The sounds of birds chirping woke Blythe up from her nightly slumber. She yawned and got out of bed, then walked over to the calendar. It was Friday, December 21.

She was in her sophomore year in Downtown High School, along with her three best friends: Sue, Jasper, and Youngmee. After returning from the summer camp known as Fashion University Norm, or F.U.N. for short, she and her friends, even Whittany and Brittany Biskit, began their second year in high school. And the daycare pets in Littlest Pet Shop couldn't be more happier to see her after a long summer. Right now, however, everyone was in the middle of Christmas Break.

Blythe looked outside and saw a blanket of pure white snow stretching as far as the eye could see and further more. Little snowflakes still fell down to the earth, twinkling in the weak morning sunlight.

Getting excited just from looking at the beautiful snow, Blythe quickly got dressed, grabbed her boots, coat, gloves, scarf, and hat, and ran downstairs into the pet shop, where Mrs. Twombly in a thicker dress stood behind the cash register.

"Good morning, Blythe," the shop owner greeted warmly. "To think there are only three more days until Christmas Eve! Oh, I can't wait!"

"Me neither, Mrs. T.," Blythe responded. "Is it okay if I take the pets out to play in the park? They'd have a lot of fun in the snow."

"Of course you can, sweetie," Mrs. Twombly replied. "Just be sure to bring along a warm blanket for Vinnie; the cold tempature will wreak havoc on his poor cold-blooded body."

"Sure thing." Waving her farewell to the shop owner, the teenage quickly made her way to the daycare center, where the seven pets: Zoe, Pepper, Russell, Minka, Vinnie, Sunil, and Penny Ling, were doing their own things. They looked up when they heard the door open and immediately stood up with warm smiles and wagging tails.

"Who wants to go out and play in the park?" Blythe asked. She smiled when seven animals shouted out in excitement all at once.

"Oh, it's been forever since I last played in the snow!" Zoe barked, her tail wagging a mile a minute. "In fact, the last time I remember ever playing in the snow was with my sister Gail when we were only puppies."

"Are we leaving now?" Penny Ling asked, her grayish purple eyes shining with anticipation.

"Do you want to leave now?" Blythe asked in a slight teasing manner. The pets began chattering excitedly again. "Okay, okay, we can leave now!"

And just like that, the pets made their way past Blythe and out towards the main entrance.

"My, do they look excited," Mrs. Twombly giggled. "Make sure to have them back before too long, okay, dear?" She had turned to Blythe.

"Sure thing, Mrs. T.," she replied. "We'll see you later!" The teenager ran to the door and began to open it, resulting in seven animals cramming their way through the slit, throwing the door wide open. Blythe sighed in amusement and followed, closing the door behind her.

It would usually take five to ten minutes to get to the park, but the pets and even Blythe had stopped every few steps to admire the falling snow and leap playfully in the thick blanket that swallowed every step they took. When they finally made it to the park, they began to play to their hearts content, having snowball fights and making snow angels, even building snowmen.

"We're gonna need some eyes, arms, a mouth, and a nose," Minka announced once she finished helping Sunil lift up the head of the snowman.

"Eyes and mouth are easy!" Vinnie said, poking two holes for eyes and tracing a curved line for a smiling mouth.

"And we'll use these sticks as the arms." Blythe poked two sticks into each side of the body."

"Now all we need is a nose," Sunil commented.

"Well, usually we'd use a carrot for a nose, but I have a funner idea!" Pepper announced. She crept up to Russell and yanked out a brown quill from his back, making him yelp.

"Hey! That was so uncalled for!" the hedgehog snapped as the skunk jammed the quill in between the eyes and mouth, wearing a silent giggly smile.

"Hey, maybe if we sing to him, he'll come to life!" Penny Ling gasped.

"I don't think we can do that, Penny," Blythe giggled. "Come on, let's trace our names in the back so everyone can know who built this snowman." She went to the back of the snowman and bent down, then reached out her finger to write her name.

At that moment, something shot down and slammed into the snowman, sending snow flying in all directions. Blythe and each pet got snow in their faces.

"What the heck was that?" Vinnie asked, wiping snow off his face.

Blythe did the same, then stood up and looked down the hole in the destroyed snowman. A redish steaming rock was inside.

"It's a rock," Blythe reported. She pushed the snow away so that the pets could see it better.

"It almost looks like a meteorite," Russell stated. "But... meteors usually burn up in the thermosphere, so they can't reach the troposphere."

