"Hello..." I said annoyed. Everybody stared at me.

"What's wrong with you?" Dan asked. I glared at him.

"I'm in a bad mood so I'm gonna take it out on all of you!"


"Here are my truths...

DAN: Have you ever dance to the song "Old time rock and roll" by Bob Seger in your underwear?

SHUN: Have you ever wanted to kill Dan?

MARUCHO: If you are so smart why are you with the brawlers?

JULIE: Why are you so hyper?

Now my dares...

All: Sing "There! Right There!" from Legally blonde: The musical.

REN: I want you to slap a tiger and if you don't slap Shun.

ALICE: Swim in a pool filled with sharks.

DAN: Sit on Drago.

MARUCHO: Dance to Ren playing the violin.

SHUN: Laugh at everything Dan says.

JULIE: Pretend to kill Jake.

ACE: Act like Shun for the episode.

I am done."

They all looked me. I glared at them.

"You're doing them!" I yelled. They nodded."Time for truths!"

"Ummm...Do I have to tell them...?" Dan asked.


"Fine...And yes...I have danced in my underwear listen to that song..." Dan blushed. Everybody brust out laughing.

"Stop it!" Dan yelled,"It's not that funny!"

"Shun...It's your turn." I said,"Did you ever want to kill Dan?"

Shun stopped laughing and sighed,"Yeah...I did want to kill Dan one time..."

"What was it?"

"When Dan asked if I was a girl when we first met." Shun glared at Dan. Dan flinched.

"I was seven!" Dan yelled,"You had hair to your shoulders! How was I supposed to know?!"

I looked over to Marucho,"Marucho?"

"I might be smart but I l like to have fun too." He said.

"Okay." I said,"Julie?"

"I am not hyper!" She protested. I looked at her and glared. She flinched.

"I always put sugar in my drink and I eat candy when I'm alone." She said sighing.

"Never give her sugar again..." said Pooch. I nodded.

"Now for my dares." They all sighed.

"When you're in a bad mood you come up with some...well...dangerous and weird dares..." said Pooch.

"So?!" I yelled.

"Never mind..."

"Everybody...?" They nodded.

"There! Right there! Look at that tan, tinted skin. Look at that killer same he's in. Look at that slightly stubbly chin. Oh please he's gay, totally gay!" Runo sang.

"I'm not about to celebrate. Every trait could indicate the totally straight expatriate. This guy's not gay, I say not gay." Shun sang.

"That is the elephant in the room. Well is it relevant to assume that a man who wears perfume is automatically radically fay?" They all sang.

"But look at his coiffed and crispy locks." Ace sang.

"Look at his silk translucent socks." Runo sang.

"Look at his eternal paradox. Look what we're seeing." Shun sang.

"What are we seeing?" Runo sang.

"Is he gay?" Shun sang.

"Of course he's gay!" sang Runo.

"Or european?" sang Shun.

"Ohhhh...Gay or European? It's hard to guarantee. Is he gay or european?" They all sang.

"Hey don't look at me!" sang Dan.

"You see they bring their boys up different those charming foreign ports. They play peculiar sports." sang Mira.

"In tiny shirts and tiny shorts. Gay or foreign fella? The answer could take weeks. They say things like "ciao bella" and kiss you on both cheeks." They all sang.

"Oh please." Runo sang.

"Gay or European? So many shades of grey." They sang.

"Depending on the time of day the french go either way." Dan sang.

"Is he gay or european? or-" They sang.

"There! Right there! Look at that condescending smirk! Seen it on every guy at work! That is a metro hetero jerk! that guy's not gay, I say no way!" Julie sang.

"That elephant in the room. Well it is relevant to presume that a hottie in that costume.." They sang.

"Is automatically radically..." Runo sang.

"Ironically chronically..." Shun sang.

"Certainly pertinently..." Mira sang.

"Genetically medically..." Dan sang.


"So stylish and relaxed." Shun sang.

