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Naruto Uzumaki – 13yrs old

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Sasuke Uchiha – 13yrs old

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This fic isn't about bashing Konoha, and thank you SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan for correcting me, I would have never realized my mistake if you hadn't pointed it out.

Another important thing – Naruto has Kyuubi's whole chakra inside him rather than 50%. Minato used the special combination of Shiki Fuin and whatever seal Naruto has on him. Naruto can create a hundred clones, max. (I don't like clone Jutsu)

"Mei-san, I think were too engrossed while observing Naruto or you would have definitely noticed that the Anbu guards guarding Naruto had a different presence than the one guarding him before. I always assign Naruto new guards, and l am pretty sure you didn't have enough time to observe Naruto for two days during one visit. Also, the way you described Naruto, it clearly indicates that spent more than two days or precisely 48 hours, right?" Sarutobi suggested with a knowing smirk.

Mei for her part blushed for being exposed. She managed to say two days instead of precisely 48 hours, which were more like 57 hours 36 minutes amd 45 seconds. Okay, I need help, Mei thought when with a sweat drop at her obsessive nature regarding her fiancé, though she didn't let it show on her face as it was already bad enough that the elderly Hokage had caught her red-handed.

Damn! I thought I managed to sound convincing, but he managed to see right through me. Hmm… He isn't called professor for nothing. I need to keep my guard up. I can't afford to be seemed like a blushing fool. As much as I like Naruto-kun, I still need to look after my country's best interest and that comes even before Naruto, though I have my question of my own, Mei pondered while eying the elderly Hokage while being rather caution as she couldn't afford to fall in Sarutobi's pace.

"Mei-san? Am I wrong? Because if you really managed to stay hidden for the whole two days while infiltrating my village, then I really need to kick my Anbu's back and forth, not that I won't be punishing them for not noticing your presence in the first place," Hiruzen muttered while rubbing his white beard as he contemplated how to punish his elites for their plunder.

These peaceful days have made them rusty. I have to initiate the Yondaime's plan, and now I have all the resources I need. Hmm… Better have few people assassinated, Hiruzen mused as he remembered the Neo-Konoha plan Yondaime made, but his successor died before he could initiate the brilliant masterpiece.

Mei's sweat drop at that, but she was happy that those arrogant bastards would get punished, though even Mei had no idea what Sarutobi's dubious mind was really cooking.

"No, Hiruzen-sama, you are right, I did infiltrate Konoha, but the duration of my visit was 3 hours at max, and now that you have mentioned it, during my earlier visit Anbu's weren't hostile, instead I could feel the positive energy given off by them. But during my last 3 visits their behavior changed, at first I was concerned and even considered to investigate the matter, but then I found out about Naruto-kun's little escapade in Anbu Headquarter and shrugged it off as mere irritation for getting pranked rather than pure hatred," Mei whispered last rather harshly, and Hiruzen had no illusion that if redheaded had knew the real reason of his men's hostility towards Naruto before, he would certainly be missing a few of his elites.

Missing!? Hn! She would have melted them, maybe even their bones, Sarutobi thought, and decided to reassign Neko and her team as Naruto's guards before he lost any man or woman who might be foolish enough to insult Naruto or even openly glare at Naruto and incurred the feisty redheaded beauty's wrath.

"So, you never actually infiltrated the village itself?" Sarutobi asked hopefully, as it would at least save him some face in front of Danzo as Sarutobi knew that his old bastard of a friend wouldn't miss the chance to show him his smug I told you so face.

"I never followed Naruto inside the city, so I wasn't aware that Naruto-kun is hated for something over he have no control. While I never followed Naruto-kun, I did take the liberty to explore your beautiful village, but now it seems rather shallow now that I know the true disgusting face of the people living in it, though I shouldn't be judging considering the reputation of our village. But at least we don't preach about being all peachy and noble," Mei muttered darkly.

Hiruzen seemed hopeful at first, but his hope was crushed when Mei reveled that she did infiltrated the village without proper authority, but what really sadden him was the truth behind Mei's sharp but true word. He would like to deny and say that his village really was different, but that wouldn't be true as there were at least two dozen assassination attempts on Naruto's life during these past 13 years, so Hiruzen just opted to nod.

Mei sighed and regretted at the choice of her words. She really did respect the elderly man, maybe as much as her own father, and she was very grateful to Hiruzen for not turning Naruto into a mindless monster or a weapon and giving him a normal life or as normal as a Jinchuriki's life could be.

