Michael- Last time on Cartoon All Stars! The two teams ran around the island looking for their pieces of the pole to plant with their team flag on a hill. Everybody on the heroes team played a great role, especially Margaret by giving the villains a challenge they would try to refuse. Rigby made it pretty easy for his team to hate him but he found one of the two Tiki Heads, keeping himself in the game and throwing Mandy to Gladiator Island. Though, she did beat Jake on the island, eliminating the yellow, furred creature. Who's going to get eliminated?! Which team will win?! Find out on this chapter of Cartoon All Stars!


Mess Hall

Buttercup- I just don't believe it!

Rigby- Believe it!

Buttercup- How is it that somebody like you can still be on this team?!

Katz- Ever hear of luck?

Cajun Fox- Lucky is my word.

Rigby- Just say it, guys!

Buttercup- Say what?

Rigby- You guys are jealous! You're never going to get me out of here!

Tell Cam

Buttercup- So Rigby thinks he get through this competition, huh? Well, he has another thing coming because he's not getting anywhere!

End of Tell Cam


Buttercup- Aren't you mad about it?!

Kitty- Me?

Buttercup- Yeah! You haven't commented on his presence.

Kitty- I have my mind on other things.

Cajun Fox- Like you and Katz-

Katz- Shut it, Cajun. That was only to help the team for the win.

Kitty- It's not going to happen again, right?!

Katz- No need to tell me, dear girl.

Rigby- Cajun, bet you ten bucks it's going to happen again.

Cajun Fox- I aint betting against you. I'll lose money if I'm against them doing it again.

The heroes were at their table across the mess hall feeling great about themselves.

Mordecai- Awesome job last challenge, dude.

Finn- The whole team played perfectly.

Bubbles- When do you guys think the merge is going to happen?

Margaret- That's a pretty good question.

Eileen- Probably when half of us are gone.

Margaret- How many were there to begin with?

Eileen- There were eighteen of us.

Mordecai- Now there's only eleven of us.

Bubbles- So two more, right?!

Michael came right behind Bubbles.

Michael- Wrong!

Eileen- Are we starting the merge right now?!

Michael- Nope! I say when the merge is getting started.

Buttercup- I can't wait to get to the merge. It'll be the second season in a row for me.

Cajun Fox- I'll make it no matter what.

Michael- Before we talk about the merge, we'll have to talk about the challenge.

Finn- Alright! Can't wait to get it started.

Buttercup- We're so going to beat the heroes this time.

Katz- Might want to give a little look at our team and see if we're actually going to beat them.

Katz pointed to Rigby.

Rigby- Hey! I'm not the one dragging this team down, dude! I can win a challenge for this team, but I don't feel like winning one.

Cajun Fox- You're too weak to win one.

Michael- Today's challenge will be a fighting tournament.

Finn- Awesome!

Mordecai- Like punching each other until the other one gives up?

Michael- No.

Eileen- Boxing?

Michael- Not even close!

Buttercup- Just say it! I'm already angry at Rigby for staying here, so I don't need any clues right now.

Michael- Alright! Everybody will be competing in this challenge. It'll be just like the arm wrestling matches, but instead of arm wrestling, you'll be trying to hit each other off a platform in the water. Cool, huh?

Rigby- That's awesome!

Mordecai- Pretty awesome.

Michael- Last team standing wins the challenge. So who wants to go first?

Finn- I'll go first!

Mordecai- Way to go, dude.

Michael- Who do you want to go up against?

Finn- I'll go up against the fox!

Cajun Fox- I can't wait to beat the sense in this joke.

Finn- Joke?! You're so dead!

Katz- I think you broke him.

Cajun Fox- Too easy.


Tell Cam

Katz- We have this challenge in the bag.

Cajun Fox- I'm so winning this challenge. It's so easy that it shouldn't even be called a challenge.

Finn- I want to win this challenge so one of those villains can get out of here, especially that dumb fox.

Mordecai- If those two make it to the merge, I'll explode. They're already a pain in the neck to deal with when they're on the other team.

End of Tell Cam


Finn and Cajun Fox were standing on a small platform in the middle of the ocean. Michael came by on a yacht with the rest of the contestants on it.

Michael- Whoever knocks the other off of the platform moves on.

Finn- Any kind of fighting goes?

Michael- Anything!

Finn- Prepare to lose, fox!

Cajun Fox- Like I'll lose to you.

Finn and Cajun Fox both clashed in the middle of the platform.

Mordecai- Beat him, Finn!

Katz- Finn stands no chance.

Finn punched the fox in the face.

Cajun Fox- Now you're gonna get it.

Finn tried to give him another punch, but he dodged it. Cajun Fox punched Finn in the stomach, making him drop to his knees.

Buttercup- Sweet! Finish him!

Finn- I don't feel so good.