"Try telling that to the meteorite," Pepper joked.

They jumped when something else fell into the snow a few yards away from them. They all went up to it and saw it was another meteorite, only a little bigger than the first that destroyed their snowman.

"How about I try telling that to the meteorite?" the skunk said nervously.

"Two meteorites back-to-back?" Blythe said. "That can't be just coincidental."

"I sure do hope it is..." Sunil whimpered.

The sound of a large crash and a car alarm going off made everyone jump. They turned and saw a large meteorite had fallen and landed on a car, crushing it.

"Uh... guys...?" Zoe whimpered. Blythe and the other six pets turned to her and saw she was looking up with large terrified eyes. They looked up and they couldn't believe their eyes.

There were about over 100 meteors flying down from the sky in a fiery inferno. They looked like tiny dots in the sky, but over time they grew larger and larger. And one was about to land on them!

"RUN!" Blythe screamed. She shoved the pets forward and sprinted after them, just before the meteor crashed into the snow, sending them tumbling down a hill.

Once they reached the bottom, they immediately got up, not caring to shake off the snow that got in their hair or fur, and managed to barely dodge another tumbling meteor.

A giant one crashed right into the large building in the center of town, causing it to collapse and fall down, taking nearby buildings with it. Blythe gasped.

"The pet shop!" The teenager ran in the direction of the pet shop with the pets at her heels and saw a meteor just seconds away from crashing into it. "Mrs. Twombly!"

"What's wrong, dear?" the shop owner asked, coming out through the door. Blythe ran up to her and grabbed her by the wrist, then yanked her away from the shop, just as the meteor crashed into shop. "Oh, heavenly dazed! My shop! Not my shop! Littlest Pet Shop, no!"

"My cobra was in there..." Sunil sniffed.

"And all my comedy props..." Pepper added.

"All my paintings are ruined!" Minka screeched.

"Forget about them!" Blythe yelled. She looked up at the apartment she lives in. "I've got to get Dad out of there before it's too late!"

"We'll go!" Zoe said as she, Minka, and Vinnie stepped up. Without waiting for a response from anyone, the three bolted towards the apartment.

"Zoe, Minka, Vinnie, no!" Blythe cried out.

"But won't Blythe's dad freak out when he sees us?" Vinnie panted when they got into the building and began climbing up the stairs.

"He'd better not; if he does, we won't be able to lead him out!" Zoe replied.

"Poor Blythe would be heartbroken if that happened!" Minka cried.

The three pets finally made it to the top, thanking the heavens they weren't hit by any falling meteors, even though the ground shook every time one fell. They ran to the door of Blythe's apartment and began scratching and banging on it, screeching, barking, and croaking as loud as they could.

Luckily, the door opened.

"What on earth was that banging and scratching my door?" Mr. Baxter asked, looking around. He looked down and saw the three pets. "What the-? Hey, aren't you three the pets from the pet shop? What are you doing up here?"

Minka ran into the apartment and pulled up the blinds for Mr. Baxter to see the chaos that was happening outside, then turned to look out for herself and saw a meteor heading right for her.

Zoe, not thinking before acting, pelted towards her friend as fast as she could, unsheathing her tiny claws to propell her farther with each leap, and pounced into the air, slamming into her to knock her out of the way just before the meteor crashed through the window.

"It's a meteor storm!" Mr. Baxter exclaimed. "Blythe!"

Vinnie started croaking and waving his hands in the air, then gestured for him to follow and ran towards the stairs. Mr. Baxter ran back into the apartment and picked up Zoe and a dizzy Minka and bolted out of the apartment, just as another meteor crashed through. On the way down the stairs, he also picked up Vinnie.

He finally bursted out the apartment and immediately saw Blythe, Mrs. Twombly, and the remaining pets, as well as Sue, Jasper, Youngmee, and her Aunt Christie.

"Hurry!" Aunt Christie exclaimed. "We'll take the sweets truck out of Downtown City!"

"Aunt Christie, where's Buttercream?" Youngmee suddenly cried out.

"Oh, no! She must still be in the sweets shop!"

Russell rolled up into a ball and zoomed towards the pet shop, making his way around the fallen meteorite. He stopped and looked at the damage the meteorite had caused.

Every little thing was destroyed: the TV, the snack and water booth, even the dumbwaiter. He also saw something underneath a pile of rubbish and ran up to it to see what it was.