"Is he gay or european?" They sang.

"I think his chest is waxed." Shun sang.

"But they bring their boys up different there. It's culturally diverse. It's not a fashion curse..." Mira sang.

"If he wears a kilt or bares a purse. Gay or european? I still can't crack the code." They sang.

"Yet his accent is hypnoic but his shoes are pointy toed." Alice sang.

"Huh? Gay or European? So many shades of gray." They all sang.

"But if he turns out straight I'm free at eight on Saturday." Fabia sang.

"Is he gay of European? Gay or European? Gay or euro-" They sang.

"Wait a minute! Give me a chance to crack this guy. I have an idea I'd like to try." Ace sang.

" The floor is yours." Shun sang.

"So mister Argitacos...This alleged affair with miss. Windam has been going on for..." Ace sang.

"Two years." sang Jake.

"And your first name is...?" Ace sang.

"Mikos." Jake sang.

"And your boyfriend's name is...?" Ace sang.

"Carlos. I'm sorry! I misunderstand! You say boyfriend. I thought you said best friend! Carlos is my best friend." Jake sang.

"You b*sterd! You lying b*stered! That's it! I cover for you no more! Peoples. I have a big announcement! This man is gay and European! You've got to stop your being a completely closet case. No matter what he said. I swear he never ever ever swing the other way. You are so gay. You big parfait. You flaming band cabaret." sang Baron.

"I'm straight!" sang Jake.

"You were not yesterday. And if I may, I'm proud to say, he's gay." Baron sang.

"And European." They all sang.

"He's gay!" Baron sang.

"And European." They all sang.

"He's gay." Baron sang.

"And European and gay!" They sang.

"Fine okay I'm gay!" Jake sang.

"HOORAY!" They sang.

Me and Pooch were laughing and clapping at the same time. They all blushed.

"M-my favorite was when shun sang! It was to funny!" Pooch nodded then we burst out laughing.

"Can we please move on?!" Shun yelled. I nodded.

"Next is...Ren's dare!"

"But I don't wanna die!" Ren yelled.

"Then slap Shun,"I said. Ren shook his head.

"I meant Shun!" Shun glared at Ren. Pooch brought out the tiger. I smiled."This is fluffy! She's our tiger." Ren went up to it and slapped it. Fluffy growled and chased Ren out of the room.

"Shouldn't you guys help him?" Paige asked. I sighed,"He can take care of himself. Now for our next dare. "Dan..." Dan nodded and put Drago on is seat.

"Daniel!" Drago yelled. Dan sat on Drago. Dan heard Drago yell at him.

Soon Dan got up and Drago gasped for air. "Don't ever do that again Daniel!"

"NOw for Alice..."

"But I don't wanna!" Alice said. I pointed the gun at her. She nodded and walked outside the building by bob.


Alice was taken to the infirmary by bob. All the brawlers glared at me.

"SHUT UP OR DIE!" I yelled,"Now it's time for MArucho's dare!" Ren walked into the room covered in blood. I handed him a violin. Ren started to play it...VERY BADLY. Marucho tried to dance but he couldn't.

"Stop it!" Marucho yelled covering his ears. Everybody nodded and Ren stopped.

"Alright...Shun." I said.

"Hi Shun." Shun burst out laughing when Dan said hello.

"Umm...What's so funny?" Shun kept on laughing, "W-what's so funny...? I don't get it!" Shun was laughing it made Dan cry. Everybody was laughing at Dan because Dan doesn't normally cry.

"N-now for a-are next d-dare!"

Julie grabbed a fake knife and pretended to stab Jake.

*After Julie pretend to kill Jake*

"Ace." I said. Ace nodded and acted like Shun. He was also laughing at Dan. Dan was sobbing.

"S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-stop it!" Dan yelled,"S-s-s-s-stop b-being meanies!"

"That's it for this episode. See ya next time."

I don't own There! Right there! or anything.