Kiku sighed as yet another nightmare plagued his thoughts and dreams. The day he saved a small boy that had been floating over board. His name was Alfred F. Jones.

Kiku stood at the helm of the boat and felt the gentle sway of the wooden boat through his feet. Surprisingly, he didn't get motion sickness from the movement, though he bet when he got back on land that the stillness of the land not moving would take a long time to get used to. Kiku sighed softly as he smelt the salty see air, which calmed his senses somewhat as he began to sing a song he had heard other people on the ship sing many a time, mainly when they had too much rum to drink.
"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me..." He continued to sing softly until a man behind him grabbed his shoulder with quite a force. Kiku squeaked as the man gave him a look of disapproval.
"You shouldn't be singing songs like that in these waters eh." Kiku looked at the man who had a kind looking exterior and the voice to match, he only looked around sixteen seventeen, however, he looked as though he knew what he was talking about.

Kiku gave him a puzzled expression.
"Why?" He looked out to sea and Kiku copied squinting a little and listened to what the man had to say.
"Pirates roam these waters eh. It's bad luck to sing about them, you might even attract their attention eh...So be careful..." Kiku nodded and took his word for it ceasing his singing. His father came over along with Mr. Heracles who was second in command on the ship with brown hair to his chin and olive green eyes. He snapped at the man.

"That will do Mr. Williams." Kiku smiled.

"But I want to know more about pirates." Mr. Heracles laughed.

"All you need to that they be getting a quick stop and a short drop." Kiku looked past the man to see Mr. Williams pull on his chain and make a hanging mimic. He gasped and his father covered his ears.

"I would like it if you didn't talk about those things to my son aru." Mr. Heracles nodded his head and turned on his heel before he walked away. His father, Yao smiled at him and toddled off to talk to someone.

Kiku watched the waves rolled along the side of the boat and some larger ones formed further out at sea. He sat in silence until some drift wood floating by caught his attention. He put a hand just above his brow and squinted slightly until he realised... It was a boy around his age! Just floating out at sea!

Kiku panicked and quickly shouted the crew.
" ! Come quick! There is a boy in the water!" The brown haired man came to the boys aid fast and ordered the crew.
"Quickly!... Get him on board!" The crew easily and quickly got the boy on board the ship and laid him in a coarse woollen blanket. The boys blond hair stuck to his face and a cute looking cow lick flopped down sadly on his face. His eyes were shut tightly and his eyebrows pressed into a frown.

Kiku gently pushed some of his hair out of his face until Heracles shouted from the hem of the ship.
"Ship sunk at two o'clock!" All the crew gathered on the left side of the boat and stared as a navy ship burned as it sunk. The flames danced over the wooden structure and turned it to ashes. Kiku gasped and turned back to the boy, seeing there was something around the boy's neck his nimble fingers gently picked it up without disturbing the boy. He gasped under his breath as the medallion was intricate , with golden patterns all over it, but a skull in the middle was a most obvious give away. This boy was a pirate.

The boy jumped up coughing and spluttering like he just woke up from a nightmare.
"Where am I?! Who are you?!" Kiku smiled softly.
"I'm Kiku...And you are?" The boy panted and his eyes drooped like he was going to fall to sleep.
"Alfred, Alfred Franklin Jones..." Kiku watched as he lowered his head.
"I'll be watching over you Arfred.." Heracles' voice from behind him startled Kiku.
"Did... he say anything?" Kiku gripped the medallion in his hand and hid it behind his back.
"I rearnt his name. It's Arfred Frankrin Jones...That's arr I know.." Heracles nodded slowly and turned back to the crew once again ordering them around.
Kiku turned back to the medallion and eyed it before he walked back over to where his father and the man he met earlier were talking. His father smiled at him.
"We will be there soon Kiku aru. Just a little longer okay?" Kiku nodded and left to go and take care of the injured boy they had found.

