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Morning came the next day, much to the two boy's dismay.

Both groaned as they got up from bed and got ready for today's activity.

Hiccup picked up his axe that was beside his bed with a great effort while Jack had to removed the axe that was still pierced to the helmet from last night.

After succeeding he headed out of his house as well as Hiccup. When Jack saw the small brunet walking down the steps he beamed. "Hey Hiccup!"

Hiccup looked up in shock that someone called him and saw Jack running towards him. "Jack? What are you doing up?"

Hiccup jerked his head to the axe in his hands. "Got stuck with Dragon Training. You?"

Jack raised his axe before lowering it, "Same."

Hiccup snorted, "Forced or suggested?"

"Neither, ordered." Jack responded with a roll of his eyes. "You?"

Hiccup shrugged, "It could be considered that was well."

"Looks like we're on the same boat then." Jack laughed as they began walking through the plaze. "But hey, at least we get to use each other as bait."

"That's one way of seeing it." Hiccup said with a puzzled look on his face.

Jack rolled his eyes with a smile on his face, "I mean we could probably help out one another during training. You know what they say: two heads are better then one. Besides, might as well try to make some fun out of it."

Hiccup raised an eyebrow at the last comment and opened his mouth to ask what he meant by that, only for them to stop to let a couple of Vikings holding a log pass on by them.

Hiccup watched as the two went to go a burnt down house and sighed, feeling guilty because he knew he was the cause of it.

Jack caught sight of Hiccup was looking at, "That was probably from a Zippleback," he reassured him with a smile only to frown when he saw Hiccup's gaze down on the ground. Hiccup.

Why do I always have to mess up everything?

Jack exhaled through his nose and shook his head as they kept on walking.

This is going to be a long day.

When they finally made it to the arena the first thing that popped into Jack's mind was: This place is huge! Although, that still didn't make the tall brunet's situation any better. Afterall, this place is used to kill dragons. Something he is really not looking forward to at all.

And to top it all off, he really didn't like the fact that they were there. The Viking-in-training teens.

"I hope I get some serious burns." Jack heard Tuffnut say as Hiccup and him made it through the gate, making him raised an eyebrow.

"I'm hoping for some mauling. Like on my shoulder or lower back." What is with these guys?

"Yeah, it's only fun if you get a scar out of it." That comment made Jack roll his eyes. He never really did like Astrid's attitude. She was the walking example of too serious and too pushy.

A funny thought came into his head when he remembered the time he "accidentally" made a pile of snow fall on her and the other teens- except Fishlegs because he wasn't really all that bad in Jack's opinion- only to get a nasty lecture about it from his father.

"Yeah no kidding, right?" Hiccup suddenly said, catching all the teens attention. "Pain, love it."

Jack smiled at Hiccup's sarcastic enthusiasm.

"Oh great, who let who him in?" Tuffnut grumbled making Jack frowned.

Before anyone could make another response, Gobber decided it was a good time to make his appearance.

"Let's get started!" Gobber announced, making both Hiccup and Jack's head jerk in his direction.

"The recruit who does best will have the honor of killing his first dragon in front of the entire village." Hiccup winced while Jack made a discomfort look when Gobber said and emphasize on the word 'kill'

"Hiccup already killed a Night Fury. So does that disqualified him or..." Jack's eyes narrowed when he heard the twins laugh at Snotlout comment and watched as they walked away, really wishing that he had his staff with him at the moment.

From the corner of his eyes he saw Hiccup's shoulder slump making his anger instantly wash away and saw Gobber placed a hand on his shoulder as he gave him a "pep-talk" as he led him to the group. Jack following soon after.

"Don't worry, you're small and weak. That will make you less of a target. They'll see you as sick or insane and go after the more Viking-like teens instead."

That's suppose to be a pep talk? Jack thought as he and Hiccup, who accidentally bumped into Fishlegs after Gobber nudged him into the row, lined up with the other teens.

"Behind these doors are just the few of the many species you will learn to fight." Gobber stated as he began walking pass the said doors. "The Deadly Nadder."

"Speed: eight. Armor: sixteen." Fishlegs began to inform outloud as Gobber kept on naming the dragons. Every time he heard the dragons bang and screech, Jack flinched.

"The Hiddeous Zippleback."

"Plus eleven Stealth: times two."

"The Monsterous Nightmare."

"Firepower: fifteen."

"The Terrible Terror."

"Attack: eight. Venom: twelve."

"Can you stop that?!" Gobber finally snapped before recomposing himself as he reached for the lever next to the door. "And the Gronkle." He sneered, as if daring Fishlegs to speak out of term again.

The bigger blonde decided to go against it and instead whisper it to one of the teens next to him, which was Hiccup. "Jaw strength: eight."

