The Robbery

Chapter 2: information from a friend

Sao Paulo

Some where else in the city of Brazil, in Sao Paulo, Joe, a Yellow Macaw sat in his garage fiddling around with papers until he heard his phone ring. "Hello?"

"Andre, it's Rico." Rico spoke on the other end.

"Rico, how ya been?!" Joe inquired

"Joe, Joe, listen I need your help now! Go on your computer and search for a Martinique Macaw." Rico ordered

Joe didn't jumped in front of his computer and began browsing, still with his phone asides of him. "Aren't Martinique Macaws extinct?" Andre

"That't what I thought too." Rico added

"OK, got some info, reading it to you now."

Name: Daniel

Species: Martinique Macaw

Feathers: dark blue and medium orange

Eyes: dark brown

Beak: dark grey

Talons: dark grey

Nationality: American-French

Age: 17

Status: Unknown

Affiliations: Last of his kind


Raymond is know to be the last of his kind, the Martinique Macaws.

Rio De Janeiro

"Thanks for the Intel, Joe, I gotta go." Rico said, hanging up the phone before the Robber would notice.

Suddenly the office phone on Tulio's began to ring which caught all of the birds attention.

"What was that?" the Macaw asked, raising his gun up in panic.

"It's the phone." Blu answered.

"I know it's the phone, I'm not stupid, I mean: who is it?" the Macaw asked

(Audience laughs)

"Well, it's a little difficult, to tell at the moment." said Blu.

(Audience laughs)

"Answer it!" the Macaw ordered.

"Alright, alright!" Blu quickly responded, picking up the phone in his wings while Jewel leaned up from his lap. Blu listened on the phone, he could here a women talking.

"Hello, just to say, were closing up the aviary, in 5 minutes, thank you." the woman's voice said on the line. Luckily the human talking was actually a voice message that plays' ever day at 9:35, pm.

Blu hanged up the phone and turned back over to Robber while he allowed Jewel to lay back down in his lap. "It's just a voice message." Blu said.

"Saying what?" the Macaw asked.

"There closing the Aviary in five minutes." Blu explained, stroking Jewel's head to keep her comfy and calm due to her free-spirited wisdom.

"Oh, good." the Macaw smirked, rubbing two of his wings together like ever bad guy does. "Won't be long now."

While the Robber was beginning to daydream about his victory, Jewel made a depressed sigh while laying on her mates lap as Blu continued to stroke her with his wing.

"Excuse me?" Jewel called out to the Robber.

"Yes?" the Robber replied, hearing her call out for him.

"Can you let me out of these cuffs, now?," Jewel requested while she moved her cuffed-together-talons up a little. "I'll be good."

"Sorry," the Robber refused. "I can't let you out until I get what I want."

"Okay," Jewel sighed, snuggling closer to Blu for comfort. She looked up at her mate which also caught his attention to look back down at her.


"Yes?" Blu replied still stroking her feathers with his wing.

"I really wanna fly up to that robber and kick his butt." Jewel whispered.

(Audience chuckles)

Blu couldn't help but chuckle a little as he continued to stroke her.

"I know you do, Jewel. And that's why I love you." Blu leaned his head down and planted a kiss on her head which caused her to giggle a little in delight and enjoyment.

(Audience coos)

Well, we now know the Robbers name is Daniel and he is positively a Martinique Macaw. Let's see what he has planned. And I am sorry this was a little short, but I promise the next chapter will be long.