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Jeff Hardy walked backstage feeling numb. His older brother, his life, his tag team partner for years had just betrayed him. Matt might as well have stuck a knife into his back for all his broken promises were worth. Matt had interfered in Jeff's match against Rob Van Dam, which wouldn't have bugged him so much if it weren't for one thing, Matt had interfered against him, he had given his younger brother the twist of fate and left him lying there so that RVD could win. This hurt Jeff more than anything else did in the world, Matt had promised to protect him and help him for as long as he could, and he didn't tell Jeff that the time had apparently run out.

Jeff sighed going into his locker room; Matt had already been and cleared out all his stuff. His older brother would be joining the ranks of Smackdown! Matt would be with Shannon Moore, Jeff's best friend as well as band mate and be under the command of none other than Stephanie McMahon. Thinking about Shannon and Stephanie who he actually got along with quite well, Jeff couldn't help but wonder whose side they would take. Most likely Matt's with the way the rainbow Hardy's luck was running out.

Sitting down on the bench Jeff pulled off his ruined shirt wincing at the pain in his side Great He thought to himself, his insides matched his outsides both hurt beyond immediate repair. He vaguely recalled last weeks Raw when Triple H had admitted to hurting his best friend and comrade in arms Shawn Michaels weeks before, Jeff remembered the look of pain on Shawn's face as he challenged Triple H to a fight at Summer Slam. Last week Matt had seemed happy, last week Lita had been happy and most importantly last week Jeff didn't feel the sense of betrayal that seemed to flow through his veins like a heavy lead, choking his blood supply and nearly killing him. He'd never imagined being able to identify with his idol Shawn Michaels and right now he'd give anything to not have to.

Jeff was so lost in thought that he didn't notice when someone knocked on his door or when that person entered the room on crutches, "Come on kid, you're coming with me," He heard a deep voice say, looking up he was surprised to find Kevin Nash standing there leaning on his crutches, so surprised to see the older man that he didn't know what to say to him.

Opening his mouth Jeff tried to find something to say but found that there was nothing. "Are you supposed to be here in your condition?" He asked, lost, why was Kevin here and why did he want him to come with him.

Kevin chuckled slightly shaking his head. "You make it sound like I'm pregnant or something Jeffrey. I am not supposed to be wrestling but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be here in this arena watching from backstage." He explained and as his warm voice washed over Jeff he felt slightly calmer.

Jeff cracked a grin. "So why are you here? And don't you dare tell me that you have been here since the beginning of the show cause that would be a lie, I would have noticed you. You are after all nearly seven feet tall." He began packing up his ring gear as he removed it from his body tossing his wifebeater in the trash, he debated destroying the pants as well, as a way to rid himself of the memory of this night but decided not to. Standing up in his naked glory he gestured to a chair in the corner. "Sit down and we'll talk after I shower."

Kevin hobbled over to the chair and sat down pulling out his cell phone he dialed a number from memory. He put it to his ear and yawned as he waited for it to stop ringing and have someone pickup. A familiar voice came through the speaker. "Pity party central how may I service you?"

Kevin laughed. "Well you can start by making room for one more." He responded with ease.

The voice filled with interest. "Are you bringing home a new cub to play with? Is he cute? Is he sexy? Does he have the looks that drive the boys wild? Does he have the moves that really move them?" The voice asked and Kevin laughed as he heard someone in the background yell at him to shut up.

"Yeah Sean, he's cute and sexy, I'm sure he drives the boys wild with his looks and I haven't seen his moves other than what he does in the ring and those are fabulous so I can't tell you that." Kevin waited for Sean to stop laughing.

Jeff quickly showered and got dressed coming out to find Kevin on the phone with someone. He waved at him before sticking some more stuff in his bag and zipping it, up when he was done, he sat down on the bench and pulled socks on tying his shoes. Kevin spoke into the phone, "Alright, love you too kid. I'll be there soon. Yeah ok. See ya." He flipped the phone closed.

