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Okay, so pr1ncess1 suggested doing Rue a while ago, and I vaguely remember saying it would be in this chapter. So here goes!

That's sick? That's gross? You need to go puke?

Well, I'm not holding your hair, bitch.

Not on that grave! That one has sensors on it so the Capitol will know if Katniss Everdeen comes and tries to dig up Rue or something.

Of course I know Katniss Everdeen is dead! I was the one who took her. What, do I look like I'm kidding when I say that that if you don't shut the fuck up then I'll take you too?

Remember Rue? That little twelve-year-old in the 74th Annual Hunger Games that got- no? You don't remember? Of course, that little bitch was pretty easy to forgot.

Well, I'll show you.

This place looks scary... doesn't it? Anyone could come and kill you at any minute, right?

You would never know what the people in here felt like. You're just another stupid Capitolite, aren't you?

Oh, that hurt? I should stop? Too bad.

See, there's Rue.

Isn't she just adorable? I know, I know. She doesn't need to die. But she's a piece in the Games! She has to die.

She thinks she hears someone. She's looking around. Wimp. That Marvel guy is right behind her! There. Look. He's throwing the net over her. She can't escape. He's tying her up... now it's only a matter of time.

Oh, what's this? That's Katniss, hearing the little District Eleven bitch screaming her name. There's Marvel, hiding behind a tree.

And there's Katniss. She's untangling Rue. Suddenly Marvel's spear zooms toward them. Rue's still partway tangled, so it lodges itself in her stomach. Katniss kills Marvel, I take Marvel, and his cannon fires.

Blah, blah, blah. They talk for a few seconds. Then Katniss starts singing.

No wonder the birds fall silent when she sings. She's fucking terrible.

Rue's already dead, bitch! Why the fuck are you still singing?

Oh, she's upset. I can tell. She's not crying, though.

You're freaked out? Well, you Capitolites watched years of Games. This is only a snatch of it.

Now Rue's buried in flowers. The hovercraft is coming.

You feel like something strange is happening to you?

Well that's what happens when you spend time around Death- I take you, too.

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