TLS Flashfic 230813

Prompt – A pic of a couple sitting together on the beach





A couple sit further down the beach. Their bodies are angled toward each other as the girl laughs at something the handsome boy says.

I should look away. I should turn and walk in the opposite direction forgetting I ever saw them. Instead, I stand frozen unable to move.

Silent tears fall down my cheeks. I don't wipe them away.

You were supposed to wait for me.

One year.

We didn't even make it to Christmas.

You surprised me one weekend. I thought it was romantic, that you couldn't bear to be away from me. I was wrong.

You loved college. It suited you. You loved the freedom, the parties… and the girls.

It was over. You wanted to enjoy college life properly. And the proper way was single, without a girlfriend pining for you back home.

I cried. I yelled. I threw stuff and told you to leave. I didn't mean any of it.

As the summer months loomed closer I listened to the rumours. You were coming home. And you were bringing someone.

I dreamed of the moment you would be back here. In our spot. I never thought you would be here with another girl.

She's beautiful.

Her blonde hair shimmers in the sunlight, her shoulders tanning in the midday heat.

You smile at her and my heart shatters. That smile used to be for me. I hate that it's now hers.

In those moments I realize it's over.

Planning to follow you to the same college is not an option. I can't be near you and watch you love another.

With one last glance at my past, I turn and go back the way I came.

I don't see you turning round, or the smile that falls from your face when you see me.





This won 2nd place!

Thanks to SparklyMeg and Pattinlethr whose support never falters.