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In the dark of the night there lived a village just beyond the ocean shore.

Hiccup's POV:

This is Berk. Its twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It's located solemnly on the Meridian of Misery.

A flock of sheep can be seen roaming around the field just outside the resident's home.

My village. In a word: sturdy and it's been here for sever generations but every single building is new. We have fishing, hunting, and the charming view of the sunsets.

The only problems are the pests.

As one sheep began to munch on the grass it was whisked away from it's companion who cast simply just took the others spot of grass and began eating.

You see most places have mice or misquotes. We have...

A boy with short auburn brown hair and green eyes wearing a long green tunic and pants along with brown furred boots and vest opened his door to see what all the commotion was about only to see his neighbors, carrying sheep on their backs being chased by a flying fire breathing reptile who turned its direction in his direction. The boy slammed his door shut and pressed his back against just the beast shot fire in his direction. "Dragons," the boy said, his eyes widening.

The flock of sheep ran for their lives to avoid being torched by the upcoming flames one unfortunately got snatched by a dragon. One man saw this and jumped on the sheep and held a tight grip around it. Another man was on a dragon as well and was beating the dragon's forehead with a mallet.

Most people would leave, but not us. We're Vikings. We have stubbornness issues.

The same boy from earlier jumped off the porch and ran through the battle of Vikings and dragons.

My name's Hiccup.

Said by named Hiccup avoided getting hit by a Viking that fell from the sky as well as his axe. He ducked under a log that two other Vikings were carrying and turned around just to see a poor unfortunate warrior get conked by the said log. When someone bumped around he turned around just to see a dragon blast a fireball on the ground.

Great name I know but it's not the worst. Parents believe a hideous name will scare off gnomes and trolls. Like a charming Viking demeanor wouldn't do that.

The explosion caused the boy Hiccup to fall his back. A random Viking let out a battle cry right in front of him before giving a small hello to the fallen teen boy.

Hiccup continued running through the battle. As he ran up the walkway he heard Vikings who were running past him asking him what he was doing and told them to stay indoors while just some random Viking cleared his ear like nobody's business.

He was distracted by that weird event he nearly ran into a trail of fire.

"Hiccup!" A tall, tough-looking, red-bearded Viking yanked Hiccup away from the upcoming flames he did not see.

"What is he doing out ag-" The man began as he pointed at the boy he was holding in the air by the hem of his tunic before directing his question to the teen. "What are you doing out?" He didn't give Hiccup any time to speak before shoving him off in another direction.

That's Stoick the Vast: chief of the tribe. They say that when he was a baby he popped a dragon's head clean off of its shoulder.

Stoick turned his attention from the teen to a dragon who was flying off by itself in the air. He picked up a nearby wooden cart with ease and chucked at the dragon who nearly lost its steering at the sudden impact.

Do I believe it? Yes I do.

"What've we got?" Stoick asked to the Vikings who was ducking behind him. One Viking who was near him responded.

"Gronkles, Nadders, Zipplebacks," he finished before hearing the sound of fourth kind dragon, "Oh and hordes of Monstrous Nightmares."

A fireball exploded near by causing the Vikings to use their shield to avoid the specks of flame that flew by.

"Any Night Furies?" The chief asked as he brushed off a flaming cinder off his shoulder.

"None so far," the Viking responded.


Meanwhile, Hiccup kept running down the plaza as a group of Vikings lit up torches on the catapults to launch at the swarms of dragons.

When he made to his destination, the forge, he slipped off his vest.

"Ah, nice of you to join the party." A man with mallet for a hand joked as he pounded a hot sickle. "I thought you've been carried off?"

"Who me? Come one," Hiccup asked with the same tone of voice as he tighten his apron around him before waving off the comment and picking up a cube-like mace and placed it on a shelf, "I'm waaay to muscular for their taste. They wouldn't know what to do with all this?" He flexed his scrawny arms to prove his point.

"Well they need took-picks, don't they?" The blacksmith said as pulled off his mallet off his wrist while Hiccup open the windows to help the Vikings who need their weapons readjusted.

