Beca sighed heavily as she entered her dorm room. Pleasantly surprised to find it empty, she threw her bag onto her bed and turned on her laptop. It was Friday, and she was thankful for that. College seemed way more of a burden now that she was actually attending her classes, thanks to Chloe, that is. It had only been a short time since the bubbling red head had burst into her life (and shower, literally) but her life had changed dramatically since becoming part of the Barden Bellas and since Chloe had intruded her personal space.

It wasn't a secret that Beca had been crushing on Chloe, or maybe it was? Beca was pretty good at keeping everything to herself, but despite little comments from her fellow Bellas, Chloe was definitely not getting the hint…or maybe she was and just wasn't acting on it. Whatever the reasoning, Beca was completely content to have Chloe in her life. 'Friend zone is better than no zone' Beca told herself.

She pulled up her most recent mixes and started readying them for her overnight shift at the radio station. Just as she had started working, her phone went off, and from the peculiar text tone, she knew exactly who it was and smiled.

Chloe: Hey chick, what are you up to?

Beca: N2M, just mixing…per usual

Chloe: Take a break, let's get coffee?

Beca had just recently started working but she had this problem; she couldn't say no to anything Chloe asked of her. She bit her lip and shook her head.

Beca: Def, meet you at the cart in 10?

Chloe: Can't wait B, see you in a few!

And that's the thing about crushes, you're completely and hopelessly smitten and willing to drop everything in a hurry just to see or spend time with whoever has caught your heart. Beca closed her laptop, grabbed her jacket and keys, and headed out towards the quad to meet Chloe.

As she walked and took in her surroundings, she couldn't help but be amused. If someone had told her a year ago that she would be attending college, the one her father works for at that, and joining some all girl acapella group, she probably would have laughed in their faces. Then again, her father's deal was too good to be true, try college for a year and if you don't like it, you can run off to LA, money in hand. Easy enough for someone like Beca, who had gotten through four years of High School the exact same way she was getting through this one mandatory year of college. She rounded the corner and started to make her way to the coffee cart when she saw Chloe approaching from the other side.

'God, she's so pretty' she thought to herself. That was the thing about Chloe Beale, she wasn't like other girls, I mean, she WAS, but she wasn't. She was always beautiful without trying. She always wore the right clothes, and the perfect amount of makeup. She was flawless, and never faltered. It was Beca's biggest attraction to her. That, and she was also the biggest sweetheart in the entire world.

"Hey, Becs!" She waved at Beca, flashing one of her signature smiles that made Beca melt inside. She returned the smile when suddenly she was pulled into a warm embrace.

"I've missed you!" She said as Beca tried to breathe

"Chlo, It's been like, less than 32 hours since I last saw you" Beca replied

"Whatever. That's a long time! I start having bad ass DJ withdrawals after only a few hours" She joked back. Beca smiled, she loved that Chloe found her obsession with music and being a DJ cool rather than odd.

"Well you're lucky I have so much time on my hands so that you can constantly get your fix of your favorite bad ass, DJ."

"Favorite? I don't remember saying 'favorite…'"
"And with all that time on your hands, you BETTER be going to your classes!" She said, lightly slapping Beca's arm.

Beca let out a small chuckle and made a mental note to stop smiling so much, she probably looked like a goofball, more so than usual.

"Of course I'm going to class. You threatened my life, remember? That's enough to get anyone to do anything"
"Oh shut up, it was only a butter knife"
"But a knife none-the-less. I don't ever remember any of my other friends taking a knife to me and forcing me to do something"

"That's because your imaginary friends aren't as productive as I am" Chloe said matter of factly, ordering two coffees and swatting Beca's hand away as she tried to hand Chloe a few bucks. She handed Beca a coffee and turned back to get her change from the kid running the cart.

"You guys are adorable, how long have you been dating?" He asked

Beca raised her eyebrow and opened her mouth to speak but was thrown off by Chloe's outburst of laughter.
"Too long man, too long." Beca said to the cashier as she shook her head and walked off with Chloe.

