Author's Note:

This is the last chappie of my first fanfic! *tears* even if it took me only a week to write it, I enjoyed typing away at my laptop. I'm going to do a story that follows this one soon, so I'm not done with fanfiction yet! Not right now, not today, never! ONTO THE STORY!

They've been searching for a few days. Nothing. Weeks. Nada. Months. Zero. Just Salixa and Sora.

"How long has it been?" Sora whined.

"Only 3 months" Salixa said cheerily.

"How are you so happy?" Sora asked "You almost gave up a week ago. You on chocolate?"

"Nope" Salixa walked backwards, facing him "I'm just happy because I think today's the day"

"That's what you said the day after the day you wanted to give up up until now" Sora pointed out.

"C'mon, Sora" Salixa pouted "Just believe me" she grabbed his wrist and ran.

"Salixa! Look!" Sora shouted.

She tripped and feel after his outburst.

"What is it, Sora?" Salixa asked as they got up.

Sora pointed ahead of them. Lying in the middle of the forest, was a black haired girl who looked almost identical to Salixa.

"Alisa!" Salixa took Sora's hand "Come on! That's my Somebody! I'm going to be whole!" They stopped in front of Alisa.

"Wait!" Sora grabbed her shoulder.

"What?" Salixa turned around.

"I know you wanna be whole, but you won't be your own person" Sora hugged her "I'll miss you"

"Aw, me too" Salixa hugged back "I have enough heart to have memories. Since I'll remember you, Alisa will know you and have my memories too. She'll even know about the Organization"

"How do you know all this?" Sora asked.

"We're smart like that" Salixa grinned and laughed.

Sora let go of her "She's almost as pretty as you"

"You think I'm pretty?" Salixa smiled.

"…Uh, well, um…" Sora stuttered.

"Aw, thanks" Salixa laughed "What'll happen when I tell Kairi?" She said mockingly.

"You would be whole!" Sora shot back.

"Alisa will tell her then!" Salixa countered.

"I take it back then!" Sora shouted.

"Oh no, Tears of sadness" Salixa said sarcastically "You regret calling me pretty"

"Oh, ha, ha" Sora was just as sarcastic.

"Ha, ha, ha" Salixa grinned.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha" Sora grinned back.

"Ha, infinity beyond" Salixa added in "And beyond infinity beyond"

Sora couldn't think of anything "Fine, you win"

Salixa held her arms out wide "Goodbye, Sora" she faded into golden light. Sora sighed in sadness.

He knew this would happen someday. But he didn't notice someone in front of him.

"Hi, Sora" Sora looked at her. "Alisa?" Sora said "You sound like someone I know"

"Who is that someone?" Alisa smiled/