The brunette gasped as his body went completely still. With wide eyes, he turned his head, trying to look behind him.

"Mahiro… You wouldn't…" Yoshino trembled as the quiet words left his mouth.

Mahiro only smirked. "I would." And he pushed forward.

"Ugh…Ah! No—Mahiro…!" Yoshino wailed as he felt Mahiro's hot rod slide into him. It was tight and rough, and even Mahiro couldn't stop the painful grunt from escaping his throat. The brunette had been so loose and wet while he had fingered him, the taller teen had figured it would have been fine to go ahead and shove his dick in—obviously not because the boy under him was having trouble taking even a quarter of it in. Mahiro sighed in irritation and glared at the brunette's trembling back as he jutted his hips forward a few times, earning a small, strangled cry from the boy under him.

If this had been Aika, it would have gone in perfectly fine… The blond teen thought silently in annoyance.

"God damnit Yoshino… You're making this so fucking difficult. You can't even take it up the ass." Mahiro scolded as he released his hold on the brunette's wrists, instead moving his hands to grab the boy's ass, pulling the cheeks apart in an attempt to somehow help the teen stretch even a little more open for his cock.

"Then… quit trying to fuck me!" Yoshino cried out, feeling as frustrated as Mahiro, if not more. The brunette yelped at a sudden slap to his ass.

"Be quiet, 'Aika'." Mahiro said coldly. Yoshino sobbed at the pain and the chagrin he felt at Mahiro's degradation. He grit his teeth tightly and tried his very best to bear with the pain, but he was finding it extremely difficult. Three fingers had felt awful at first, but the pain had at least subsided with his prostate being massaged. The blond teen's cock however… it felt like it was ripping him in two. Yoshino was positively convinced that nothing—no amounts of pleasure—could make this kind of pain go away.

Mahiro believed otherwise though. He wasn't really keen on rape, nor was he particularly enjoying the tightness of Yoshino's insides wringing his dick out. He was horny. He wanted to fuck. He wanted to fuck Yoshino and believe it was actually Aika, as delusional as that sounded. He wanted both of them to feel good.

The blond teen rubbed his hands over the soft skin of Yoshino's hips as he continued to push forward again, burying his length deeper into the boy. The smaller teen cried out in discomfort and pain at the stretch, his walls clenching even tighter on Mahiro's cock. The blond grunted and leaned his body down against Yoshino's back, his breath near the brunette's ear.

"Fuck… Relax." Mahiro groaned quietly, his hands wrapping around the smaller boy's waist. He pulled his hips back slightly and nudged it back in, taking his time at a slow pace.

"I can't…" Yoshino whimpered pitifully, biting his lip at the rough friction. "It's too big…"

Mahiro paused momentarily at Yoshino's words, his cock throbbing slightly at the erotic words. The brunette flinched in surprise and arched his back, letting out a small yelp. He reached back and pushed against the taller teen's abdomen with a trembling hand,

"Don't get bigger all of a sudden—!" He cried out. "It already hurts enough as it is—mmfgh!"

Mahiro pressed a hand over Yoshino's mouth to silence him. He gave a few quick thrusts into the younger boy before pulling back further than the last, burying his length deeper into the brunette. Yoshino's cry, despite the pain, was sweet. The blond teen continued with the short, quick thrusts at a moderate pace. Yoshino mewled at the brusque pace, the friction burning him, but slowly creating a slight, sweet sensation. The brunette couldn't quite understand why—he only knew that it was slowly becoming enjoyable.

He lowered his hand and gripped his length, shuddering at the much needed touch. He stroked the tip with his thumb as he slowly moved his hand up and down over the shaft, his eyes closing and his lips parting in a silent moan. It wasn't quite enough to make the burning sensation from Mahiro's rough treatment to go away, but it was enough to soothe him and relax his body.