Snoutlout, who had noticed Gobber's hand on the lever, spoke out in a near panic voice. "Whoa, whoa, wait! Aren't you gonna teach us first?"

What's there to teach? Jack mentally asked. Although, he didn't like the smile on the blacksmith's face as answered Snoutlout's question.

"I believe in learning on the job." Pulling the lever down, a log began to be pulled up by a chain before the Gronckle slammed the doors open and flew after the teens who all scurried off in other directions making the dragon slam into a wall.

"Today is about survival. If you get blasted... you're dead." Seeing the Gonckle eat rock lying on the ground, Gobber asked. "Quick! What's the first thing you're gonna need?"

"A doctor?" Hiccup suggested.

"Plus five speed?" Fishlegs said timidly.

Ice? Jack said in his head.

"A shield." Astrid answered with a solemn voice.

"Shields. Go!" the teens did as instructed and went to go pick up a shield that was lying around.

"Your most important piece of equipment is your shield." Gobber said and went to go help out Hiccup was having a hard time putting the shield on. "If you must make a choice between a sword or a shield, take the shield!" Once he was done, he shoved Hiccup back into training.

Jack was, however, having a hard time grabbing a shield since the Gronckle kept on trying to attack him more then the other teens. Damn it, I warned father about this.

As he ran he heard the teens began to bicker to one another about who gets the shield they were fighting over making him what to groan. Can't they go at least a day without arguing? Although, he admit he snorted when he saw the female twin smack her brother with the shield before the two began yanking at it again.

The tall brunet dived when a fireball came his way and saw as it passed over him and hit the twins shield causing them to spiral to the ground.

"Tuffnut, Ruffnut! You're out!" Gobber said to the fallen teens who were trying to correspond with what had just happen.

While the Gronckle was distracted, Jack was able to pick up a green shield with blue lightning patterns on it before running back with the other group.

"Those shields are good for another thing. Noise! Make lots of it to throw off a dragon's aim!" The teens took their instructors advice and began banging their melee weapons on their shields.

The Gronckle shook its head as vision became double, making it easier for the teens to escape.

As Gobber started asking another question revolving on the limitation of a dragon can shoot, Jack saw Hiccup hiding behind a wooden fence. Keeping his shield up and ready, he made his way to the smaller brunet.

"You know he's gonna make you get back out there." Jack told him.

"Yeah, I know." Hiccup responded as he watched the dragon with weary eyes. "I'm just doing a stealth maneuver, is all."

"Right..." he said before glancing back at the dragon as well. "That's why you're waaay over here so it can't find you."

Hiccup glared at Jack. "What about you? You're wide open and blowing my cover."

Jack shrugged, "Hey sorry, I thought I could talk to you for a bit while the dragon's not looking."

"Is now really the best time?"

"If not now then when?"

Before he could as what the taller teen meant, the sound of Gobber barking at both of the teens to get back in the ring, which made them jerk before they hid and duck when they saw a fireball coming their way. "Right, Gronckles have six shots." Jack mumbled under his breath, failing to notice Hiccup going back out on his own as he saw a light blue glow from under his palm. He raised it up and saw a small ice had formed, making his eyes widen in shock as he jerked himself up to his feet and drop his axe and shield. Oh no.

He looked back to see if the Gronckle had sensed it but saw that its attention were directed at Astrid and Snotlout at the moment. He cringed when he saw Snotlout get blasted down after Astrid cart-wheeled away from him to avoid the Gronkle's shot.

"Snotlout! You're done!"

Jack felt his temperature fall, and yet his blood boiled, when he saw Astrid was next to Hiccup who decided that it was a good idea to let his guard down so he could talk to her.

He felt a smirked when she moved away from him only for it to be replaced by shock when saw Hiccup raised shield to avoid the blast. Though it did prevent him from getting cooked alive, it was also knocked out his hand as well as his axe that shattered when it collided to the wall.

"One shot left!" Gobber announced.

Jack's eyes widen when he saw the Gronkle chance after Hiccup who was trying to grab his shield that kept rolling away.

"Hiccup!" He heard Gobber cried out.

The brunet clenched his fist, not noticing the faint blue glow inside of it as he watch the dragon trapped Hiccup to a wall. His eyes shifting from brown to blue.

When Hiccup failed to grab his shield he turn around only to fall back down in shock when he saw the Gronckle right behind him. He tried to scoot back as far as he could but with the wall behind him that was impossible.

The minute he saw the Gronckle open his mouth, he closed his eyes and looked away so he wouldn't see the blast that was going to kill him.