It was Blythe's design book that was entitled, "Blythe Style."

"I can't leave without that book," Russell said to himself. He reached in through the rubbish, stretching out his tiny paw as far as it would go, and as soon as he touched it, another meteor, a smaller one, crashed through the pet shop, destroying the window and everything that was near it, which included the purple chair, cat tree, Pepper's props, and everything else that was personally close to each and every pet.

Russell saw the new destruction the second meteorite caused and just stood there, the book limply in his paws, knowing that all their precious memories of the pet shop was utterly destroyed in a blink of an eye.

Shaking his head to bring his mind back into life-threatening reality, he made his way to the hole in the wall that lead to the sweets shop.

"Buttercream! Buttercream, where are you?" Russell called out desperately. "Buttercream, please, this is no time to be fooling aro-"

"Russell, help!"

He turned his head to see the cash register had fallen off the counter and was laying on one of Buttercream's ears, making it impossible for her to escape on her own.

Running up to her side and placing the book down behind him, Russell began lifting up the cash register. It slowly lifted up, and Buttercream finally was able to remove her ear from underneath.

"Thank you so-bo much for savi-lavi-daving me!" the bunny cried out, hugging the hedgehog tightly, but immediately let go when his quills started prickling her. "Ow."

"Thank me later, please," Russell said quickly. "We are in real live danger; a meteor could fall on us in any-" He was interrupted when a meteor came crashing down through the sweets shop and crushed the entrance back into the pet shop. "Great! Now we're trapped!"

"Nu-uh! I made diddles in my noodle a while back, and decided to buildify another boscade-yogate-escape!"

"What?" Russell asked.

"What?" Buttercream smiled giggily and began tapping her foot rapidly as her ears intertwined tightly. She relaxed with a sigh. "Anywho... just follow me!"

She bounced as fast as she could to another hole in the wall with Russell following, which lead them out the back. They ran around, just barely dodging another tumbling meteor, and made their way back to the others, who were still waiting for them; they were already loading themselves up in the sweets truck.

"Russell's back with Buttercream!" Youngmee exclaimed. Blythe ran towards them and picked them both up, then ran into the sweets truck.

"Oh, no!" Russell suddenly cried out. "Blythe, wait, I have to go back!"

"There's no time!" Blythe retorted.

"I have to make time!" He just realized too late that he accidentally left Blythe's design book in the sweets shop.

"What did you forget?"

"Your design book! I need to get it!"

Blythe stopped running and looked back at the sweets shop, then down at Russell, who was looking up at her with a pleading shimmer in his eyes.

She smiled. "Russell, thank you very much for trying to recover one of my personal memories," she said softly, bringing him closer for a hug. "But it's fine."

"No, it's not fine! I need to get it!" Russell began to struggle, trying to escape Blythe's grip.

"I can take losing my book, but I can't take losing you!" Her sharp tone made Russell stop struggling and look up at her to see desperation in her eyes. She sighed and continued running to the sweets truck.

"Sure did take you long enough," Jasper joked, ony to cry out in pain when Sue punched him.

"Well, we're here now! Step on it!" Blythe exclaimed.

Everyone gasped when the truck started moving at top speed immediately.

"We can't leave!" Zoe wailed. "What about Gail? My poor sister can't be destroyed in this horribly dark hour!"

"I...I don't know what to tell you, Zoe..." Blythe whispered helplessly. "We don't have the time to go back for her..."

The dog just helplessly looked out the window and whimpered like a tiny puppy who lost her mother. "We have to at least get John and Clarissa... Any of our owners..."

"We don't have time. Hopefully, they managed to escape the city. Gail, too. But we can't go back to get them. I'm sorry, everyone... We just can't..."

Everyone cried out when the truck swerved off to the side to avoid a falling meteor. The door to the back opened and Sunil bounced out, but Sue grabbed him and pulled him back out. The mongoose wailed in terror and cluched on tightly to the teenager's shirt, his tears staining her yellow shirt, while she hugged him close, trying to comfort him. Mr. Baxter and Mrs. Twombly quickly shut the doors closed to prevent anyone else falling out.

Finally, after about fifteen minutes, the truck drove out of Downtown City, where they were free of falling meteors. They all watched in horror as their beloved home was destroyed by countless space rocks in an ingulfing inferno, turning the once peaceful and beautiful city into a giant cloud of dust.