Chapter Four: Late Night Talk

Later that night, Tara wasn't surprised when she heard the door next to her open and the sound of Willow and Kennedy talking quietly to one another. She listened as the talking subsided, but the sounds of moans and whimpers were heard through the wall, and Tara groaned, pulling the pillow over her head. When the sounds didn't subside, she walked out of her room, irritated and uncomfortable with the knowledge of what was going on in Willow's room.

Walking down the corridor of the building, Tara found her way to the kitchen and opened the fridge. "Couldn't sleep?" a voice said from behind Tara, causing her to jump.

Turning to face the unknown voice, Tara saw Giles sitting down at the counter, watching her. "No. You?" she asked, grabbing a cold slice of pizza and sitting down next to him.

"No. I haven't slept well since Jenny's death," Giles explained, reminding Tara of Giles's deceased wife.

"I'm sorry," she said, resting her hand on his in a gesture of comfort.

"It's quite alright," Giles told her, looking at the girl that was like a daughter to him. "Why couldn't you sleep?"

"Thin walls," Tara responded, and watched in amusement as Giles took his glasses off of his face and started to clean them. "You do realize that we're pretty much grown, don't you, Giles?" Tara asked, smiling at the older man.

"Of course I do, but I do not need the images in my head, thank you very much," Giles complained.

"Sorry," Tara whispered, giving him a slight hug.

"Hey, it's a party," came a familiar voice, causing Giles and Tara to turn towards Faith.

"Faith, what are you doing awake?" Giles asked, looking at the brunette.

"Couldn't sleep," Faith responded, shrugging.

"Was it those dreams again?" Giles asked, watching Faith with concern in his eyes.

"Yes," she said simply, sitting down next to Tara. "Since I know why Giles couldn't sleep, why don't you tell me what your doing up?" Faith asked, putting an arm around Tara's waist.

"Thin walls," she said again, glancing at Faith. "What were the dreams about?"

Faith thought about what Tara said and shook her head. "I'll get you a different room tomorrow. Sorry about that, T," Faith said, looking at Tara with darkened eyes.

"It's fine. What about the dreams, Faith?" Tara asked, knowing that Faith would only talk about something if asked.

"My parents," Faith said, seeing understanding dawn Tara's face as she understood her friend's reaction.

Tara just nodded, and wrapped her arms around Faith in comfort, hugging her friend. Faith accepted the comfort, surprising both Tara and Giles. They sat like that for a few moments in silence before Faith pulled away and walked to the fridge.

"I'm hungry," she said, digging through the fridge.

Tara shook her head and looked down at her hands, thinking about her own family. Her father was a cruel man, and her brother was just like him. The only person who ever treated Tara like a person was her mother, but she had passed away last year, breaking Tara's heart and spirit.

Faith's family was the opposite. Faith's father was a good man who had loved his daughter until his death when Faith was ten. Faith's mother took that opportunity to torment her daughter and allowed her boyfriends to do whatever they wanted to the young girl. When Faith had finally managed to escape them, she was detached from others and rarely accepted comfort from anyone for fear of looking weak.

Now both were fighting to overcome the influences their parent's had been on their lives, making things hard for both of them. It was why they were close. Both understood the feelings of losing a parent, and being raised by someone so cruel. Both knew what fear really was.

Tara let her thoughts come back to the here and now, afraid to allow those dark thoughts to take her over. "Is it alright if I explore the house?" Tara asked, looking at Giles.

"Of course," he said, looking at Faith. "Would you like either Faith and I to join you?" he asked.

Tara smiled politely. "I don't mind, but I think I can explore on my own, Giles," she reminded him, causing him to smile.

"Quite right," he said, smiling back at her. "I think I'll go read," he told them, walking out of the kitchen and back to his room.

"Want company, T?" Faith asked, looking at Tara.

"Sure," Tara said, smiling at Faith.

With that, the two walked from the room and headed through the giant house, talking about things they wouldn't talk to anyone else about. After a while, Faith turned to face Tara.

"Is she still stalking you?" she asked, not saying the name for fear of frightening Tara.

Tara just nodded, looking away. "It's why I came here. I wanted to get away from her."

"Does Red know about her?" Faith asked, watching Tara curiously.

"No." Tara looked out the window closest to her. "If I told her, she's become overprotective gal and wouldn't let me out of her sight. Worse, she might make Kennedy keep an eye on me," Tara said, frowning at the thought.

Faith smiled. "Yeah. Red is a little protective of you," Faith said, smirking at her. "That's why she lets me near you," she pointed out, causing Tara to smile.

"Willow knows as much as she hates you that you wouldn't hurt me," Tara reminded her, watching Faith smile. "Yeah. How could I hurt you, T? You're family," she said, giving her a one armed hug.

Tara smiled and looked out the window again and across the yard. "I'm afraid, Faith. I'm so afraid."

"Why?" Faith asked, watching her closest friend.

"What if she finds me?"

"If she does then she'll have to get through me first, and if she somehow manages that, I'm sure Red and Butch will protect you as well," Faith told her, touching her shoulder. "She won't hurt you as long as I'm here, T," Faith reminded her.

Tara nodded and hugged her friend. "I know."

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