The meathead with attitude and interchangeable hands is Gobber. I've been his apprentice since I was little... Well, littler.

Outside on the walkway Stoick was giving out orders to his soldiers. "We move to the lower defenses." "Aye!" "We'll counter-attack with the catapults." The group then headed off to their position just as roof just set off into flames.

See? Old village, lots and lots of new houses.


"Alright, let's go." Hiccup peaked his head through the open window to see a group of teens around his age grabbing buckets filled with water.

Oh and that's Fishlegs. A short blonde boy ran with a bucket of water in both his hands. Snotlout. A dark brown hair came by after. The twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut. Said two blonde long hair teens fought for the bucket. And... A pretty, yet tough looking, girl with braided blonde came and through her water over a small flame before whipping around just in time for a fireball to explode from behind her. Astrid~ Hiccup gazed lovingly at her as the others came to her side.

Oh their job is so much cooler.

Hiccup tried to lean out more through the window to be pulled back inside by Gobber who now has a prosthetic tongs.

"Oh come on, let me out. Please? I need to make my mark!" Hiccup pleaded his voice full of determination.

"Oh you've made plenty of marks," Gobber commented as he lowered Hiccup down, "All in the wrong places," he said as emphasize each word has he poked Hiccup's chest with his tonsils.

Though Hiccup still pressed on, "Please, two minutes. I'll kill a dragon. My life will get infinitely better. I might even get a date."

"You can't lift a hammer, got can't through an axe. You can't even throw one of these." As he picked up a bola and held it up a Viking snatched it from his grip and launched at a unsuspecting dragon in the air immobilizing its arms and legs.

"Okay fine, but this..." Hiccup rushed to the back corner where a wheel barrel like contraption stood armed and ready, "Will through it for me." He petted his home made invention which accidentally caused it to set off and launch it's ammo at a Viking that stood by a window.

Gobber, who barely dodged the attack, looked at the fallen Viking before back at Hiccup, "You see? Now this right here is what I'm talking about!" he said as he pointed at the contraption with his tonsils to prove his point.

"... Mild calibration issue-" Hiccup began to say but was cut off by Gobber.

"Don't you- Hiccup. If you want to get out there to fight dragons, you need to stop all..." Gobber trailed off as a bit before gesturing at Hiccup completely, "This."

"But you just pointed to all of me!" Hiccup told him.

"Yes. That's it!" Gobber said happily, "Stop being all of you."

"Ooohhh," Hiccup said in realization.

"Ooohhh yes," Gobber mimicked.

"You sir are playing a dangerous game. Keeping this raw, vikingness, contained. There will be consequences!" Hiccup fail to threaten Gobber who just gave him a blank stare through his whole monologue.

"I'll take my chances," Gobber dryly said before handing Hiccup a blade who caught it with both his arms. "Sword, sharpen, now."

Hiccup did as ordered with his mind still locked on his tasked.

One day I'll get out there. Because killing a dragon is everything around here.

A group of chicken like dragons was pestering a group of sheep who jumped off the cliff for safety. A Nadder head is sure to get me at least noticed.

Another bulky dragon is seen flying off with tied off fish. Gronkles are tough; taking down one of those would definitely get me a girlfriend.

Greeb fume entered inside a home thanks to the dragon who breathed it through the roof before its second half smacked its lips near the gas which sparked it into flames before flying off once it was done. A Zipple-Back? Exotic. Two heads, twice the status..

"They found the sheep!" A Viking pointed out after seeing the Nadders near the flock.

"Concetrate fire over the lower bank!" Stoick comanded as he and another Viking rotate directly to the Nadders.

"Fire!" A boulder was launched and knocked a Nadder down.

Stoick look down when the bottom of the tower started to lit up in flames.

Then there's the Monstrous Nightmare. Only the best Vikings go after those. They have this nasty habit of setting themselves on fire.