The older teen immediately noticed the change in the brunette when the walls loosened their tight grip around his cock. He sat up straighter and gripped Yoshino's hips with both hands. With a pull, he thrust his hips forward quickly, moaning loudly as he buried the rest of his girth deep inside the teen below him. The younger one let out a cry as he felt Mahiro's length invade the deepest part of him, his legs trembling at the surreal sensation.

"No…aah!" Yoshino moaned as he pumped his length faster to accommodate the increasing pain, tears spilling from his eyes. He gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the pain of having something large inside him, but it was impossible. The brunette pushed his face against the bed and let out a muffled scream, his body tensing as his entire being rejected Mahiro's invasion.

The blond teen winced in pain as they returned to square one, cursing under his breath at the tightness. He gazed at the smaller one who was clearly not enjoying himself. While he felt pity for him, Mahiro didn't feel particularly turned off at the pain. Instead, he felt inclined to give the boy pleasure just to show he could—and that he wasn't horrible at sex; to control and manipulate the smaller teen at his whim.

Mahiro thought back how he had angled his fingers inside of Yoshino before and began to angle his thrusts into the brunette in that approximate direction. His hips pulled out further than the earlier small thrusts he had been doing, and jutted forward, shaking the smaller teen's body against the bed. He repeated this action over and over at a rough pace, testing and experimenting with his angles into the boy, his breathing beginning to become labored from the friction.

Yoshino hugged the bed sheets tightly to his chest as his hips rocked in time with the blonde's thrusts; tears spilled out from his tightly shut eyes and staining his cheeks. Mahiro's thrusts were still painful, if not more so now, from the older teen slamming deep enough into him that their bodies slapped against each other. His breath came out ragged and heavy, beginning to feel exhausted from the taxing activity and the pain. Occasionally, there were sparks of pleasure, but it wasn't enough, so the brunette settled with rubbing himself raw to somehow create some sort of pleasing feeling to override the pain.

At least, that's how it was for a little while. Suddenly, Yoshino flinched and arched his back in, his eyes opening widely in surprise.

"Aah!" The brunette cried out. His hand froze over his cock, feeling the hot length twitch and spurt pre-cum in his hold. "O-Oh…" He moaned as the aftermath of the pleasure shock spread through his entire body. Mahiro buried his length all the way inside once more at the same angle, earning a similar reaction again from the boy below him. The blond halted his actions and smirked, licking his lips lustfully.

"Right here?" He asked seductively as he teasingly rubbed the head of his penis against Yoshino's prostate repeatedly. The brunette's hips flinched and his walls squeezed over Mahiro's dick. It was more of a tight hug than the wringing sensations the blond teen was experiencing earlier. He groaned at the euphoric feeling, starting his thrusts up again.

"It's so hot inside of you… feels amazing." The older one said huskily, his pace increasing with every thrust forward. Yoshino squirmed and moaned in response. It still burned, but slowly, it felt like the pleasure was washing over his body, erasing the pain; wave after wave of intense heat crashing into him again and again, pooling in his abdomen. He felt Mahiro pull back on his hips as he thrust forward, making the length push even further into the brunette. Yoshino cried out as his prostate was slammed into, feeling like he was going to break from the pleasure.

"Ah—! No, I can't! Mmn…!" The younger boy covered his mouth to muffle his cries, his body rocking violently now from the rough thrusts. It was starting to feel amazing, and it was getting hard to hold his voice in. He didn't want to disgust the other teen now and have him stop abruptly. Not when it was finally feeling good.

Mahiro, on the other hand, was in euphoria. Yoshino's hole had loosened up considerably—and accompanied by how wet it was, the teen had no trouble slamming his cock deep into the brunette at a fast pace. Lewd, wet slapping noises from his hips meeting Yoshino's ass were beginning to become more prominent as the pre-cum from his cock spilled into Yoshino and leaked out over the younger one's thighs. His grip on the smaller teen's hips was tight enough to leave bruises, but he didn't care—he pulled the brunette back repeatedly as he pounded his completely erect cock in as far as the boy's ass could swallow.

