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When you woke up, you were alone, though the sheets still smelt of them and there was a nice, lingering warmth, but cool air was quickly seeping in and making lazing about less enjoyable every second. Eventually, it was uncomfortable to stay there any longer, and with the smell of breakfast wafting in from the kitchen, who were you to argue with that?

You padded into the kitchen sleepily and found them at the stove, making what smelt like pancakes. They turned their head slightly when they heard you and smiled when your eyes met. "Good morning!" they said, all too cheerful for six in the morning.

A sleepy grin slid onto your face as they turned back to their work and you walked over and slid your arms around their waste, pressing your lips to the side of their neck. "Good morning," you murmured into the space where their neck met their shoulder, breathing them in.

You ate sitting at the little secondhand table in the kitchen with them sitting right beside you so your sides were pressed together.

"It's morning," they said between mouthfuls. "You said you'd tell me who you were out so late talking to in the morning."

A realization washed over you and you couldn't help but laugh. "Were you jealous?"

They flushed and looked away, choosing not to answer, so you turned your head and kissed their cheek, reaching up to turn their head so that they were facing you.

"There's no need to," you said quietly, pressing your lips to theirs.

"I know that," they muttered indignantly. "But I'm curious, so tell me what happened."

So you did. You told them everything; starting with one Doctor John Watson limping into your coffee shop on a cold and rainy morning.

By seven, you were in the shop, opening everything. They were in to help you that morning, which you greatly appreciated. It was partially because they wanted to meet the old friends you'd told them about over breakfast, but you also liked to think that they actually enjoyed working with you.

You'd hardly arrived when the Thursday Group showed up, and so you let them in despite not yet being open.

There was a lot of mindless small talk and banter being tossed around the room from all directions as you made the coffees, and you were amazed that you still remembered the order after all these years.

You were amazed at how quickly you fell back into the old routine of early mornings and late nights and letting people in when you weren't technically open. You slipped into it like an old pair of shoes that somehow, miraculously, still fit. Even your partner fell into the routine easily, taking your cues on how to deal with the group when they needed to be in and out quickly, and when they spent the entire day huddled in a corner of your shop.

It wasn't back to normal, and you weren't sure it would ever be the way it was before, but it was better than it had been, in a way. Now, the novelty of something new and exciting had worn off, and it had grown to something warm and familiar. And you couldn't be happier.