Summary: When he was in middle school, Blaine fell in with the wrong crowd and began partying too hard. After overdosing on heroin and being kicked out of Dalton, he has to start over at William McKinley High School and fight the temptation to return to the drugs that had been his life for so long. DrugAddict!Blaine, a bit of Badboy!Blaine, eventual Klaine, Season 2 canon AU

Warnings: drug use, language, alcohol, references to underage sex (all characters over 13 though, and no graphic descriptions)

Note: This is the fic that I started on 4/20. I've got some of it completed, but it's not quite yet done. I don't know how frequently I'll be updating, but it will be completed eventually. Title comes from the song "Heroin" by the Velvet Underground.
This story might seem a bit far-fetched in terms of how young the characters are. Unfortunately, with the exception of the heroin usage, this is how and when it started for a few people I knew.

I've been posting this on tumblr for the past few weeks, so I've decided that I should start posting it here, too. I've combined the first five parts already published into three chapters here which will be published over the next couple of days. The rest will come as I finish. I hope you all enjoy, and I love feedback!

Chapter 1 is parts 1 & 2 from Tumblr


It happened by accident.

Blaine was at his friend Charlie's house for a sleepover. Charlie's parents had just gotten a divorce, and in an attempt to win his sons' affections, Mr. Leighton allowed his sons to do whatever they wanted. So while the two 12-year-old boys tried to play video games in Charlie's bedroom, a party raged around them, hosted by Charlie's 16-year-old brother, Mitch.

Mr. Leighton had seen the cars full of rambunctious teenagers and taken a sleeping pill before locking himself in his room for the night.

After a few hours, Blaine and Charlie decided that they couldn't ignore the noise anymore, so they went downstairs to investigate. They found Mitch in the screened-in porch with three other kids. There was a funny smell in the air and the three boys and one girl were all giggling and slurring their words.

There was an empty bottle of something on the table in the middle of the room as the kids passed a cigarette – or something – between them.

"Mitch, what are you doing?" Charlie demanded.

"Charlie!" Mitch responded happily. "What are you doing here?"

"I live here, Mitch, remember?"

"Right! Guys, this kid is hilarious. I fucking love my brother," he told his friends, laughing and embracing Charlie messily.

"Are you – are you high?" Charlie asked in shock.

"Shh!" Mitch ordered, laughing loudly.

"Mitch, dad is right upstairs! What are you doing?"

"Having fun! You should too!"

Blaine had been silently standing behind his friend, intimidated by the older kids. The one girl on the porch seemed to take notice of him.

"Aw, you're such a cutie!" she cooed. "Come sit with me!"

Blaine looked helplessly at his friend as he was dragged away.

After a while, though, things settled down. The girl who had abducted Blaine was named Jamie and she was incredibly sweet. And affectionate. She kept offering Blaine drink after drink, and he finally gave in.

At first, nothing seemed different, but after a while, Blaine noticed that everything seemed a little … fuzzy. And quiet. He accepted another drink, trying to clear his head, but that only made things worse. Soon the room was swimming before his very eyes.

Blaine could hear Jamie talking, to him, perhaps, but he couldn't make anything out. Soon, the cigarette was being thrust in front of his face, so Blaine accepted. When he breathed in, it didn't taste like he expected – like cigarettes smell. It tasted stuffier, like the weird smell in the room.

Blaine exhaled the smoke in a fit of coughs. Jamie patted him on the back.

"The first hit is always the hardest," she reassured him. "But it gets better."

Blaine couldn't find his voice yet, so he nodded, letting out another strangled cough.

The rest of the evening passed in a blur. Blaine didn't take another drag on the strange cigarette – which he later found out was pot – but he did have another drink.

When he woke up the next morning, he was curled into Jamie's side on the couch.

"Hey little B," she cooed. "Have fun last night?"

Blaine's head was pounding and he felt sick to his stomach, but he still smiled and nodded at the earlier girl.

"Mitch, you should tell your brother to keep this kid around," she called. "He'll be fun next time!"

The next time it happened, Charlie told Blaine that his brother was having a party and he was invited. Charlie was more than a little annoyed with Blaine, so Blaine intended to reject the invite.

But he didn't.

He said he was just going to hang out with Charlie, but the two boys ended up in the basement again. This time, Blaine accepted a drink right away and even convinced Charlie to have a few sips.

Jamie pulled him over to a group of two other girls and all three began running their fingers through his curls and slurring about how adorable he was. He blushed slightly, causing them to giggle even more.

An hour later, Blaine had taken two hits when the joint was passed around, and he was feeling pleasantly buzzed.