"The only time I observed Naruto-kun inside the village instead of training ground was when I first visited the Ichiraku Raman shop and they were so fond of him that I couldn't imagine any villager being anything but kind to Naruto. I made a huge mistake there, but I will rectify it and put those hypocrites right where they belong," Mei said in an explicit manner while leaving no place for argument.

Hiruzen didn't protest. He had everything prepared, so he wasn't worried about little spilled blood as long as redheaded goddess didn't outright kill anyone. Sarutobi would have done it by himself, but he didn't have the power at that time as village needed every resource, so he had to sacrifice a lot of power in order to ensure Konoha's survival.

Even to this day Hiruzen still remembered the shameful act of sacrificing Hizashi Hyuga to avoid the war with the Cloud village, but back then it was the only option he had to ensure Konoha's survival.

"I agree with you, but don't forget that these people lost too much to the demon. Many have lost their love ones that night, including me and other Shinobi who battled the beast. I know it doesn't change anything and it is not right to focus all the hatred on an innocent child, but past can't be changed. And I don't think the day is far away when everyone would accept Naruto as the hero he really is. Many Shinobi and civilians have already begun to acknowledge Naruto for his gutsiness and will to never give up. Naruto has something special about him, that boy can inspire people to change for better, motivate them and help to bring the best out of them. I have no doubt that Naruto would one the to surpass his father, maybe even Shodaime-Sama, both power and charisma. Naruto certainly has that leadership quality in him, despite his silly and childish behavior. You just want to follow him, despite how bad or hopeless situation may seem," Hiruzen spoke in such a sincere and gentle manner that Mei's all anger went out of the window, but she still had one more question for the elderly Hokage.

"Hokage-sama, from what I have gathered up till now, I can say that his previous guards didn't hate Naruto-kun or he changed their hearts, so can you tell me why did you relieve them from their posts?" Mei asked the question that had been bugging her for a while.

"In start even they didn't like Naruto except Neko-chan, but gradually they changed for better. Naruto won them over. You wouldn't believe how much they wanted to protest when I first assigned them to this job, though they couldn't protest due to my authority, but now they won't leave the boys' side. They even proposed to follow Naruto on his mission outside the village without any pay, though I had to refuse them. And they weren't the first unit I assigned to Naruto. All other units I assigned to guard him end up becoming too fond of Naruto, and I was left with no choice other than rotating the job," Hiruzen explained proudly with a fond smile gracing his lips, his expression showing his fondness for the whiskered boy and how proud he really was for having a great boy like Naruto as his surrogate grandson.

Mei caught the hidden message without Sarutobi explaining it further. He is rotating the shifts so more and more people can see the real Naruto, the Gem everyone has discarded as garbage, the hero they deemed as a pariah. I don't like that Naruto has to work so hard for recognition when he had already saved the whole village by keeping Kyuubi in the check.

"I understand Hokage-dono, now let us discuss about the future," Mei suddenly said in a serious voice. Hiruzen was startled at 180 degree turn in Mei's personality. It was like one moment she was a love struck girl, but at the other moment he was facing a strong and intelligent leader. Beauty, strength, love and intelligence. A dangerous combination indeed. Naruto my boy, you have your work cut out for you if you ever want to tame this firecracker, no, she is more like the volcano rather than a mere firecracker.

With Naruto Uzumaki

Ero-sage might had said that he was training him for time pass, but Naruto knew something was rather fishy when Kakashi-Sensei told the closet pervert Ebisu to teach him the advance chakra control exercise, the waterfall climbing, eve while knowing that Naruto had already mastered the exercise last month.

Kakashi-Sensei still underestimates me. He might say it is to improve my messed up chakra control, but I know he sat the whole thing up so I can meet with the perverted Sannin and study under him as well as get rid of the damn seal Orochi-pedo had forced on me. But why he had to be so discreet and subtle about it? If he thinks I am really that idiot than he should've told me about his little arrangement so I won't resent him. Stupid Sensei, still needs more practice with his social communication skills, Naruto snorted while trying to pop the damn balloon. Albeit of what everyone thought, Naruto wasn't a total idiot, not that he was some kind of genius, but Naruto had eyes. He knew Kakashi didn't hate him, nor did he favor his one student over another. Kakashi never taught Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke anything other than chakra control, sure he did throw Sasuke some fire just once in a while and introduced Sakura to Kurenei and gave her books about chakra theories and medical jutsu.

But Kakashi never showed any blunt favoritism towards Sasuke. If anything else Kakashi concentrated more on Sakura's development rather than Sasuke or his. The only other thing he taught them all was how to combat, use weapons and teamwork. Sure Naruto was pissed that Kakashi-sensei never taught him any cool jutsu or that special kata like he did to Sasuke, but Naruto knew those Jutsu and style were better suited for Sharingan.

