Who's that Lady
Pairing: Dr. McCoy and Rachel Kirk
Authors Note: I don't Own star Trek or any of the Characters this is not a profit story it's just for fun please enjoy
Time Period: around into darkness and after

Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S Enterprise had a Sister. Her name was Rachel according to order she was to be reassigned to her brother's ship. Rachel was at Starfleet headquarters waiting for Uhura and her brother to come for her. "Mrs. Kirk you will be working with Doctor McCoy in medical as a Doctor correct?" a woman in a gray uniform asked. It took a moment for Rachel to look up at the woman and answered "yes ma'am that is my position my rank Lieutenant but yes I'm a doctor". Rachel would be happy to be with her older brother again she missed James he hadn't talked to her since he left for star fleet two years ago and now she would be under his command. The one thing that made her look so different from James was that her hair was Jet black but if you looked at her face you could tell the resemblance.

An hour later…

"Nervous Len?" Nyota asked as she saw McCoy pace a little. "Kinda Ny I hope his sister won't be as such a pain in the ass as he is sometimes" Bones said as the two walked to the receptionist in the hall. "Are you Lieutenant Nyota Uhura?" the Receptionist asked "Yes ma'am" She replied "but you aren't captain Kirk where is the captain?" the lady asked looking at McCoy "I'm Doctor McCoy and as far as it goes for the captain he is in a meeting with first officer spock and engineer Scottie about repairs" McCoy answered "oh then she's right this way Doctor, lieutenant" the lady said taking McCoy and Nyota down a long hallway to the medical wing. Inside a room sat a girl that looked like Jim but shorter and had jet black hair a doctor was finishing an exam on her before she left to the enterprise. When he first laid eyes on her she was the most gorgeous thing but what bummed McCoy was the fact that Jim might try to kill him for falling in love with his sister. "Hello Doctor this is Rachel Kirk, Rachel this is Doctor McCoy chief medical officer of the U.S.S enterprise" the doctor said. McCoy shook her hand then introduced her to Uhura. "Where Jim is he coming to?" she asked pursing her lips. "No he's on the ship we'll explain later by the way you can call me bones if you want" McCoy said helping her get her bags. "I'm Nyota Uhura Rachel it's finally nice to meet you Jim has told us great things about you" Uhura said as the three walked down the hall again. Nyota knew Dr. McCoy like the back of her hand because he was her best friend, and what she saw in him that day told her that he was in love but that cold doctor's shell helped him hide it.

Back on the Enterprise later…

"Rachel it's good to see you again my sister" Kirk said hugging his sister "yes it's very good to see you again to Tiberius you left me" She snapped. "Look Sis I'm sorry I didn't forget you I'm just glad you be with us now" Kirk said in a hurt tone. The two were walking around the ship together so Jim could Show her the place he called home sweet home. "Jim have you ever noticed how smart Bones is or how blue his eyes are" Rachel asked. "Well when it comes to his genius yes you know he saved my life but I never really noticed the eyes why do you like him or something?" Jim asked as they went into med-bay "well Kinda is it really that obvious?" Rachel asked looking frantic. "yeah it kinda is don't worry about it I'll help you I think it's time for bones to fall in love because I saw the way he kept looking at you" Jim Smirked letting her go to her office. "Well I gotta go sis see ya later they need me on the bridge" Jim said leaving her "ok then goodbye Jim see ya at lunch" Rachel said placing her papers on her desk and then she went to find Doctor McCoy for her orders.

Rachel came out into medical a few minutes later nurses in Chaos and poor Dr. McCoy frightened in the corner looking like he could pull his hair out she had to take matters into her own hands for the sake of bones. "EVERYBODY STOP!" She yelled out so everyone could hear her. "Now that I have your attention what is the chaos about and why are you all acting so crazy the med-bay is supposed to work in a unity not like this!" She snapped at the nurses and the doctors. "we have a Crisis too many patients at once Doctor Kirk and none of the nurses are listening to me I am the head nurse and I am trying to do my job which is to keep the med-bay at order thank you for the help" Nurse chapel said getting the nurses back in order. Rachel walked over to Dr. McCoy and helped him up off the floor "I'm sorry for that Bones you looked like you needed some help I just came here to get my orders for today" Rachel said. "Its fine Rachel thank you they needed that come into my office where there's a little less chaos I'll give you everything you need for the day" McCoy answered pulling her into his office and shutting the blinds. "I'm sorry about you having to do that the med-bay has been flooded with patients since we got back from repairs and it's insane" McCoy said glaring at the door. Then he handed her a PADD and her other paper work "I was wondering what is the karaoke night like here is it like the Med-bay sometimes?" Rachel asked giggling "you bet! Your brother is sometimes nuts at those maybe sometime we could sing a duet" McCoy said smiling for the first time that day. "Oh that would be fun I heard that karaoke is Friday nights right?" She asked smiling back knowingly. "Yeah it's Fridays when we don't have a war going on like we did with Khan about let's see I think two months ago" McCoy said giving her the last of her things and then walking her to her office. As soon as she left though McCoy knew it was gonna be a long day he sighed then went to the Bridge to see what Jim and Spock were up to.