Feliciano fell to the bed. He held Ludwig's shirt, the only thing he had left of him, closely to his chest. How could he be so stupid? Letting someone into his heart, and hurting them. The only bad thing Ludwig ever did, was love Feliciano too much. It was selfish, and wrong of the Italian to go and betray him like that. To cheat on him.

Cheater was all Feliciano was now.

Though, Feliciano was happy Ludwig came into the room when he did. That stupid Francis was about to molest him. He was about to take Felicianos innocents. Of course, the short Italian tried to fight back, but it didn't help. All he could do was lay there, as Francis felt him all around. He was about to get to that place when the German walked in. Feliciano would never forget the look on his face.

First it was shock, then confusion, then anger. Pure anger. Feliciano could have sworn that he had seen his eyes turn red with rage. Ludwig didn't say a word, though. He just stared for a moment, then walked out of the room in a hurry, slamming the door shut so hard that cracks appeared on the walls. Using this, Feliciano pushed Francis off, who fell on the floor, and ran after Ludwig.

But, no matter what he said, what he did, Ludwig wouldn't believe him. Feliciano would cry, and fall to the ground, and even beg Ludwig to come back. To forgive him for something he didn't do.

After a while, Feliciano started to believe himself that he cheated. That he did this on purpose. Ludwig would almost shut the door on Feliciano whenever he came to his house now, and he won't answer his calls. Feliciano can't talk to him, or even look at him, anymore.

"I cheated," Feliciano said, in a muffled whisper as he lifted Ludwig's shirt to his face, smelling what was left of the Germans sent, "I'm nothing more the garbage... I love you, Ludwig... I always will, even if you don't love me back..."