Said Monstrous Nightmare, covered in flames appeared bearing his teeth at the chief who pulled out his hammer, "Reload," He ordered before speaking in a low gruff tone. "I'll take care of this."

He swung his hammer at the dragon causing it's head to jerk left and right before he tried to take a nip at the chief who barely dodged it.

That's when It came.

The two looked up when they heard a long screeching sound. While Stoick was distracted the Monstrous Nightmare went away.

But the ultimate prize is the dragon no one's ever seen. We call it the

"Night Fury!" A viking cried out as everyone took cover when a purple flame hit the catapult on the tower and made it crumbled.

"Jump!" Stoick yelled as he and other Vikings did before the falling catapult could crush them.

Hiccup, who had heard the noise and stopped what he was doing, looked out the window as a second fire came by and hit the same tower.

This thing never steals food, never shows itself, and...never misses. No one has ever killed a Night Fury. That's why I'm gonna be the first.

"Man the fort Hiccup," Gobber said as he placed a axe in his prosthetic hand before heading towards, "Stay. Put. There." He ordered to Hiccup who just smiled secretly, "You know what I mean," with that being said the blonde bearded man yelled and ran off to battle.

Not wasting any time Hiccup grabbed his invention and ran, having to steer it away before it could hit any Vikings that were calling out to him.

Meanwhile, three Nadders were able to corner four sheep but Stoick was there in the nick of time and threw a net over them before they flew off with their livestock.

Other Vikings came and held down the Nadder in case they tried to escape. "Let's get 'em!"

Stoick jumped on a Nadder when he saw it spew out some flame and clamped its mouth shut. "Mind yourself!" he told his men as he wrestle the dragon to the ground, "The devil still has some juice in them."

Once he found a clear area, he set up his contraption and cocked the bow arms. He waited as stared into the night sky, waiting for his pray to come. "Come on, give me something to shoot at, give me something to shoot at." he muttered.

That's when he saw a vague figure in the sky, he knew it had to be it. The Night Fury.

When its screeching trademark Hiccup look through his scope to get a better perspective.

A blue fireball came and hit the catapult. When Hiccup saw a black figure flew pass the flame he closed his eyes and fired, knocking him off the ground as he did so.

The bola flew into the air in afterwards and Hiccup stood up just in time to see his weapon hit his mark.

"Oh, I-I hit it," Hiccup said before coming to realization and he jumped up his feet with joy. He did it. He did what no other Viking ever did. "Yes I hit!"

"Did anyone see that!" he asked rhetorically knowing was there with him but when he turned his body his green eyes met brown.


Jack's POV:

Hi, my name is Jackson, or just Jack for short, and I am currently visiting Berk where my dad is living at. It's a great place, really. The village is just outside a sea, they live by a forest, and all the houses were new and sturdy. Though there is a small problem here.

Dragons. A tall boy with short brown hair and eyes thought as he dodged a Nadder's poisonous spikes that impaled the tree behind him. He stood still and followed the dragon's movement as it looked before him, he slipped and soon the Nadder was able to see him. The boy grabbed a near by with a curve top in a shape of a C that laid on the ground and just as it lunged itself at him a gush of wind pulled the boy upward making the Nadder whack its head roughly at the tree, knocking itself out for the count.

He chuckled as he landed back down, "Sweet dreams, spiky." he said before running passed the sleeping Nadder and to his village and saw that it was another dragon raid. He let out a groan.

Can't I just have a normal time when I visit here?

FWI this is Berk, a village filled with proud Vikings called the Hooligans tribe but usually three months before winter, dragons would attack us and raid our food. But between you and me, I think the village could survive a couple of weeks without food, mainly the adults though because they're as big as a house.

Speaking of adults.

"Jackson!" The brunet jerked his head to the side and saw his father march towards him. Now his father wasn't big as most of the Vikings but was by no means scrawny and unlike most of the Vikings he just had a five o'clock shadow instead of a massive beard. "What are you doing out here?" his father asked.

