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A/N – This is in response to the challenge of Challenger though I changed a few things. Strictly MeiXNaruto.

Naruto Uzumaki – 13yrs old

Mei Terumi – 19yrs old

Sasuke Uchiha – 13yrs old

Summary – Follow canon till Naruto's meeting with Jaraiya. Yagura, the Yondaime Mizukage managed to break free from Obito's genjutsu and committed suicide. Rebel group won and Mei is the temporary leader of the Kirigakura village.

Mei's dad, the Sandaime Mizukage and Minato signed a treaty. Naruto and Mei are engaged.


10th of November

25 days before chunin exam finals

"Hello Terumi-san, what I can do for you?" Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage questioned while addressing the redheaded beauty sitting in front of him.

"Don't worry Hokage-sama, I didn't come here to ask for any help, and I would like to apologize for my inappropriate behavior during my last visit," said the redheaded beauty, Mei Terumi, the leader of the rebel group of Kiri.

Sandaime nodded and waved his hand in dismissal as he knew that the young girl was distraught and it was an emotional outburst. "There is no need to apologies Terumi-san, your commitment and passion to serve your village is admirable. I should be the one to apologies for not helping you and your village."

"No Hokage-sama, I was being insensitive. Your village suffered great losses during the last 13 years and no offense Hokage-same, but you aren't getting any younger, so I can understand that you didn't want to risk any unnecessary war by helping us."

"Hahaha… none taken Terumi-san," Hiruzen chuckled and dismissed the little jab on his age.

"I must say you have grown into a beautiful and intelligent woman Terumi-san," Sarutobi added, and he meant every single word of it as the woman sitting in front of him had grown into a powerful and capable leader from the noisy, short-tempered and whining little brat he met 5yrs ago. Hiruzen wouldn't be surprised if Mei manages to become 1st female kage in Shinobi history.

"Thank you for compliment Hokage-sama, but I didn't come here to make trivial chit chat," Mei said in an urgent manner while eyeing the ceiling where 4 anbu were hiding.

'To think she can detect my best Anbu's position so easily," Hiruzen eyed the redheaded, impressed by her perception. He signaled his anbu to leave and activated the privacy seal. Hiruzen maintained some distance, not wanting to be caught off guard if the young woman had some hidden motives.

"Relax Hokage-sama, even with my improved strength I am no where near the level to take you out," said green eyed beauty in a teasing tone as her eyes sparkled with amusement.

"Hahaha… it's nice to know that you didn't change too much. It would've been a shame if old you had completely vanished, but as you said we both are busy people. So, what I can do for you Terumi-san?" Hiruzen questioned with authority, his demeanor completely serious.

Mei nodded in affirmative slightly intimidated by his overpowering aura as she faced the God of Shinobi. "We rebels have conquered the mist village 1 month ago when Yagura-sama suddenly came back to his senses and committed suicide. We just need a few months to establish our reign and arrest the remaining members of the bloodline opposing group," Mei stated calmly as she let the information sink in.

"Why are you telling me this? It is very sensitive information Mei-san and you shouldn't trust anyone with it," Hiruzen chided in a scolding manner inducing Mei to smile.

"You remind me of my grandpa," Mei said with a small smile.

"Well, I would be honored to have such lovely granddaughter, but it still doesn't explain your reasons," Hiruzen questioned with his white eyebrow raised in an inquisitive manner.

"Hokage-sama, what you think of an alliance between Mist and Leaf? I know we are weakest in 5 great Shinobi villages now, but an alliance would benefit both villages. I presume you have heard about red clouds?" Questioned future Mizukage.

Hiruzen's jaw tightened as he eyed Mei in a calculating manner before speaking up again, "And what if I have?"

"If you have then you haven't heard the whole thing or you wouldn't be this calm," Mei said as her jaw tightened and she inadvertently released little killer intent. Hiruzen decided not to comment on Killer Intent as it wasn't directed at him.