Mahiro trailed his eyes slowly up Yoshino's back to his head. He was a bit irked at what he saw: Long, light brown locks of hair hung around the brunette's neck and shoulders, some of the loose strands sticking to his hot skin from the sweat. Mahiro almost growled. This wasn't Yoshino.

The older one reached forward and grabbed the wig, tearing it away from Yoshino's head in irritation. The brown haired boy gasped in surprise, jerking his head around to look at the delirious teen behind him.

"Mahiro?" Yoshino spoke the blonde's name with a breathless voice laced with confusion between his gasps for breath. With the wig gone, he was no longer Aika—just plain old Yoshino. The thought of that made the brunette feel somewhat exposed.

The younger teen mewled and shuddered as the blond male thrust into him again before yelping as he felt himself being lifted. Mahiro hooked his arms under the slender teen's legs ad hoisted him up, setting the boy on his lap. He hugged the brunette tightly, Yoshino's legs practically bending up to his chest.

"Ah! W-What are you…?" Yoshino whimpered, panting as the blonde's cock seemed to slip in even further from the change in position. He bit his lip and tilted his head back as Mahiro bucked his hips up to thrust deep into him.

"Yoshino…" Mahiro groaned quietly against the other teen's ear, surprising the younger male. Yoshino felt his chest tighten and his cheeks heat up more than they already were. The brunette cried the other teen's name as the rough thrusts began once more and was rewarded with Mahiro's soft lips against his own. The kiss was messy—but passionate—their tongues rubbing against each others lustfully, only being broken for a much needed breath after a long moment of the exchange.

Mahiro preferred it this way; the feel of Yoshino's soft brown hair, his emerald-colored eyes, his skin, his expressions, his smell, his lips—everything. The blonde's mind was filled with nothing but Yoshino.

Right now, he wanted to see and feel nothing but Yoshino—not Aika.

Mahiro bit down on the brunette's tender neck and sucked at the flesh, eliciting more moans from the male in his lap. He loosened his hold around Yoshino's legs and instead gripped the boy's thighs. He spread the teen's legs open as he leaned back slightly to get a better angle into him. He moaned at the pleasure and bucked his hips upward repeatedly, making the brunette bounce over his lap.

"Ugh—Ah…! Too much… Mahiro!" Yoshino sobbed as he bashfully tried to push his knees together. He felt embarrassed that the blond could see everything now—see how wet his cock had become just from getting his ass fucked.

The blond male smirked at the smaller one's reactions and held him closer, keeping the boy's legs wide open. The lewd wet sounds from Yoshino's ass sounded erotic, and it urged the blond to quicken his pace more. He wanted to hear more, see more—he wanted to make the brunette feel more; to fill him up so much he'd go insane from the pleasure. Mahiro blushed slightly as he remembered how the brunette had looked when he had made him cum earlier, his cock throbbing at the image. His thrusts were becoming more frantic as he pushed into the boy, the sweet friction driving him closer and closer to the edge.

Yoshino covered his mouth in time to muffle what would have been a very loud scream, biting at the inside of his fingers as the shaky cry left his throat. His body rocked and bounced over the blonde's cock, pain long forgotten as his shaft twitched and leaked at the tip from the intense pleasure. He could feel Mahiro's hot length throbbing against his walls, and each thrust felt as if it were pushing open his insides; the length rubbing and churning his muscles raw; reaching up into his stomach—making a complete mess of him. The brunette tensed as he moaned, his walls squeezing over the hot rod inside him, making the throbbing sensation and friction much more prominent. Mahiro moaned next to the boy's ear at the intense feeling, jutting up into the teen more eagerly.

Opening his eyes slowly, Yoshino panted heavily as tears ran down his cheeks. His chest heaved up and down and his stomach tightened, his face completely flushed. With a strangled moan and a small sob, the brown haired teen turned his head and buried his face into the blonde's neck, giving another erotic cry.