Cajun Fox- It's alright to quit.

Finn- I'm not quitting!

Finn got up, but was kicked down by the fox.

Cajun Fox- You're done for.

Finn- I can still get up.

Finn got up and rolled out of the way of his attack. Finn kicked the fox in the back.

Cajun Fox- Lucky shot.

Cajun Fox threw punches but Finn dodged them. Finn put the finishing blow as he punched Cajun Fox in the face again, hitting him off the platform.

Michael- Finn moves on!

Finn- Yes!

Tell Cam

Finn- Take that, fox!

End of Tell Cam


Michael- Lets have Mordo next.

Mordecai- Alright.

Michael- Who's it going to be?

Mordecai- I'll compete against Katz.

Katz- This is going to be fun.

Mordecai- Me too, I haven't had the chance this season to punch you in the face.

Rigby- Mordecai burned you! Just like how Finn burned Cajun over here.

Cajun Fox- Who's side are you on?!

Finn- Probably neutral.

Tell Cam

Rigby- I don't like any of those two. I'm on Mordo's side because he's my friend.

End of Tell Cam


Michael- Remember that anything goes!

Mordecai- You don't need to tell me twice.

Mordecai swung a fist towards Katz, but he easily dodged the punch.

Mordecai- Dude, remember the finale?

Katz- Is that all you have against me?

Katz slashed Mordecai in the face with his claws.

Mordecai- Dude!

Katz- Don't cry about it, bird.

Margaret- Beat him up, Mordecai!

Kitty- Rooting for your boyfriend?

Margaret- At least my boyfriend can beat up your boyfriend.

Kitty- You're gonna get it!

Mordecai- Alright dude, you're not going to get me this time.

Katz- We'll see about that, bird.

Mordecai tried to punch Katz, but he still dodged the attacks.

Mordecai- Come on, just stay still.

Katz- I don't think you would be able to hit me if I would.

Mordecai- I could!

Katz- Stop wishing for mira-

Katz was stopped when Mordecai punched him in the face.

Mordecai- What now?!

Katz- I wish you hadn't done that.

Tell Cam

Mordecai- That was awesome!

End of Tell Cam


Mordecai- Dude, I'm ready to punch you again.

Katz- Really?

Mordecai- Yeah!

Mordecai threw more punches, but yet again, Katz was aware of Mordecai's attacks. Katz went behinf him and inpailed his claws into his back.

Mordecai- Dude, that hurts!

Katz- I said not to cry.

Mordecai- This isn't funny, dude!

Mordecai elbowed Katz, taking his claws out of his back painfully. Mordecai fell on the platform, tired.

Katz- Well now, tired already?

Mordecai- Of course I am, dude! You and those stupid knives of yours are killing me.

Katz- Are they now?

Katz impaled Mordecai again.

Mordecai got up with his last strength and punched Katz in the face. He fell on the platform again.

Katz- Just lose already!

Katz slashed Mordecai again, causing him to wince in pain.

Mordecai- Mike, I forfeit.

Michael- You sure, dude.

Mordecai- Yeah, I don't think I can really feel parts of my body.

Michael- Well, if you say so. So looks like the villains win this round.

Tell Cam

Margaret- You're going to get it, Katz!

Mordecai- (Head covered in medical bandage.) That wasn't cool one bit.

Katz- Such joy to see that idiotic bird in pain.

End of Tell Cam


Michael- Who's next?

Kitty- I'll go next against this sad excuse of a contestant!

Kitty pointed to Margaret.

Mordecai- Beat her, Margaret.

Katz- Margaret stands no chance.

Michael- Gender bender rivalry, huh?

Margaret and Kitty looked confused.

Michael- Just go onto the platform and fight each other.

The two got onto the platform. Both of them glaring at each other.

Michael- And fight!

Margaret and Kitty threw punches towards each other. Not one of them backing down to the other.

Tell Cam

Rigby- Man, those two really want to hurt each other.

End of Tell Cam


Kitty got Margaret in a head lock and started punching her.

Kitty- This is for all the crap you pulled this season!

Kitty punched her a few more times before Margaret got out of the hold.

Margaret- Back off!

Margaret kicked her in the stomach.

Mordecai- Alright!

Katz- Beat this stupid bird!

Kitty- What do you think I'm doing?

Kitty dodged an attack from Margaret and punched her in the beak.

Katz- That has to hurt.

Mordecai- Don't let her win, Margaret!

Margaret dodged an attack from Kitty this time and she punched Kitty in the face.

Tell Cam

Margaret- She's not winning this challenge. Her and Katz can go get eliminated!

Kitty- Stupid bird is not getting away with anything! She's going to pay for what she did last challenge.

End of Tell Cam


Margaret finally hit Kitty off of the platform.

Michael- Margaret wins!