Unknown to scrawny teen, Gobber came just in time to prevent the blast. Using his hook for a hand to lock with the side of the Gronckle's mouth, the blonde bearded man raised the dragon's head upward. Hiccup instinctively covered the back of his head when heard the fireball hit the wall above him.

When he opened his eyes he saw Gobber wrestling with the Gronckle as he dragged him back to his pen. "And that's six. Go back to bed, you overgrown sausage!" Once Gobber placed the dragon back inside, he locked up the door before the Gronckle could escape. "You'll get another chance, don't you worry." he said before turning his attention back to the teens, "Remember, a dragon will always," he leaned down to Hiccup this time, "Always go for the kill."

After that being said, he hoisted Hiccup back on his feet and hobbled away so he can open the gate to let the others out.

Jack blinked his eyes several times as the shade in his eyes reverted back to its original brown self and the glow in his palm faded away instantly. When he saw that Hiccup was un-harm and alive, he left. Sorry Hiccup.

Hiccup, who fail to notice Jack's sudden departure, looked back at the burnt wall behind him. Dragons always go for the kill... The words echoed in his head.

"So... why didn't you?" Hiccup wondered outloud as he examined the broken bola that laid on the ground. He placed it back on the ground and kept going to where he saw the Night Fury flew off to.

He knew it might be stupid and dangerous to go after the most deadliest dragon in existence. But he knew needed to know why the dragon spared his life. He hoped by seeing it again, he might get some answers.

His search led to him a secrete cove. Although the scenery was beautiful and stunning, the item that he was seeking for was no where in sight.

"Well this was stupid." Hiccup said, voice full of disappointment. He should have known that with his luck, he wouldn't be able to come across the dragon anytime soon.

Just as he turned his head, his saw a few black scales lying by the entrance. He kneel down and took a piece of the scale and held it close to his for examination only to fall on his back when a black figure zoomed before him.

When he looked back out he saw that it was the Night Fury who seem to be trying to climb, claw, his way out of the cove only to fly off when he realized that his effort were futile.

Hiccup, who was stoked to the Night Fury again, jumped on another rock so he could get a better view at the dragon who kept on flapping his wings, making him rise and fall back every time.

The brunet, in spite of himself, pulled out his sketchbook from the inside of his vest pocket and began to draw the Night Fury. "Why don't you just fly away?" Hiccup asked, rhetorically after the dragon fell on his back when he tried to flapping his wings in hopes of getting out of his imprisonment.

The Night Fury blasted the ground down out of frustration and that's when Hiccup notice the missing tail fin on his left side.

Looking back at his complete drawing of the Night Fury in his book, he erased one of the tail fins leaving a smear mark in its place.

The Night Fury once again flapped his wings so he could fly only to crash on the other side of his pond, much to his displeasure.

Hiccup watched in guilt when he saw the dragon tried to snatch on some fishes in the pond. He knew that the reason the Night Fury was trapped in this cove, and finless, was because of him. If he hadn't shot down the dragon the other night, he wouldn't be here laying down in defeat because he knew its effort to escape was pointless.

He was so caught up with his guilt he fail to notice he lost his grip on his pencil until it rolled away before he could catch it.

The pencil caught the Night Fury's attention and soon the dragon's gaze met the human's.

Hiccup waited for the dragon to do something as did the Night Fury.

The boy tilt his head and watched as the the Night Fury tilt his head as well.

Why didn't you?

Jack would admit, at times, he was reckless and irresponsible. Because of this... trait he would sometimes make a mess where ever he goes. There were several good examples of when this actually applies.

Like right now. How he had forgotten to take his staff with him the other night was beyond him and to top it all off it was not at the place where he carelessly left it at.

Not good, not good. Jack thought as he ran a hand through his hair to ease his stress out.

He needed to find his staff. Without it, he might as well kiss his secrete goodbye.

"Good job Jack. You lost the one thing that was able to conduit your powers." He mockingly congratulated himself before continuing his search. "Of all things to loose. It has to be my staff!" he shouted, glaring at the moon in the sky, "If this is suppose to be a joke, it's not funny." Feeling foolish that he was arguing with the moon, yet again, he went back to his search.

"Alright, I was here when I found Hiccup." Jack mumbled as he inspected the area, noticing several cut ropes lying on the ground. "Then, I placed my staff here." He pointed to the empty spot near a boulder. "After that, I-" Carried Hiccup home. He blushed at the memory, remembering how light he was, and how soft his hair was, and deep the color green in his eyes was-

Okay, Jack. Get a grip! You just brought him back to Berk. Nothing more. So what if you were able to talk with him, have him thank you, and see his smile-

Jack slam the back of his head against the boulder, "Yup, I'm a lovesick fool." he scoffed as he closed his eyes. Images of him as a child skating through on a frozen pond while his mother watched, cheering on her son, telling him how well he was doing.