The pattern continued throughout the summer. Blaine and Charlie would hang out with Mitch, Jamie, and their friends most weekend nights. They would smoke and drink, and occasionally took midnight swims in the Leighton's pool – mostly naked.

By the time school resumed in the fall, Blaine was a completely different person. He almost always carried a joint that he had rolled himself in his back pocket for those moments when he got too stressed and just needed a release. Life was good.

On New Year's Eve, Blaine was promised the best party of his life. He had no idea how Mitch was planning to improve on his already out-of-control ragers, but he knew it would happen.

A little before midnight, Jamie pulled a packet out of her back pocket and passed it around. Everyone took something out of it. When it reached Blaine, he looked in and saw a few small pills.

"E," Jamie whispered with a cheshire cat grin.

Blaine took the pill.

When the effects set in, Blaine felt a swooping sensation throughout himself. He finally understood why it was called 'ecstasy.' All of his inhibitions were erased – not that he had many at this point. All he wanted was to get up and dance, preferably as close to others as possible.

By 1 am, Blaine was grinding against a boy who he barely knew and grinning as he sang along to the music.

"Want to go somewhere more private?" the boy suggested.

Blaine immediately agreed.

They were in a bedroom upstairs. It was probably Mitch's, but Blaine couldn't bring himself to care. All he wanted was the boy that was currently pulling off his shirt roughly. Blaine grinned when he saw the exposed skin.

"Your turn," the boy said flirtatiously.

Blaine pulled his shirt off without a second thought.

"God, you're so hot," the boy said.

Blaine had never heard that before. He'd heard the girls call him cute and adorable, but never hot. He liked it. So he reached his head up and sloppily planted his lips on the boy's.

They messed around for a while, rolling in Mitch's bed. Soon they were both only in boxers, erections pushing painfully through.

"Want to make this a night you'll really remember?" the boy suggested with a glint in his eye.

Blaine nodded hungrily.

The boy pulled a small baggie of white powder from his pocket with a grin. He reached over and cleared a space on Mitch's dresser before pouring out the powder and began dividing it into a few bumps. He then searched around before finding and rolling up a piece of paper and handing it to Blaine.

"Here," he offered. "Take the small one and go easy since it's your first time." He pointed to the first and smallest bump he had divided the powder into.

Blaine took the makeshift straw with shaking fingers and placed it in his nose. Imitating the actions he'd seen so many others do before, he snorted up the small row.

It burned the inside of his nose, and all Blaine wanted to do was snort it back out. But he didn't. He didn't want this boy to think any less of him. So he ignored the burn and passed the straw back.

Blaine couldn't remember much of the rest of the night. The alcohol, ecstasy, and cocaine all combined to form some sort of psychedelic experience that he could only remember in bits and spurts. But when he awoke the next morning, there was a pool of dried cum on his chest and another boy beside him.

Blaine met up with Tom, the boy from the party, more and more frequently after that. After a while, Tom insisted that Blaine had to pay him in some form for all the drugs he was providing. That surprised the boy; he'd never even thought about where the beautiful powder came from and he never wanted it to disappear.

So he suggested something else to Tom.

Up until that point, the two boys had never had actual, penetrative sex. Sure, there had been plenty of blow jobs and hand jobs exchanged, and even a bit of fingering, but Blaine had managed to draw the line somewhere in his drug-induced haze.

So he suggested to Tom that he would fuck for the drugs.

Tom's eyes lit up at the idea. "Baby, you have no idea how long I've been waiting to get in your tight hole," he slurred seductively.

Blaine was pretty sure he knew exactly how long Tom had been waiting – 6 months. It had been six months since New Year's, after all.

Blaine was now up to snorting two much larger bumps a night, and always had to take his own baggie home to keep himself satisfied until he saw Tom next.

The sex, alcohol, parties, and drugs were more than enough to keep Blaine entertained through the beginning of his last year of middle school – until it wasn't enough.

Blaine would call Tom in the middle of the week, multiple times, begging for more. He'd offer money along with his body just to have another hit. When Tom refused, said Blaine was going too hard, Blaine took to the streets.

He found another dealer, behind the highway overpass, who promised Blaine that this would be better than anything he'd ever tried before.

It looked just like the cocaine that Tom supplied him with, but it wasn't. It was heroin. And he was promised that it would be the greatest experience of his life.

Blaine could barely make it home. He was shaking; whether it was from anticipation or withdrawal from the drugs, he wasn't sure. He locked himself in his bathroom and heated up the powder on a spoon. He prepared the syringe and needle the dealer had given him before tying a rubber band around the top of his arm.

Blaine was so focused on simply getting the drugs in his system that he didn't even wince at the prick as he slid the needle messily into his skin and let the clear liquid go.