Chapter One

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"In the next life, we promise to finally be together, right?" He told to his beloved "secret" wife. It's no secret anymore; the whole village knew. They were hunting them down. They managed to a small shed, there they hid.

"Y-yes. Of course, Neji!" The small, timid girl responded. I was difficult to mistake their relation. They were twins. Both had midnight blue hair and white pupiless eyes.

"I love you, Hinata." With those words said, he leaned in and placed a kiss upon her lips. Suddenly, a loud bang came at the door.

"Open up, you wicked children!" A loud voice roared through the thin wood. They both gasped.

Neji pulled out his dagger. "Until the next life when we meet again." He told her. The banging continued, and they knew the door would last much longer.

"Neji, I love you." They shared a smile, then he took the dagger and drove it into his twin sister. his wife, The love of his life.

Hinata grabbed her wound and fell over. Tears streamed down the both of their faces. As her eyes closed, the busts open. The villagers struggled with Neji for a while. He wanted to put up a fight for his beloved Hinata.