"Well I really didn't feel like taking a nap while the place is one fire," Jack admitted with a bored look on his face. "I mean, this will probably be like the only heating we'll ever get but-"

His father sighed and ran a hand through his face before handing him a bucket filled with water, "Jackson, just go try not to get in the way." He told him, gesturing to his staff before leaving his son.

Jack rolled his eyes as his father left to go help the other Vikings before picking up a bucket and heading to a burning house.

That was dad, Marcius. He may not seem all that much but he is tough enough to take down anything that came his way.

Anyways, back on the subject. So right now, the buildings are on fire, Vikings and dragons were fighting with one another, yada yada, and here we are trying to put them all out as much as we can. But there is an upside of coming here now and again. Not only do I get to see dragons, even if they steal out food and ruin our habitation, but I also get to see...

Jack watched as a group of teen Vikings putting out a fire before catching a glimpse at certain brunet with freckles in the village's forge, fixing weapons that were twice his size. He grinned when saw the blacksmith's apprentice turn his attention outside. Only to pout when he saw the younger brunet staring lovingly at a blonde hair girl.

So yeah, in case you didn't get it. I have a crush on freckles over there. Don't ask me how it happen or even why but ever since I came here and saw him trying to help out, I've felt a sort of connection with him. In a way, he and I were the same. The only difference is, his father expects him to be something while mines don't really give a rat's ass about me.

Jack let out a disappointing sigh before looking around to see if anyone was looking. When he saw that everyone else was far too busy with their business he waved his staff, his hair and eyes changed from brown to white and blue, and in a second the water shot out from the bucket and formed into frost. The frost covered the house and soon the fires begin to die out as his hair and eye reverted back to their current state.

Another thing there is to know about is I'm a Winter Sprite. How I know this? The moon told me so. No, I'm serious. One minute I'm sleeping in my room and the next thing I know I'm waking up to a snow covered bed. The moon said that I have been blessed with the gift of winter, handed me my staff, and basically never spoke to me ever again after that.

Thanks a lot Mr. Moon.

For six years I've been keeping this a secret. Only my parents know about this and my father makes extra sure that the village don't know about this. He said something about torching or torturing an elemental child or something along the lines like that. Though I laugh at this because nobody here in this village even knows I exist and when they do everyone acts like they had no idea I'm Marcius' son.

Jack's head jerked to side when he heard the sound of a loud smack and saw that some Viking got knocked out by a double bola. I can take one guess on who's responsible for that.

Hiccup, is the boy I mentioned earlier. Great name, right? Well, I find it cute. He is kinda like a hiccup because he can be very quiet and then when he does something unexpectedly everyone hears of it and causes slight disruption.

Jack chuckled and rolled his eyes in amusement when he heard Gobber give Hiccup a lecture. That boy was just too reckless for his own good. Though he couldn't really blame the guy for trying.

Since killing a dragon is everything around here. Didn't matter if you took down a Nadder, Gronkle, Zipple-Back, or even a Monstrous Nightmare as long as you've slay one you were in the 'Viking' book.

Jack and Hiccup, however, were not in said book.

Reason is for Hiccup he lacked brute strength and muscles but he made up for it by inventing things that will help with using the weapons he couldn't use before.

As for Jack, well, he couldn't care less how the village thought of him but he would be good for his father sake that and he was a little afraid of what others would do when they found out he was a Sprite.

Just as Jack was about to go and get some more water for his bucket a familiar high pitched screech sound filled in the air which made him stop dead in his tracks and everyone knew what that meant.

"Night Fury!" A Viking shouted while another ordered, "Get down!"

On instinct, Jack crouched down and watched as a blue fireball came flying out of know where and hit a watch tower that which made Stoick and two other men was on leaped off of it.

Jack's eyes shifted to a icy blue color as he locked his eyes on the dark figure zipped past again and watched as it shot another blue fireball hit the watch tower. Damn Night Fury's at it again which means...

The sound of Gobber's battle cry called out from behind as Jack watch the blacksmith with a interchangeable left hand run/wobble past him.