"No… More…! I can't—!" The brunette cried out. He curled his toes and arched his back with a loud moan as he reached his climax with a violent shudder, his vision going white. His cum spilled over the bed in a stream, the thrusts against his prostate only prolonging his intense orgasm. Yoshino's body shook during his release, only being able to cry and sob as the intense euphoric sensation spread through every inch of his body—from his head even down to the tips of his toes.

"Shit…!" Mahiro groaned as the brunette's walls tightened around his cock, feeling it twitch and throb against him through the boy's release. He gave a few more thrusts into the brunette before pushing all the way in and halting, panting hard. He watched the younger teen's release spill over the bed as he helplessly sobbed in pleasure against his neck, finding the view to be much more erotic than he would have ever anticipated.

Mahiro let out a pleasurable sigh as his cock throbbed at the tight heat. He quickly released the smaller teen's legs and wrapped an arm around his chest, sitting up and lowering Yoshino down onto the bed. The brunette laid there on his chest panting against the mattress, his vision hazy and his legs twitching from the aftermath of the intense release. He groaned as he felt the taller male pull out of him with a very loud, slick sound. Yoshino shuddered at the empty feeling and at the wet sensation of Mahiro's pre-cum leaking from his ass and dripping down his thighs.

"Nnh…" The tired boy mewled as he was flipped onto his back. He had only barely registered that his legs had been lifted up far enough he could kiss his knees when he felt Mahiro's still erect cock slide back into him smoothly. It filled him up completely, and after his orgasm, Yoshino felt much fuller than he had previously.

"Aah!" The brunette cried, flinching at the sudden intrusion. "No—Mahiro, I can't…! I-I just came…—" The boy pleaded, reaching forward and pushing against Mahiro's abdomen weakly. The blond teen cocked his head to the side and smirked mockingly at the younger one.

"I haven't yet, so I'm going to make sure I do." He said lustfully as he began thrusting into the smaller boy once more. The brunette yelped and moaned helplessly as his tired and sensitive body was drilled into again. He felt his face flush as the familiar heat spread through his body, subconsciously trying to push his knees together

Mahiro buried his length into the shorter boy repeatedly, keeping his thrusts at a fast pace without a care as to how it would exhaust the teen below him. He moaned at the pleasurable friction and soon found himself lowering his head to push his lips against the brunette's.

Yoshino mewled into the kiss, licking the blond teen's lips hesitantly as he felt the other one's tongue push into his mouth. He enjoyed the gentle attention coupled with the heavy thrusts into his body—in fact, more than having control over the other male; Yoshino was beginning to feel that he enjoyed how Mahiro was dominating over him more so. It was discomforting at first, and it even frustrated the brown haired teen, but that was just how Mahiro's personality was. And now, in the midst of this exchange—this mindless game of sex—Mahiro's strong and domineering hold was assuring. His grip made the brunette feel that if he were to lose his mind from the overbearing pleasure, the older male would be the one to pull him back.

Without another thought, Yoshino wrapped his arms around Mahiro's neck, his fingers clawing at the older one's back and shoulders from the pleasure. There was no going back now. He had already fallen so deep, there was no point. The brunette moaned as his body rocked against the bed, slowly coming to kiss the blond teen back. Their tongues dance wildly in the exchange, filled with lust and need. Even though he had just came, Yoshino could feel his cock twitch in excitement as he became erect again. It just felt too good.

Yoshino opened his eyes and pulled away from the kiss, taking in a shaky breath. He bit Mahiro's bottom lip gently and mewled, the other one's thrusts becoming more frantic.

"I'm not Aika…" The brunette whispered between his moans, holding the blond closer to him. He prayed the other wouldn't pull away—but he had no reason to worry. Mahiro closed his eyes and pushed his face against Yoshino's neck, making the brunette tilt his head back. He licked the salty flesh and bit down, making the shorter teen cry out.