"Mei-san, please elaborate," Sarutobi asked, breaking Mei out of her musing as she disciplined her KI.

"Ahem! Well Hokage-sama as everyone knows, Yagura-sama was Jinchuriki of Sanbi. He was a benevolent ruler, who cared for his subject unlike the rumors about him being a blood thirsty monster. But everything changed one day and he suddenly became a tyrant. All of us were baffled by a 180 % change in his demeanor, but said nothing, though we suspect that he was controlled by someone," Mei said seriously.

Hiruzen's eyes widened when he got the hint. "But that is impossible! All Uchiha's are dead except Itachi Uchiha and even he doesn't have a sharingan powerful enough that can control a Biju!" Hiruzen said in outrage.

"Hokage-sama, you got me wrong. I never said it was Itachi Uchiha or any Uchiha of this generation or last," Mei articulated calmly.

"Mei-san, are you suggesting that there is an Uchiha strong enough to control Biju and its host and I don't know about him?" Hiruzen questioned in a challenging manner.

"Hokage-sama I didn't want to reveal all my village secrets, but my best Shinobi confirmed a sharingan user's presence in Yagura-sama's mansion. He wears a spiral shaped orange mask and a black robe with red clouds on it," Mei said sincerely.

Hiruzen froze when he heard the last part and got lost in lane of memories…

13 years ago

"Sandaime-sama, a man in an orange mask," Minato managed to utter before collapsing.


"Hokage-sama, Hokage-sama," Mei shouted while waving her hand in front of Hiruzen in attempts of snapping him out from his musings.

"Uh… Mei-san, are you sure that he had sharingan?" Hiruzen asked, hoping that his old age had made him delusional. Mei nodded, making him grimace as he considered the possibility of the masked man being the culprit behind the Kyuubi's attack.

"Hokage-sama, by your expression I can tell that you know more about this man, if you do please tell me," Mei pleaded.

"Mei-san, I can't deny that I know something about an orange masked man. In dying moments Yondaime Hokage tried to tell me about a masked man, but he collapsed before he could elaborate further," Hiruzen told her truthfully.

"So, both Naruto-kun's and my dad are dead because of the same man," Mei muttered darkly.

"Naruto-kun? How do you know about him? And from where did you get that information?" Hiruzen demanded while releasing his KI.

"Relax Hokage-sama, I mean no harm. I want an alliance not war, and I have recently gathered information about him during my last visit in Wave Country. He is held as a hero there. They even named that gigantic bridge after him, 'The Great Naruto Bridge'," Mei said with a bright smile while trying not kneel over from the pressure of Sandaime's overwhelming KI.

Hiruzen chest swelled with pride when he heard that his surrogate grandson was seen as a hero like he truly deserves too. Mei also noticed the small smile and concluded that old man was quite close to Naruto-kun.

"Hokage-sama, so what you think about the alliance?" Mei questioned while pensively eying the Sarutobi clan head.

"Very well Mei-san, but we need to discuss further details before proceeding, date of your accession to Mizukage and please elaborate more about Naruto-kun, his heritage is an S-class secret and can't be revealed till he is of a certain age," Hiruzen asked, leaving no place for argument.

"Do you know my father?" Mei questioned, blush staining her white cheeks.

"I know who your father was; he was the Sandaime Mizukage during The Third Great Shinobi War and for few more years. He was a very powerful man with his Lava release Kekkei genkei. Yondaime beaten him during the final battle and crippled him, but he never held a grudge against Minato. They seemed like good friends and if Minato didn't die 13 years ago. Mist and Leaf would've been allies," Hiruzen answered while eyeing Mei suspiciously.

Mei sighed. "Hokage-sama relax, I don't have any grudge against Yondaime. My father respected Yondaime Hokage greatly. I mean no harm to Naruto-kun, and it would be rather foolish on my part to hold grudge against my future husband," Mei whispered the last part shyly.

"Your WHAT!?" Hiruzen exclaimed, bewildered by sudden declaration of redheaded beauty.

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