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After our moment on the roof, everything seemed to return to normal... sort of. Cyborg kept to his word, and put our picture on cards of any sizes. Even when I threatened bodily harm. Robin thought it would affect the teams effort, until we reminded him of his relationship with Starfire. Starfire told every one of the Honorary Titans, who wouldn't stop harassing us about it. But we didn't care in any way. We were finally sure of our feelings for each other. He gave me a new view on life. And while I still don't show much emotion, I have opened up considerably since he showed up in my life. There was one battle soon after we accepted our true feelings that showed me how much he really cared for me. It started as a simple distress call, but escalated from there...


"Titans, trouble!"

"What's happening?"

"Booyah! Time to kick some ass!"

We headed downtown. But it wasn't what we had expected. Dr. Light was back, and he had a whole army with him. Almost all of the major villains had broken out of prison, and were loose in all of Jump City. It looked almost impossible to successfully put all of them where they belong. The only villain Beast Boy noticed was Dr. Light. He hasn't gotten his revenge for what was done to me in our previous battle. He looked insane with rage, it even made ME nervous, and I'm the pinnacle of evil demon. I vaguely noticed him starting to charge at him, when I was blindsided by Cinderblock. Robin called everyone to action, and Beast Boy was on Dr. Light in seconds. Dr. Light ran from him and hid behind Cinderblock, using him as a shield while he charged his concentrated beam of light. The same one that incapacitated me previously. I was to busy trying to protect myself from Cinderblock to notice what he was doing. By the time I did, it was to late. A huge beam of light shot out at me... But, when I braced for the hit, none came. I looked ahead of me, and saw Beast Boy lying on the ground unconscious. I was devastated, thinking the worse, and I let Rage loose. Dr. Light grew pale in skin tone, and tried to run away. It was to no avail. I brought him under my cloak, and once again shows him the darkness from around every corner. When he was released, he was trembling to no end, and almost all of our enemies on the loose started to run away from us. The few idiots that chose to stay were easily apprehended, and sent back to where they should stay. Rage then released her hold on me, with the simple message:

"Check on him, before I do that again."

I heeded her words, and rushed to Beast Boy, not caring how my emotions reacted. I noticed he was breathing, and screamed at Cyborg to bring him to the infirmary at the tower. Once arriving there, we hooked him to any machine we could find, as well as utilizing my healing powers. With all our efforts, we were able to put him in a steady state. The only thing left to do was wait. Which brought me to reflect on how it was all my fault. I blamed myself for everything that has happened to him in the past years. And how, if I hadn't come into his life, none of it would have happened. The only thing that managed to bring me out of this stupor was the message that he was waking up, and wanted to see me. When I got there, he was sitting against the wall, and smiled brightly as I walked in the room. I told Cyborg to leave, and started to tell him everything I had reflected on while he was incapacitated. Before I could get a paragraph out, he told me to calm down, and started telling me how he jumped in front of me out of compassion, not by accident.

"Rae, this wasn't your fault. I told you before that, no matter what, I would protect you. Seeing the affects from last time, I realized that another shot could have killed you. That, and the fact that I didn't want to lose you is what made me jump. None of it is your fault, and don't you ever feel that way. If anything, it was my fault for distracting you from participating in battle. Raven. I love you, and don't you ever forget it!"

His words opened something deep inside of me. Something I had never experienced in my life previously. His words are what brought me to lean over and kiss him, regardless of the damage it caused. He has always been there for me since the day I met him, and has brought me to where I am today... With you, my beautiful family.

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