Kiku sighed as his father shouted outside his room.
"Kiku aru! We're going to be late! Are you up yet!" Kiku sighed and shouted back grabbing the medallion he had found off his good friend Alfred all those years ago.
"Yes father, I am up.."His father Yao burst into his room, already dressed for the day along with two of the house maids at either sides of him.
"Good Morning Kiku aru! Why it's already mid-day and you're still in bed aru!" His father gave him a happy overly joyous smile and signalled for the maids to open the shutters on the windows.

They did and Kiku squinted a little from the bright light that entered the room. Yao picked up a box next to him and pushed it towards Kiku.
"I got you something aru." Kiku eyed the box sceptically before he carefully pulled the lid off the top. He gasped quietly under his breath at what his father had been and bought him. It was a white tuxedo with golden lace here and there, although it looked as though it had been hand made by one of the finest craftsmen around. Kiku stopped looking at the suit and looked at his father with a suspicious gaze.
"What is the occasion?" Yao sighed.
"Aiyah...You know me too well...Anyway! It's Heracles' promotion ceremony today, and he wanted us to attend!"His father put his arms up in the air in a grand gesture the sleeves on his attire too long, so they flopped down over his hands. Kiku nodded and Yao signalled for the maids to help him get dressed for the day.

Alfred stood in the lobby of Governor Yao's house. It really was a grand looking home. The stair case was carved of stained oak and the rugs made from the finest threads. He gazed around a little before he looked at the candle holders. Even they were made from shined brass with small designs imprinted all over the curling structure. Alfred rubbed a finger over the small engraved designs all the way to the top where the candle should be. His mouth was a little 'oh' shape as he said a little wow under his breath. As his hand traced up to the top the branch un-clicked and fell into his hand. Alfred panicked and looked around quickly to see if anyone had seen him do that. Satisfied that nobody did he quickly stuffed it into an umbrella pot nearby. Just as he did so he heard the tapping of shoes on the wooden floor boards of the house. He quickly raised his baby blue orbs and straightened his slightly tilted glasses. He watched as Yao appeared out of a door at the top of the stairs, closely followed by Kiku, the Governor's son. He watched how Kiku's raven, chopped hair bounced on every step he took and the way his deep brown eyes traced his steps. Momentarily entranced Alfred was quick to shake off the feeling and smile politely.

"Good afternoon Governor Yao, Mr. Honda." He added a small bow and Yao smiled a little.
"Hello aru. Did you bring my order?" Alfred nodded and showed him a blue rectangle case.
"It's right here sir. I'll show you." Alfred then opened the case and showed Yao the handmade sword.
"It's a steel blade with a silver handle lined with gold, and it also has various other gold patterns throughout. I made sure to sharpen the blade this morning and the string you see hanging down is made from the finest silken thread. The sheath is a blue leather one with an iron casing inside to protect the blade; the sheath also has various gold patterns all over it. In my opinion, a very fine sword..." Alfred swung the sword around and then handed the blade to Yao with a small bow. Yao smiled at the blade.
"A very fine blade aru. Thank you for your work Mr. Alfred. Come Kiku there is not long until the ceremony begins. Make haste." Yao then quickly tottered out the door and Kiku smiled at Alfred.

"I had that dream when we found you last night... Mr. Arfred." Alfred smiled.
"It is nice to know that you think about me ." He added a small bow and Kiku frowned a little.
"There is no need for you to bow at me, or carr me mister, just carr me Kiku prease." Alfred nodded but sighed.
"If only I could Mr. Kiku. We are not of the same class, so I cannot.." Kiku smiled small before Yao shouted inside.
"Kiku make haste aru! We're going to be late!" Kiku nodded with a quick good by and quickly jogged out of the door to join his father in the carriage. Alfred followed.
"Good bye... ..." The carriage then pulled away from the house and the doors to the house were closed and locked most likely from the inside. Alfred sighed and then made his way down the dirt road and back to his shop in the town.

Did you enjoy? I wrote a few chapters of this a long time ago but thought it wasn't that good, I've made a few changes to it though, so it should be good. I was inspired by basically watching Pirates of the Caribbean over and over again so ...(loves pirates of the Caribbean) Hope you liked!