"Why does that always happen?" She asked Chloe after they took a few steps
"Why do people always think we're a couple?"

"I have no idea, Becs." Chloe replied, still getting the laughter out of her system
"But I'd rather it be you than anyone else."

Beca was more than satisfied with this answer as they sat down on the grass and drank their coffees.

"So what are your plans for tonight, anything fun?" Chloe asked

"Just working the overnight at the station…which for me is fun, soo, I'm stoked." Beca replied
"What about you?"

Chloe sighed, pulling her up into a messy bun. One of her signature looks which Beca absolutely loved.

"Tom wants to go to some party, but honestly, I'm kind of over his friends and their parties. It's not fun, like the acapella parties. It gets tired, pretty quickly." She said
"But, whatever. It's his night to choose, so it is what it is."

"I don't know how you do it" Beca said, wanting to kill herself for saying that aloud.

"Do what?" Chloe asked quizzically

"Uh, I mean…how do you stay in a relationship with someone when you're bored of them?" Beca asked, knowing there was nothing she could have said instead to get her out of this conversation.

"Well, for starters, it's not exactly a relationship. We're friends…with benefits. And we hangout sometimes too, like tonight" Chloe replied easily.

"Ah, now I understand. I can totally see the attraction now" She said sarcastically

Chloe giggled and shook her head
"Well what's your type? Jesse?" She teased

"Oh yes, we are going to get married and have aca-babies together. Totally." She teased back
"We're just really good friends." She clarified

"Uh-huh…" Chloe replied, definitely not sounding convinced at all

"I'm serious. We just have fun, and have A LOT in common." Beca said, trying to stress the last part.

'Like, we're both into chicks' she so badly wanted to say.

Everybody thought her and Jesse were a thing, or were going to be a thing. He had most recently confessed his true feelings for her and she had set the record straight by explaining that she was not, in fact, straight, which he was totally cool with, but equally bummed at the same time. Hey, it happens…there's always going to be at least one guy who can't pick up the les-be-honest vibe and try to go for it. Jesse was a sweet guy and had become a really good friend, she felt terrible about "breaking his heart" even though she wasn't so sure what he exactly liked about her. She didn't really think she was special, or had any redeeming qualities that anybody would want in someone. He had become like a brother to her, and since coming out, he had become her wing man whenever they went out.

They spent the next couple of hours drinking coffee and just talking endlessly about the most unusual things. Of course they touched upon the Bellas and how much of a control freak Aubrey was with everything.

"I feel like if she knew how good you were with music and mixing, she'd totally welcome your ideas." Chloe said placing a hand on the younger girls shoulder. She shuddered slightly from the contact.

"Good? There's got to be a better word in your gigantic vocabulary Chlo. Like, how about, amazing? I'll even accept 'aca-amazing' at that." Beca replied

"So cocky Becca Mitchell, so undeniably cocky!" Chloe mused. She looked down at her phone
"Ugh, speaking of Aubrey. I have to go meet her. Official Bellas business. She's stressing about the semi-finals."

"Well she should be, our routine could use a generational makeover." Beca said

Chloe raised her hand, pretending to hit her.

"Ah! Okay, sorry. I meant, go tell her to relax, I'm sure we'll be fine."

"I hope so." Chloe said standing up while putting out her hands to lift Becca up as well. Beca felt her heart skip as Chloe grabbed her hands, pulled her up close to her, and hugged her.

"Again, with the hugs.." Beca mumbled.

"You love it." Chloe replied smugly as she pulled away
"And I love our coffee dates."

Beca smiled at her. Dates. Yes, that's certainly what these were.

"I'll see you later, Chlo. Remember to listen tonight, that is, if you're not too wasted with your cool friends" Beca teased

"I always listen!" Chlo replied, before wandering off to go meet Aubrey.

Beca couldn't help but watch as Chloe walked away…every part of her was simply stunning, you can't blame a girl for checking out her ass. She smiled as she turned and walked back to her dorm.

Yup, she definitely had it bad. She knew this already. She also knew they called it a crush for a certain reason; it always hurts.