Jack looked over his shoulder and saw Hiccup running as well as he pushed what look a wheel barrel. He followed the boy through the village until they were out on a cliffside. Jack watched as Hiccup set up his invention with fascination as he took a few cautious step forward.

He heard Hiccup whispered, "Come on. Give me something to shoot at, give me something to shoot at, " as he came closer.

Jack watched the sky as did Hiccup, hearing all kinds of roar filling the night sky though they were listening to one in particular.

That's when they heard it, the screeching sound of the Night Fury did before it attacked.

Jack nearly jumped when a blue blast hit the watch tower before a dark figure, the Night Fury, flew past the flames and saw two bolas flew after it as Hiccup fall hard his back.

Just as Hiccup stood on his bended knees painful screech echoed in the air and the two watched as the Night Fury fell off Raven Point.

"O-oh I hit it?" He heard Hiccup said before he leaped up with joy exclaiming his joy for taking down the Night Fury.

"Did anyone see that?"

Jack froze when the smaller Viking turned around and spotted him. The world seemed to stop when their eyes met.

Hiccup's eyes were widened in shock, he didn't think anyone had followed him but he was glad that someone had seen him and his glory moment.

Jack felt his heart flutter when he saw Hiccup give a small smile that was barely visible on his freckled face.

Though both their happiness was short lived when a Monstrous Nightmare came from out of know where and stepped on Hiccup's indentation which made turn their attention turn towards the dragon.

The Monstrous Nightmare tried to lunged itself at Hiccup but Jack used his staff and whacked the the Monstrous Nightmare causing its head to jerk to the side, Hiccup was surprised that the stranger saved him from being devoured while Jack was surprised that his staff didn't break.

The Nightmare jerked its head back at the teens and sneered and soon the two boys were running away screaming and yelling for their lives.

The two ran as fast as they could as the Monstrous Nightmare chased them through the plaza, Hiccup letting out a yelp as the dragon let out a lava like fire blast at them which misses them and then again and Jack could swear that one nearly got them.

Jack grabbed Hiccup's wrist and pulled them in another direction. They both hid behind a nearby torch pillar which was fortunately big enough for both of them. Hiccup hid his face in his arms as Jack edge closer to him with his eyes shut when they felt the lava fire blast in between the pillar.

When it stopped, Hiccup lowered his arms down and looked over the right side of the pillar to see if the dragon had left while Jack looked at the other side and nearly screamed when he saw Monstrous Nightmare before him. The dragon opened his mouth as Jack stared in shock only to see a blurry figure come out of know where and knocking the beast in another direction.

Both the teens watched as Stoick stood before the Monstrous Nightmare who let out a roar.

The dragon let out a weak blast which surprised all of them, it tried again but it came off as a burp this time.

And Jack could have sworn the dragon looked at the chief with a hint of fear.

"You're all out," Stoick stated, arms up and ready and soon through a few punches and a swift at the poor creature that let out a shriek and flew away.


That's right.

There's one more thing you need to know.

Stoick looked back and saw the pillar, that was smoldering the whole time caved in and cracked underneath it's burnt part before it timber to the side revealing both Hiccup and Jack.

Brown eyes caught the sight of the pillar fall on the walk way and nearly took down a Viking who jumped out of the way in time. The torch that was on top of the pillar snapped off and began rolling down.

Both teens winced at every crash they heard. Once the third crash came Hiccup spoke. "Sorry dad."

Jack looked at the glowering chief and gave a nervous smile before hearing the sound of a bunch of sheep bleating and everyone watched as group of Nadders flew pass the village with net that held their livestock.

Hey, a sole survivor. Jack thought as he saw one fall off.

Jack rubbed his neck at the stares he and Hiccup received.

Finally the chief's son spoke, "Okay, but I hit a Night Fury."

Jack would have laughed at how he said it even though he knew it was true if it wasn't for the fact that Stoick the back of Hiccup's tunic and all but dragged Hiccup earning a small yell from the younger Viking.