Margaret- Yes!

Kitty- No!

Michael- Lets have Rigby fight Eileen.

Eileen- What?!

Rigby- Seriously?!

Michael- Yup!

Katz- Now you'll show your loyalty to this team by beating your girlfriend.

Cajun Fox- This is going to be great to see.

Rigby- Can I forfeit from the match?

Michael- Sure, if you want.

Katz- Don't you dare forfeit!

Rigby- I forfeit it then.

Michael- So looks like Eileen wins it for the heroes. Next is Bubbles vs. Buttercup.

Buttercup- I don't think I can hit my sister.

Bubbles- Me neither.

Katz- Are you joking?!

Buttercup- I might be on this villain team but there's no way I'll punch my sister.

Katz- Am I the only one that wants to win?

Rigby- Sure looks like it.

Michael- Since none of you power puffs wanted to fight, both of you are out of the competition.

Buttercup- That's no fair!

Michael- So the only villain keeping the team away from elimination is Katz.

Kitty- That's surprising.

Katz- You're lucky you have somebody like me.

Kitty- (Sarcastically) I'm so happy.

Finn- We got this challenge!

Finn and Mordecai high five.

Michael- Katz, who do you want to fight against first?

Katz- Take down the strongest first.

Katz pointed to Finn.

Finn- Alright! Bring it on!

Mordecai- Beat him up, dude!

Finn- I'll beat this guy up, and once I do it, we'll win!

Katz- I'd like to see you try.

Finn and Katz got onto the platform.

Michael- And fight!

Finn ran up to Katz with a punch, but Katz easily dodged it. Katz kicked him to the floor of the platform.

Katz- Give up?

Finn- Never!

Finn got up and punched Katz.

Finn- How do you feel now?!

Katz- Awful

Finn- Now you're going to feel beat.

Katz- Why?

Finn- Once I kick you off of the platform.

Finn kicked Katz, but he didn't get him off of the platform. Katz dodged another attack from Finn

Katz kicked Finn, and this time Finn fell off of the platform and into the water.

Michael- Katz wins!

Cajun Fox- Yes!

Buttercup- Just two more!

Tell Cam

Finn- I can't believe I lost! Katz got me this time, but he won't get me next time.

Katz- Now all that's left are the two females. They have a small chance.

End of Tell Cam


Michael- Katz wins another fight, bringing his team closer to winning.

Buttercup- Sweet!

Michael- Who's next, dude?

Katz- I choose the coon's girlfriend.

Rigby- Dude, no!

Eileen- It's okay, Rigby.

Michael- If Eileen wins over Katz, the heroes win and the villains lose.

Margaret- Come on, Eileen!

Mordecai- Beat this loser!

Eileen and Katz stood on the platform.

Michael- And fight!

Eileen- What should I do?

Eileen looked up at Katz, frightened.

Margaret- Punch him!

Rigby- Destroy him, Eileen!

Cajun Fox- Who's side are on?!

Rigby- Yours of course.

Buttercup- Really doesn't it look like it, raccoon!

Eileen hit Katz softly, not effecting him in any way.

Eileen- Sorry.

Katz- Is this some kind of joke?

Eileen- I'm not the fighting type.

Katz- I can see that.

Katz pushed Eileen to the floor of the platform.

Margaret- Get up, Eileen!

Mordecai- Punch his face!

Eileen was picked up by Katz, getting held up in the air.

Eileen- What are you going to do?!

Katz- Eliminate you from the challenge, dear girl.

Katz threw Eileen off of the platform.

Michael- Katz wins another fight!

Buttercup- This is getting good! Just one more fight and we win the challenge.

Mordecai- Beat him up, Margaret.

Finn- Yeah, they really need to eliminate somebody there.

Margaret- I'm not letting this freak beat me.

Margaret and Katz stepped on the platform.

Michael- Just one more fight! Which team will go to elimination?

Katz- Can't wait to beat you in this simple challenge.

Margaret- I can't wait until I beat you and your lame team!

Mordecai- Way to go, Margaret!

Michael- And fight!

Margaret rushed Katz and punched him.

Katz- I wish you hadn't done that.

Margaret- You mad?

Katz- Mostly bothered.

Margaret punched Katz again.

Katz- What's with you?

Margaret- What?

Katz- You're a bit aggressive.

Margaret- I'm not going to let you win.

Katz impaled his claws into Margaret.

Katz- Feeling aggressive now, bird?

Margaret- Get your claws out!

Margaret elbowed Katz.

Katz- The more you move, the worse it gets.

Margaret tried to punch Katz, but he caught her wing. Katz' paw started bringing her wing farther from her body.

Margaret- Stop!

Margaret tried to get free but she couldn't.

Katz- Why do you even try competing against me?

