Chapter Three

The entire day, she never left him alone. She walked with him anywhere. This went on for days . Then Gaara finally snapped at her when she followed behind him after school one day.

"Stop being so obsessed with me! Leave me alone!" He yelled as he pushed her. They were on the side walk and as he pushed her, he didn't realize that he shoved her into the road as a car was coming. He watched as her eyes widened as she was falling then shut tightly as the car came into contact with her.

He shut his eyes as a liquid sprayed all over him. He felt himself hit the ground. He didn't dare open his eyes. Gaara, for the first time in his life, screamed in fear. He felt around the ground and felt only a thickish liquidsmear against his hands. He slowly opened his eyes wide as he felt somebody touch his shoulder. It was a man. He looked very young. Maybe around 18 or 19. He spoke to him.

"What the hell happened?! Why did you push her into the street?!" He yelled as he dialed the police. Same never heard a word. 'I killed somebody,' he thought. He didn't know what to think of himself. It was an accident... Was he a murderer? He didn't see the car... He was too focused on getting her away from him.

Soon, he found himself in the back of a police car. Next, a questioning. He told them everything... "Is-is she okay? I mean, is she, you know, alive?" He heard himself ask.

The man sitting across from him sighed deeply. "She's in a comatose state. Which is surprising by how fast the car was going. You may have killed her, and for what? Nothing at all. You can leave." They kicked him out of the room, and as soon as he heard the door slam, the memories came back. The memories of Hinata, and of him... Neji.

"Hinata!" He yelled. He ran to the hosptal he heard she was taken to and proceeded to run to the front desk. "Hinata. Where is Hinata?" He quickly asked the woman. She gave him a puzzled look. He sighed. "Listen, ma'am, they brought a young girl in here a few hours ago who was hit by a car! Where is she?"

"Oh! Yes. Of course. What is your relation?" The nurse asked.

"I'm her... fiance." He said as a smile crawled on his face. "Room 321C. Down that way." She said as she pointed to the left. He took off running in that direction and soon found himself standing in front of the door.