But Naruto's mind did wonder a little when he left him on his own accord against an unstable Hyuuga. Naruto had no delusions what so ever. He knew that Neji would pulverize him if didn't come with something new other than his shadow clones and head hunter jutsu, the only technique Kakashi ever taught him. But after meeting Jiraiya, Naruto was certain that Kakashi was preparing him all along for this very day. Kakashi didn't teach him any style and Jutsu, so he could start with a clean slate and greater chakra control.

Albeit of what everyone thought Naruto did know about Konoha's history, well actually Naruto didn't know about it until Kakashi-Sensei bribed him to learn in exchange of teaching him the Head Hunter Hutsu and Exploding Shadow clone Jutsu, but Kakashi still refused to teach him the exploding clone jutsu, despite Naruto scoring 85% on all the subjects.

Stupid Kakashi-Sensei. I would have done just fine. Making me promise to not open the scroll for another year, Naruto cursed his sensei while thinking about taking a pick at the scroll Kakashi had given him, but Naruto decided against it as Naruto never goes back on his words and he would honor the deal even if he didn't like it.

Now the only thing Naruto wanted to confirm his suspicion or maybe Sasuke's suspicion. Why give me the opportunity like this? Why not a genius like Sasuke, but me?, Naruto had no delusion, he knew that at a given moment Sasuke would beat him back and forth. They only thing Naruto had over Sasuke was higher chakra reserves, stamina and high healing rate. At first Naruto thought maybe the toad Sannin felt guilty on Yondaime's behalf, but after hearing Sasuke's hypothesis Naruto wasn't so sure. Naruto really wanted to know the whole truth, but for that to happen, he had to earn their respect first, but Naruto was also afraid that if what Sasuke said was true then what he would think of the whole situation.

We will get there when we will. Better concentrate on this damn balloon, Naruto thought as he desperately tried to blow the damn piece of rubber into piece and a after training whole afternoon, he was close, so very close, but that at that very crucial moment Naruto felt the coldest chill to run through his spine.

Why I am feeling like that, something much worse than that Oroich-pedo is looming over my shoulder? Naruto shuddered once more and decided that he would deal with it when he had too. Besides, nothing can scare the great Uzumaki Naruto-sama, the future Hokage of Konohagakuro! Naruto thought in triumphant, though he had no idea about his approaching doom, although sexy doom, known as Mei Terumi, the feisty redheaded Kiri Kunoichi who would soon turn his whole world upside down.

Thus, Naruto again began to practice the new chakra exercise or whatever old perverted sage was trying to teach him. Okay, now rotate chakra inside the balloon at the maximum speed. Damn! It isn't working at all! Naruto cursed inside his head as tried to increase the speed of rotation further, but still no avail. All Naruto managed to do was to rotate water faster.

Are these balloon made of some special rubber? They should've exploded from friction by now. Hmm… Ero-Sannin said, not to put pressure on wall by forcing my chakra in a straight line. I need to make it explode by rotating the water in such a manner that all the pressure gets concentrated at the center, but then how I am supposed to bust the damn thing!? If all the pressure stays in middle than this balloon won't ever explode… Wait a minute! Ero-Sannin only said not focus chakra in a straight line, he never said that I need to rotate chakra without putting any stain the balloon's surface. Naruto wanted slap himself, and he indeed did so.

Naruto let out an exasperated sigh, and began to rotate water more freely. Naruto experimented by fluctuating the speed of his chakra and successfully managed to disturb the surface while focusing all his chakra in the center, though he had a long way to go before he could successfully concentrate all chakras at a single spot, but that wasn't the point of this training anyway.

Hmm… I don't know what kind of training this really is, but this exercise gave me a brilliant idea to develop a new Jutsu. Hmm… If I managed to maximize the rotation and concentrate all chakra in a single point, then I might even create my very own Jutsu! I will name it 'The Kickass Chakra Bomb of Doom! Naruto thought triumphantly while having no idea that his father had already completed the Jutsu he was planning to create.

With knew a goal in mind, Naruto kicked off his training with his a new found vigor and finally managed to make a hole in the damn balloon.

YEAH! TAKE THAT YOU DAMN BALLOON! No, buddy messes up with the great Uzumaki Naruto-Sama! The poor kid didn't know that someone had already arrived and she would certainly mess up his whole world, for good or bad? Nobody could guess that… END!

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