"Not like the last few times, dad. I mean I really actually hit it." Hiccup tried explain it to his father as Jack followed also agreeing with the smaller Viking.

"He's telling the truth, I saw him with my own eyes."

"You guys were busy and I had a very clear shot."

"You should have seen it, the bola made a direct hit."

"It went down just off Raven Point. Let's get a search part before-"

"STOP!" Stoick bellowed which made both Hiccup and Jack shut their mouths before he calming down his voice a bit but it still held a stern tone. "Just. Stop. Every time you step outside, disaster follows. Can you not see if I have bigger problems? Winter is almost here and I have an entire village to feed."

Hiccup gave a hurt look before covering it up with a sarcastic remark. "Well, between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding don't you think?"

Jack let out a humorous scoff.

"This isn't a joke Hiccup!" Stoick said in exasperation before sighing "Why can't you follow the simplest orders?"

"I can't help myself!" Hiccup said "I see a dragon and I have to just kill it, you know? It's who I am dad."

Stoick faced palm his forehead "Oh you many things Hiccup," he lowered his arm back down, "But a dragon killer is not one of them." Jack felt his heart sadden as Hiccup lowered his head down, "Get back to the house." Stoick looked at Gobber, "Make sure he gets there. I have this mess to clean up."

Jack watched as Gobber lightly smacked the back of Hiccup's head before they walked away. His blood boil but he fought the urge to freeze Hiccup's father and the teens that he saw were picking on Hiccup and was glad that Gobber shoved Snotlout to the ground.

Before he could follow the chief's son a loud angry voice made him freeze from his place, he looked over his shoulder and saw his dad marching towards him, glaring at him. Without warning he grabbed his son's arm and dragged him off in another direction.

When they were far from the group he released his gripped and turned to his son with crossed arms, "Care to explain something to me?"

"Explain wh-"

"Why is there some houses covered with icicles?" Jack winced and mentally smacked himself in the head.

"Um... I was putting out the fire?" Jack answered with a small grin.

"Jackson, you know how dangerous that is. What if someone saw you?" Marcius glowered.

"No one saw me," Jack said defensively.

"And what if they did?"

"Who's gonna believe them if they believe I exist?" Jack nearly shouted. "Besides, I didn't even freeze the Nightmare when he attacked Hiccup-"

"The chief's son saw you?" Marcius asked.

"Yeah but he didn't see me as That just," he gestured to his whole body, "My human self. Relax, I just whacked the beast before it chopped us up."

"I've told you a thousand times to stay away from him. What if he were to find out your secrete and then told his father? Do you really think your mother would have wanted that?"

Jack's eyes shifted blue for a mere moment, "Glad to see you still use mom as a handicap." not saying anything else, he gripped his staff and ran off heading to the forest.

Marcius sighed and ran a hand through his face, "That boy."

"Marcius," the man looked back and saw another viking behind, "The cheif wants us all to the Great Hall."

Marcius nodded, "Alright." He looked over his shoulder in the direction where his son went before following the Viking.

Meanwhile Hiccup and Gobber were walking up the steps that led to Hiccup's while Hiccup rant on about his father all the way.

"I really did hit one,"

"Sure you did,"

"But he never listens,"

"Oh it runs in the family,"

"And when he does it's always with this disappointed scowl like someone skin the meat of his sandwich." Once Hiccup reached the porch of the house he began to mimicked his father thick heavy accent to emphasize his point. "Excuse me, Barmaid! I'm afraid you've brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side! This here- This is a talking fishbone!"

"Now you're thinking about this all wrong. It's not so much what you look like it's what inside that he can't stand." Gobber explained to him.

Hiccup gave him a look of disbelief before responding in a sarcastic tone as he reached for the door, "Thank you for summing that up." Just as he reached the handle he Gobber speak up again.

"Look the point is: stop trying so hard to be something you're not."

"I just want to be one of you guys," Hiccup told Gobber before entering the house without another word.

Gobber just sighed and headed back down the steps, not noticing Hiccup sneaking out the back door and heading off into the forest.

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