A fond smile formed on his face at the memory . He really did miss those days when it felt like it was just him and his mom in the world. No work, no responsibilities, nothing. Just the joy and pleasure he could ever hope for as a child.

Wish things could back to the day they were before I came here. He sighed as he stayed there for a few moments, letting the quiet atmosphere be his only soothing sound. Though, the was pushed aside when his ears picked up the sound of a twig snapping, causing him to jerk back onto his feet.

"Who's there?" he demanded only to get no response but the sound of some rustling in the bushes before him. Looking around the ground, he picked up a thick branch lying on the ground, "I know you're there. Come out." He demanded as he made his way to the bushes, branch up and ready. Once he was there he reached out to the bushes slowly before yanking them away. He let out a sigh when he saw nothing was there. Just imagining things.

But as he turned around two pair of brown eyes locked with another set. Jack let out a startle gasp which made the party do so to and also take a few steps back.

A kid? Jack said as he did a double take on the other's appearance. It was a girl, about eight or so, with brown eyes like him, with the addition of a beauty mark being placed under her right eye, and long straight brown hair that reached her shoulder and bangs that are pushed over her right eye, she wore a brown and red dress with white and brown diamond designs appearing on the bottom part of it. But what really made Jack shocked was the bow over shoulder and his staff that she was holding in her arms.

As Jack went to put the branch in his hands down he watched as she took two more steps backwards. "It's okay, it's okay." he assured her once he placed the branch down. "I'm not gonna hurt you." to prove that he wasn't lying he held his arms up in a surrender matter. "See? It's gone."

The girl said nothing as she clutch the staff tighter in her tiny grip, watching him with fearful eyes.

"Can you tell me your name? My name's Jack." he said as he placed a hand on his chest with a warming smile on his face.

The girl's tension eased up a bit. "Haley." she said in a soft tone but Jack was able to hear it.

"Haley huh? That's pretty name."

"Thank you."

"Now, what are you doing out here all by yourself Haley? Aren't your parents worried about you?" She shook her head. "Why not?"

"I don't have any." Jack felt a jab go through his heart when he heard that. A young girl with no parents? That was the most dreadful thing he has ever heard of. How did she end up here? Alone? Without anyone there to protect her from danger.

"Then where have you been staying at?" Jack asked and watched Haley point in a random direction.

"In a cave on the other side." The teen could not believe what he was hearing. No parents or a place to stay?

"Why haven't you come to the village? You know there's one right?" Haley nodded.

"Yes, but I can't be there." Jack narrowed his eyes.

"Why not?" The girl look down.

"They won't like me." The boy raised an eyebrow.

"Why would you say that?"

Haley looked up at Jack. "Promise not to hurt me?" Jack open his mouth to say that he wasn't even going to in the first place but she beat him to it. "You have to promise!"

Jack crossed his heart and nodded and watched as the girl placed the staff down on the ground as she sat on her knees, beckoning Jack to join her. He did so and watched as she brushed her hands over a plate of grass. Jack watched as a couple of wild flowers bloomed out from the grass. He looked back at the girl who looked like she was about to take off on the spot. "You're a sprite?" The girl flinched, embracing for what the older boy would do.

The male brunet let out a small breath, "Never thought I would find one younger than me."

Haley looked back at Jack in puzzlement.

Jack offered a smile before blowing a kiss at the flowers and Haley gasped when she saw frost cover the flowers.

She jumped up on her feet and announced happily, "You're just like me!"

Jack chuckled as he grabbed his staff and stood up as well, "Well... besides are elements being different, yeah I guess we are. And that means you won't be alone anymore." Haley frowned in confusion. "What? You think I'm gonna leave you out here by yourself? No way, am I leaving you here."

"But, what if-"

"Hey," Jack crouch down and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "You're gonna be fine. I'll protect you from anybody who'll try to lay a hand you. Okay?"

"Why are you helping me?"

"Well for one thing we sprites gotta stick together right?" he grinned, causing her to giggle. "Another reason is because I really don't like the idea of a little girl sleeping on a cols, hard ground instead of a nice soft bed."

Haley smiled softly at the winter sprite. "Thank you, Jack." she took just a step forward before she wrapped her arms around his neck which startled him but he returned the embrace as well. When the two pulled away, Jack rose to his feet and held Haley's arms in his.

"Ready to go?" she nodded.

As Jack walked Haley back to Berk the girl spoke up suddenly but what she asked through him off guard.

"Hey Jack."


"That boy in the green shirt, does he live in the village?"

"... Yes."

"Do you think he'll like me?"

Jack was confused at the question but he knew the answer to it anyways.

"Yeah, I believe he will."

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