The was originally written as an episode one-shot, which takes place after 'The Bon Voyage Reaction' but there have been a few requests to extend it. So, this will now tell the (shenny) story, of what happens in the four months, while Leonard is at sea. I apologize for the brevity in the writing of this chapter, it was churned out quickly. I do not own The Big Bang Theory.

When Bernadette offered to drive Raj and Amy home, Penny was relieved. Raj had continued to chatter non-stop for an hour. She had drunk her wine so quickly, she felt a heady warmth envelope her and had barely listened to his ramblings in the end. Leaning against the door frame, she listened as his voice faded away down the stairs.

The door across the hall opened. "Was that Raj?" Sheldon said.

"Yes, you just missed him. He's taking full advantage of the fact he can speak to girls now."

"Oh, I was going to pre-book our Superman tickets. Never mind, I'll catch him at work tomorrow."

"Ugh, I wish you had come over," she said, "…and changed the subject!"

"Hmm, he was all weepy. I don't like weepy."

"No, he wasn't but he was talking, a lot."

Sheldon glanced at the floor and then asked, "Why did Lucy break up with him?"

"She has anxiety problems."

"What kind of anxiety problems?"

"She finds social gatherings difficult. Raj wanted her to come to the party. He was pushing her into things she wasn't ready for."

"And she broke up with him, over that?"

"I guess."

"Isn't that, why you broke up with Leonard… before?"

"Well actually, it kind of is."

"Did you had anxiety problems, too?"

"No," she laughed, "but he wanted something from me, that I was not ready for, at the time."

"So, this is considered an congruous justification for resolution?" he said, his eyes darting around.

"A what? I suppose."

"Thank you, Penny. Good night." He turned and began to close the door behind him.

"Hold on!" she said.

She followed him in to the apartment, and sat down. He gave her a baffled look. "Do you require something?"

"What's going on?"

"Going on?"

"Are you thinking about breaking up with Amy?" she gasped.

"The paradigm to terminate both relationships has the same foundation. An unwelcome demand."

"But you can't break-up with Amy!"

"How is it appropriate for others to conclude their relationships due to a conflict of interest, but not myself?"

Penny placed a hand gently on his arm, "Sweetie, Amy is patient."

"Perhaps, but while a scientific constant takes many dimensional forms it nevertheless, remains unchanged."


"Amy's needs are a constant. Whether today or next year, they are fixed. It is I, who must adapt to accommodate them."

"I know sweetie, but you will."

"How can you be sure?"

"Because I know that you are trying. You will know when you are ready."

"Did you know, when you were ready?"

"I dunno, my first time was a bit of a blur," she said leaning in with a smile, "He was cute, I was young and I'd had a few coolers."

"Do you recommend I get intoxicated?"

"No," she said, "I don't recommend that."

"But how did you help Raj?"

"I didn't really help Raj."

"He has recovered from his social anxiety, has he not?"

"Yes but I didn't do anything. When I left you in the car, I knocked on his door and he was just talking. We didn't realize for a few minutes that he had not had any alcohol."

Sheldon shook his head, "Remarkable!"

"I know!"

"There must be a further explanation."

"We think the upset over Lucy, caused it."

"Has Raj not experienced this many times before?"

"Well, yes" she said, "but maybe he liked her more, than the others."

"The upset over Lucy caused a biological change," he mused.

"Err… yeah."

"..but what was the reactant?"

"The what?"

"A reactant is required to complete a chemical reaction," he said. He sat for a few seconds thinking, then turning towards her, he announced "It was you!"

"No, I just turned up and…"

"You did this."

"Oh, I'm sure I didn't," she blushed.

Sheldon stared at Penny with wide eyes. "Raj had a temporarily increase in cortisol and norepinephrine and you visited him at the optimum moment in that cycle."

"I was worried, I had to go and see if he was okay."

"It was your countenance," he said, staring at her in awe.

"My what?"

Penny felt as though she was being studied very closely. He was staring at her, as if he were seeing her clearly, for the very first time. "You fix people!" he said.

"Oh Sheldon, that's very sweet," she said, patting his arm affectionately. She stood up and made her way to the door. "I must be going now. Don't worry, sweetie. Things will work out. Call me if you need anything." And then she left.

He sat for a moment, contemplating what he had just uncovered, "You could fix me," he said softly.