"I know." The blond simply replied, not even halting his actions. "And I'm not your girlfriend." He added sarcastically. Yoshino laughed, finding the whole situation to be amusing. If only Mahiro knew…

His laugh was cut short with Mahiro jutting into him harder to shut him up. The boy shuddered and let out a loud moan. The blond teen captured the other male's lips into another deep kiss, smiling a bit when the brunette eagerly returned it. He pushed the boy's legs over his shoulders and released his thighs, moving his hands down to the younger teen's hips instead. He held the brunette close to him as their lower bodies met in a wild frenzy, his breath becoming as labored as Yoshino's as he approached his climax. With a groan, he pulled away from the kiss, saliva stringing from their tongues.

"Fuck…" Mahiro moaned as he thrust faster into the boy below him and tilted his head back in pleasure. He forcefully pushed against the brunette's sweet spot at an awkward angle just to hear him scream—and he was rewarded with just that. "To be hard again after just cumming; how much of a slut are you?" Mahiro laughed teasingly.

The younger boy squirmed and shook his head at Mahiro's words, mumbling something incoherent as he did so. He cried out again at the blonde's ruthless actions, feeling his cock throb at the pleasure once more. With a sob, he pressed his face against the other teen's neck, biting at the flesh to keep in his voice.

The blond groaned at the sensation, holding Yoshino close as he pounded into the boy, the bed creaking beneath their weight. He panted heavily and closed his eyes, concentrating on the sensation around his groin. Yoshino's tight, wet walls squeezing over his thick cock excited him greatly—more than he would have liked. With a loud moan, he shoved his cock as deep as it could possibly reach into the younger boy and climaxed.

Yoshino let out a loud moan at the feel of Mahiro's hot cum filling his insides, tensing over the throbbing shaft pressing against his prostate and cumming himself, his semen spilling over his stomach. He lifted his mouth from the blonde's neck and gasped for air, crying out at the intense heat. His hands clawed at the other teen's back, leaving behind angry red lines over the skin. He couldn't take it anymore.

The taller teen thrust his cock in and out a few times lightly before sitting up a bit, the brunette's grip falling limp from his neck and his legs from his shoulders. He pulled out and shuddered at the sweet friction. Mahiro moaned at the sight of his cum spilling from Yoshino's ass, stroking his length a bit more as the tip squirted out a few more times. He glanced up and trailed his eyes over Yoshino's blank expression, watching his chest heave up and down from his exhaustion.

"Yoshino," Mahiro said quietly as he leaned forward, stroking a hand over the brunette's cheek.

"Ah…" The younger teen mewled absentmindedly, his eyes closing at the touch. His consciousness slipped in and out of reality. He felt tired—exhausted actually—and he wanted to do nothing more than sleep. The blond haired teen clicked his tongue and got up from the bed, throwing the blanket over the brunette's body. The shorter boy shifted under the sheets and lifted his head, opening his tired eyes.

"Mahiro…?" He called out.

"Go sleep. I'm going to go shower again." The taller male said as he walked out of the room. Yoshino stared after the blond until he heard the bathroom door close. He laid his head back down on the bed and closed his eyes. It didn't take him long to fall asleep.

"I hate you so much…" Yoshino muttered under his breath. Mahiro only grinned, his face beaming with rejuvenation. The brunette bent over the kitchen counter, his hips aching incredibly from last night's endeavor.

"Did something happen when you two went to bed? I heard Yoshino yelling occasionally when I came back from scavenging. Did you two have a fight? Don't tell me you were actually beating him up Mahiro… Is that why you left the doll behind?" Hakaze's voice came from the wooden doll Mahiro had set on top of the table. The blond laughed as the green-eyed teen glared at him.

"Something like that." He replied vaguely. Yoshino rolled his eyes and pushed away from the kitchen counter, grabbing his backpack and slinging it over his shoulders.

"Are we going or not?"

"Yes, yes. We are."

The two left the apartment building, the brunette limping a bit. The blond trailed behind the limping teen by a few steps, his gaze focused solely on the other.

He wasn't Aika, but… Mahiro couldn't help but feel that he also wanted this boy. He was his. And he was never going to let him go.

AN: May or may not continue, since I love these two, but for now, this is complete.