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March 14, 2010- 4:15 P.M. Med Bay

Beast Boy felt like he was hit by a Mack Truck. His body ached and he felt bruised and battered. His eyes fluttered open, the light shining into his eyes. Wait... Light was shining into his eyes. He sat up quickly, only to regret it. Hissing and grabbing his spine, he cringed. Gasps filled the room and he opened his eyes, taking in the three familiar faces.

"You are safe..." Starfire's voice smiled. Beast Boy reached up, touching his face in shock.

Cyborg said softly, "You might not want to look at yourself for a while, B. You've been really beat up..."

"Let me see," Beast Boy replied. Cyborg reached over, taking the hand-held mirror from the bedside table. Beast Boy held the mirror, examining his face. His face was indescribable. Bruises covered every inch, a hand-shaped bruise on his neck, cuts lining each cheek and his forehead, and to top it off, he noticed an arrow etched into his neck, pointing down.

Cyborg watched as Beast Boy looked down, lifting the hospital gown to just above his pants line. The cuts peeked out and Beast Boy gasped, uncovering it fully. Reading the words, Beast Boy dropped the mirror onto the mattress. "God..." He whimpered.

"I know..." Cyborg sighed.

"But, you're here now," Robin added, "How are you feeling?"

Beast Boy opened his mouth, unable to find words to speak with. Finally, he replied, voice extremely hoarse, "Better." Robin smiled softly and Beast Boy let the last few weeks sink in. "What the hell happened to me...?" He asked.

"You were possessed," Robin replied with a serious tone. "It was horrible... Do you remember anything?" Beast Boy thought for a moment, only remembering vague things- like being told horrible things, being beat and the lack of control. God, the lack of control...

Nevertheless, he shook his head. "No... Not really..." One thought filled his head. "Where's Raven?" He could barely speak, his words low and quiet. The three looked at each other before moving over, showing the bed next to him. Beast Boy gasped. Raven was extremely battered. Her face bore a cut that stretched across her left cheek, her neck had a bruise that could rival the size of California on a map, and she was out cold. "What...?"

"She put her life in danger for yours," Starfire explained solemnly, "She told the demon that it should take her instead." Suddenly, memories floated back into Beast Boy's mind.

"Did I do that to you?!" He looked at Raven's leg, which a teeth marks were bit into her shin.

"Sorry for yelling at you before." ... "You remember that?"

"You were sleep talking, that's all. Really strange sleep talking."

I have succumbed.

"Raven, I need to tell you something!" Beast Boy exclaimed. Raven leaned back and watched Beast Boy look down at her, his green eyes wide. Raven raised an eyebrow as Beast Boy leaned down, crashing their lips together.

"Beast Boy?" Robin asked. Beast Boy's mouth widened and he quivered in fear. Robin frowned and Starfire sat next to the changeling.

She placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered, "He is gone now... I do not know how, but he can no longer harm you." Beast Boy looked over at her and nodded shakily. Suddenly, a groan interrupted their moment as Raven began to stir. Beast Boy began to slowly get out of bed, crawling over to Raven's.

Raven opened her eyes, sitting up suddenly. She panted and looked around, relaxing as she recognized the med bay. "I did it..." She whispered. Beast Boy placed a hand on Raven's, causing her to jump. Raven looked down, throat closing at the sight before her. "Beast Boy...?" She whispered.

"Yeah, dude," he nodded. Raven, for the first time in a long while, let a tear stream down her cheek. Beast Boy slowly sat up on the bed and faced Raven. The Empath didn't speak, just watched the changeling curiously. Beast Boy whispered, "I have to thank you for saving my life." Raven smiled softly.

She shrugged, "Anytime..." Robin smirked as Beast Boy wrapped his arms around Raven, bringing her into his chest. Raven clutched onto Beast Boy's back, digging her face into his neck. Robin turned to Starfire and Cyborg, gesturing to the door.

The three walked out, leaving the two behind.

As they parted, Raven whispered, "I didn't think it would work."

"But, it did," Beast Boy replied.

Raven raised an eyebrow, "How are you okay with all of this?"

"I'm not," Beast Boy frowned. He shakily replied, "It'll take me a long time before I can even sleep by myself and feel safe. But, that doesn't really matter right now, because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be worrying about that stuff- let alone sitting here and talking to you about it." He raised a hand, placing it on Raven's cheek. "I really don't remember everything that happened, but I do remember some things... I know you think that Leviathan... uhh... kissed you... But, I think part of that was really me, too."

Raven's cheeks flushed and she queried, "Really?"

"Yeah," Beast Boy smiled. The two of them stared at each other, still hesitant. "I'm not saying we should jump to anything after what just happened, but... maybe, we could spend more time together."

Another smile graced Raven's lips and she replied, "That sounds fantastic. Maybe I could actually teach you to pick up a book."

"Haha, you're so funny." Beast Boy smiled playfully, letting his head fall to his lap.

"So," he queried, "How did you get rid of him?"

Raven sighed. "I don't know if he's gone permanently. I sent him away and it would take a lot to get him back. So, I think we're okay." Beast Boy nodded.

"I hope so." The two of them sat in thought. For the moment, they were okay. The last few weeks had brought a living nightmare, spinning their world in every which direction. But, even though the thought that Leviathan was gone forever filled each of their minds, somewhere, both knew it couldn't be true. He was still out there. Still bloodthirsty. He could be anywhere. Any place that you wouldn't expect. Maybe even right near you, looming over and waiting to strike.

You never really know.

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