could be one of them, she doesn't appear the type."

"Believe me Ms Blake, the Juliet Shaw you all know isn't the woman we were familiar with, she did some terrible things, bad judgement calls when she was with us. Does she know I'm here to take her back?"

"No, we felt if we told her….she could run."

"Good, it will certainly make it easier. Shall we go?"

"Of course, there's a car downstairs waiting for us."

Adam followed her and they made their way to Juliet's apartment, Adam was surprised at how small it looked from the outside. They walked up the steps and Adam knocked on the door. Moments later he came face to face with the familiar face of Juliet Shaw, the gasp that escaped her lips when she saw him standing there didn't go unnoticed by Stefanie.

"Hello Juliet."

"Adam….what are you….I…what are you doing here." She asked, clearly shocked.

"You need to come back to London with us….immediately."

"What, don't be ridiculous. I can't just up and leave at a moments notice."

"Someone tried to kill Harry and you are one of our prime suspects."

"Don't be insane. I could never hurt Harry."

"Like you did Ros?"

"I had no choice."

"You had a choice, Christ Juliet."

"Look please, I swear to you that I didn't try to kill Harry. My Fiancé Pierre, he knows nothing of my life with MI5. I'm happy now Adam, I work with Pierre and we have a quiet life. Please don't ruin that for me."

"Get a bag together Juliet and call your Fiancé, you're coming whether you like it or not."

M was just finishing up a phone call when Sammy came into her office with a smile on her face. M replaced the receiver before turning to the younger woman.

"Sammy, how nice to see you. Did you and Q have a good holiday?"

"It was wonderful Ma'am, sorry about the short notice."

"Oh don't be silly, we're all entitled to a holiday."


"Sammy are you quite alright?"

"Q and I have set a date for the wedding, 24th December."

"Oh Sammy, that's wonderful."

M came around her desk and hugged Sammy, who she's come to think of as a surrogate Daughter.

"Wait did you say the 24th…."

"Christmas Eve I know but it just sounded so perfect, I know I might be inconvenient for some but…."

"Don't worry, James and I will be there." She smiled.

"And Ava of course, Joanna's welcome too."

"I'll let her know."

"Well I should get back to work, thanks again Ma'am."

"You're welcome Sammy."

James passed Sammy on the way in, giving her a curious look as she walked away smiling.

"What's she so happy about?"

"Oh James, they've set a date for their wedding, Christmas Eve…isn't that perfect."

"I guess, a little cold don't you think."

"Trust you to think of that, so what are you doing here."

"Can't a guy just pop in to see the Woman he loves." He smiled.

He leaned down and placed a small kiss to her head as she looked up at him.

"Aren't you sweet, I've had Adam on the phone."

"Everything going okay?"

"He had Ms Shaw and they are now on their way back to London, she wasn't thrilled about coming back but Adam convinced her."

"I can't wait to meet the famous Juliet Shaw."

"Me neither."

"So, this weekend."

"What about it?"

"Family day."

"Oh right yes, well what about it."

"I have got us tickets to the circus."

"The circus." M laughed.

"Well what's so funny."

"I'm sorry, I just never took you for a circus guy."

"In truth I've never actually been, so it will be new to both me and Ava and I was thinking maybe we could take Ethan and Mary too, if Joanna doesn't mind."

"I'm sure she wouldn't. I'll phone and ask her later."

"Great, well how about you and I go and get some lunch?"

"Oh James, I have a mountain of….."


"Lunch sounds lovely." She smiled.

Lucas, Connie and Ros pulled up outside a block of flats in the centre of London. Ros looked about from the back seat as Lucas parked the car.

"Are you sure this is the address Harry gave you?" Connie asked.

"Definitely the one he gave."

"It doesn't look like a place the Niece of Tessa Phillips would live in."

"Clearly she hasn't followed in her Aunt's footsteps." Ros stated.

"It's a dump." Connie said.

"Well dump or not, it's where she lives. Come on."

They got up and walked up 5 flights of stairs before they found the correct flat. Lucas knocked on the door and heard a child's cry from the other side. The door opened and they were confronted with a 25 year old girl with long blonde hair, holding a child who looked to be about 2 or 3.

"Yeah what is it."

"Kate Phillips." Ros asked.

"Who wants to know?"

"Hello Dear, I'm Connie James, this is Lucas North and Ros Myers….we work for MI5."

"MI5." She asked, suddenly concerned.

"May we come in."

Kate stepped aside as the 3 Agents entered her flat, the took note of the mess of baby clothes lying around and the smell of cigarettes.

"Sorry about the mess, my boyfriends smokes like a bloody chimney."

"It's quite alright dear." Connie smiled.

"So why are you here exactly?"

"We need your help."

"My help, with what?"

"Tell us where your Aunt is."

To Be Continued…