Katz took out his claws and pushed her towards the edge of the platform. Margaret slipped and fell off of the platform.

Michael- And the villains win!

Cajun Fox- Yes!

Buttercup- What you got to say now, heroes?!

Michael- Heroes, meet me at the Elimination Palace in thirty minutes.


Elimination Palace

Michael- I thought you guys had this one. Come on, it was all yours! I couldn't believe someone like Katz to go all the way and win three battles in a row, but hey, miracles happen.

Finn- We were so close!

Michael- Yeah, but you failed.

Mordecai- I can't believe my worst enemy actually did that.

Margaret- I think he broke something.

Mordecai- He's gonna get it next challenge.

Michael- Before the next challenge is elimination, bro. Before we vote, we'll-

Finn- Wait!

Michael- What is it?

Finn- I would like to nominate myself to Gladiator Island!

The team looked shocked.

Michael- Are you serious?!

Finn- Yes!

Michael- You're going to risk your chances of getting two million dollars by nominating yourself.

Finn- We need a strong opponent against the villains so we can have an edge against them in the merge.

Mordecai- Dude, I can nominate myself too.

Finn- Nah dude, I can handle it.

Bubbles- I can nominate myself.

Finn- It's alright. You guys have the strength to beat the villains next time.

Mordecai- Dude, don't be like this.

Finn- I don't want you to go there, because you have injuries, and Bubbles can stay here to beat the villains in the next challenge. It's okay, dude.

Mordecai- Why are you doing this?

Finn- I feel like a loser just letting the team down and letting Katz beat me.

Mordecai- Dude, we all lost to him. It's okay.

Michael- So who's going to go?

Finn- I'll go.

Finn got aboard the boat as it disappeared in the darkness.

Michael- Well, that was pretty crucial. Good luck, because you guys are REALLY going to need it.

Tell Cam

Mordecai- Wow, just wow. I didn't know who I was going to vote for in this elimination, but Finn put himself up to go to Gladiator Island. I'm not one hundred percent with that.

Eileen- I hope Finn wins over on Gladiator Island. Hopefully we can win the next challenge without him.

Bubbles- I was hoping we would win so we don't have to eliminate someone.

Margaret- Katz might be laughing about this but he won't be laughing for too long once he loses.

End of Tell Cam


Gladiator Island

Michael- Welcome to another battle on Gladiator Island! This time we'll have Mandy go up against Finn.

Finn- So you did beat Jake?

Mandy- It was a pretty simple fight.

Finn- It won't be this time.

Mandy- You sure about that?

Finn- I'm sure!

Michael- Who's ready for the challenge?

Finn- I am!

Mandy- Whatever.

Michael- You two will be trying to score points by shooting hoops.

Finn- How many shots will we be shooting?

Michael- You each will have ten shots. The one with the most scored gets to stay for another chance at the two million, and the loser, everybody knows where the loser goes. Anybody wants to volenteer?

Mandy- I'll go first.

Michael- Alright.

Finn got a basket ball and shot it, putting it into the hoop.

Finn- Alright!

Michael- Nine more to go.

Finn picked up another and made it.

Tell Cam

Mandy- Finn thinks he can beat me in this game. If he thinks he'll win, he has another thing coming.

Finn- I really need to win against Mandy so I can get back in the game.

End of Tell Cam


Finn scored five more, leaving three more shots.

Michael- Just three more and you're done, dude.

Finn- Here it goes.

Finn threw in one more, but missed two.

Michael- So Finn has a score of eight out of ten. Mandy, you think you can beat that?

Mandy- I'll beat his lousy score.

Michael- Good luck.

Mandy threw one basketball into the hoop.

Michael- Nine more to win.

Mandy put four more in.

Tell Cam

Finn- Mandy's doing pretty well.

Mandy- Finn's not getting this win from me.

End of Tell Cam


Mandy put one more in, giving her six out of ten.

Michael- Just four more.

Mandy put another shot in.

Michael- Seven points.

Mandy missed one shot. She got another ball and missed another one.

Michael- If Mandy misses this shot then she's out.

Finn crossed his fingers hoping for her to miss. She threw the basketball up and she missed.

Finn- Yes!

Michael- Looks like you're out, Mandy.

Mandy- Already?!

Michael- Looks like this season you won't make it to the merge.

Mandy- This is stupid.

Mandy walked to the boat angrily.

Michael- Looks like Finn survived this round. Will he survive another?

Finn- Hopefully.

Michael- Find out on the next chapter of Cartoon All Stars!


11th- Mandy

12th- Jake

13th- Edward

14th- Courage

15th- Blossom

16th- Gorgonzola

17th- Patsy

18th- Gwen

Sorry if this chapter was lame. I had writer's block for a couple of days. ONE MORE CHAPTER until the MERGE! Which out of the ten will make it to the merge?!