The wind blew, as if telling the now grown boy to move forward. The Thirty Year war was over, finally, and the newly proud nation sat tall on his horse, a small smile on his face, and his thoughts going to home. How would things be different? How would the people he knew and loved be different? How would Italy be different?


The Holy Roman Empires smile faded a bit. What if Italy didn't remember him? What if she didn't love him anymore? What if it was only a confession of a child? A kiss, and love of a child... what if she moved on? It's been over thirty years sense they have last seen each other. She most likely won't see him in that light anymore. Holy Rome had meant everything he said. Everything he said to Italy. What if she didn't mean anything she said?

Lord, help him. He was more nervous than ever.

Holy Rome prayed in his seat on his horse. A solider next to him nudged his shoulder, "Hey, sir, aren't you happy to finally be going home?"

The blonde male looked up at his comrade, before looking ahead, "Yes. We are almost there, aren't we?"

"Yes, sir. Ten more miles. What will be the first thing you will do?"

Holy Rome didn't say as word right away, "... Find my sweetheart."

The solider smirked, and wiggled his eyebrow, which made Holy Rome's cheeks turn a slight pink.

"Look! We're here!" Holy Rome heard someone say.

"Italy," Hungary put a hand on the male in front of her. He didn't turn, his eyes were to glued on the road ahead of him, "he most likely will not come today. Maybe tomorrow."

Italy grabbed at his dress, wrinkling it slightly, "... I've waited for what seemed like forever," he mumbled, "I want to see him when he first comes. I don't want to wait another minute."

Hungary sighed, but smiled, "I know you love him, but suppers ready-"

"I'll eat later. Let me stay out here for a little longer."

The taller one of the two gave a worried look. Surely it wasn't healthy to eat dinner on a different time then you normally do. But, she sighed, once again, and tried, walking away, "All right, but when it starts getting dark, I want you to come home."

Italy nodded in response, and heard Hungary leave. He sat on the ground, leaning on a wall. His eyes still glued. Italy had heard word that Holy Roman Empire survived war, and that he was coming home. Everyday, Italy would wait for him in this spot. It's been weeks, but he has not given up. Italy did mean what he said to the solider when he left. He did love him. Forever. And, he will wait for him.

It was beginning to get dark, and Italy groaned. Another day of no Holy Rome. He got up, dusted his dress, and turned to leave. But, he stopped when he heard the feet of horses. Turning, he grew wide-eyed at the sight. In the distance, men came on horses, one in front was a now grown Holy Roman Empire, "Holy Rome?" Italy breathed out, before smiling widely and giggling, "Holy Rome!"

Upon hearing his name, said blonde looked up, and saw a taller Italy. He was smiling, waving his arms at him. Holy Rome grinned big, and kicked his horse, making it go faster, "S-Sir-!" he heard his comrade say, but he didn't listen. He was to busy trying to go faster.

Maybe a little to fast.

Holy Rome tried to stop the horse, but he couldn't. So, he jumped off. He landed on his feet, and the horse fell, not harmed. Holy Rome ran the rest of the way, Italy doing the same. Arms spread, Italy jumped on Holy Rome, who picked him up in an embarrass, and spun him around. Italy laughed, Holy Rome sat him down, and they stood there, in each others arms. Italy nuzzled his head in the blondes neck, and breathed happily, "Holy Rome..."

"Italy, I told you I'd come back..."

"I believed you," Italy pulled away, smiled up at the Holy Roman Empire, "now, it's time for me to grant my promise. I will made you sweets, and stay with you forever..."

Holy Rome turned red, and smiled. He stared at Italy lovingly for a while, then leaned down, catching the Italians lips.

I will always love you. Even to the end of time, and then some...