Let Anarchy Girl's newest Hunger Games fanfic begin! Strange POV, I know, but it's fun to write in. It's supposed to be told like storytelling.

I am Death.

What are you doing here? Are you asking for death? You certainly are, then, if you're here.

Where's here? This is a graveyard. A very special graveyard. This is the graveyard where all the dead victors and tributes of the Hunger Games are buried.

See, look. Right here, the one with the crumbling obsidian headstone: that is the grave of a tribute who died in the first annual Hunger Games. Pity no one remembers their name.

What's this grave, you ask? Well, this is a more recent one. It's the grave of a tribute that died in the 50th annual Hunger Games. Her name was Maysilee Donner. And this is the story of how I took her.

There, look, down there. That boy right there, his name is Haymitch Abernathy. Well, it was. And next to him, walking by him, that's Maysilee Donner. Yes, the same one whose grave you just saw.

There they are, at the cliff. I love this part, don't you? The part where you just know someone's about to die? What, you're scared? Oh, no you don't. I see you trying to run away. But you can't run from Death! You came here looking, and now you'll watch this to the end.

There's Haymitch. Talking pointlessly to that Maysilee girl. You can tell she wants to break off the alliance. He's just dragging her around the arena like dead weight, and not even telling her why.

Oh, here it comes! Look, he just broke off the alliance! Why the hell are you covering your ears and closing your eyes? This is the best part!

Listen to that! She's screaming pretty loud, isn't she! And look, all those birds! Mutts, definitely! Why did you just say it's gross that I love the sound she makes when she gets skewered? It's fascinating! Now, you can't see me... but there I am. I'm taking her right now.

Here comes Haymitch. After all she's been through, she only gets her hand held? It ruined the romantic ending completely. Now, there's the hovercraft. It's taking her body.

It doesn't matter... I have her soul.

That was fun to write, even though it was weird. I felt like such a Gamemaker... Request characters, everyone!