Kevin watched Jeff for a moment before speaking to him. "You ready to go kid?" He asked standing up and grabbing his crutches. Jeff considered this for a minute before nodding. "Don't worry Jeff, we'll take good care of you. You're with the Kliq now so there's nothing to worry about, we're the elite, we run this joint."

Kevin led Jeff through the building stopping to say hi to Mark Calloway otherwise known as The Undertaker. "Hey badass, how's it hanging?" He greeted friendly.

Mark grinned. "Low and a little to the left, but things seem to be looking up lately." His gaze swept down Kevin's body before rising up Jeff's, he grinned almost wolfishly as he checked them both out.

Jeff felt himself turning red under the older man's gaze as he stepped a bit behind Kevin as if to hide, although he'd worked with Mark before, it had always been serious, and the legend had always maintained a professional attitude, he'd never seen this side of him before. "Aww, man, look what you did. You scared the pup," Kevin admonished Mark as he reached back and gently grasped Jeff's hand.

Mark's smile vanished immediately; he hadn't realized the rainbow haired Hardy would be so sensitive to his flirting. "Jeff, I didn't mean anything by it kid. I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable, especially since you're gonna be seein' me a lot in the near future." He reached out and squeezed Jeff's shoulder. The younger man flinched and Mark pulled his hand back quickly not wanting to hurt or scare him. "Sorry Hardy boy. I forgot about you're match. You took a pretty bad beating, inside and out but you can sure as hell put up a fight so keep on doing it." He cupped Jeff's face and stroked his cheek slightly before turning to Kevin. "Hey, I'll see y'all tomorrow." He waved and headed to his locker room to change.

"Come on, limo's waiting," Kevin coaxed Jeff gently to start walking again. They made it to the limo and got in Jeff not saying a single word. Kevin got himself comfortable then sat back and looked at Jeff. "You look puzzled," He observed, "What's up?"

"Mark obviously," Jeff joked causing Kevin to laugh a little. "What did he mean by I'll be seeing him a lot in the near future, and why would I see him tomorrow?" He was curious about this man whom he had rarely talked to, when Matt was around he'd arranged the matches, risking Jeff's body instead of his own therefore Jeff hadn't done much talking and when he did his brother had always managed to make him sound like a freak.

"Well Glenn is going out with Sean so that means that Mark kind of got roped into coming over to the house a couple times and we all became really good friends." Kevin explained.

"Glenn's going out with Shawn Michaels?" Jeff felt about ready to drop from shock. "I didn't know."

Kevin just laughed and shook his head. "No he's going out with Sean Waltman. Michaels doesn't have anyone like that."

Jeff nodded staring out the window. "How is Shawn?" He had been concerned about him last week having idolized the man since he'd been growing up and he'd also become acquaintances with him.

Kevin sighed. "Shawn is as good as anyone could be in this situation. Paul hasn't talked to anyone, he has virtually become the man that he portrays on television, and he is what he says he is, he's the Game and while he thinks he's that damn good no one can stop him. It's sad how easily you forget who you are in this business just because someone tells you that you have to. It's happened so much, we used to go around saying that the Kliq was for life but little did we know what a short life the Kliq would have." He spoke sadly.

"That's what happened to Matty. He's become so lost in all of this shit. The politics, the storylines. Why does this happen Kev?" Jeff looked at him with such sadness in his eyes, such soul that Kevin knew Jeff was older then his 26 years when it came down to it.

"It happens because we let it Nero, we let the storylines engulf us, we let ourselves become who we are on T.V, we become strictly what the fans want, or don't want. It's so easy to just forget. When you're in the ring with another man you don't really think of them as you're friend if that's what they are. You think of that person as you're opponent and no matter what you want to win at all costs, you want to climb to the top of the corporate ladder. That person is there strictly for you to mutilate and destroy. That is how we lose ourselves, but some of us don't have to, some of us have friends who are there to kick us in the ass when we need it." Kevin knew what he was talking about because at one time he had lost himself. Just like Paul Levesque. Just like Matt Hardy. And just like so many others had before.

Jeff looked at him in awe. "Wow, you know stuff." He commented. Kevin laughed once again.

"You're alright in my books kid. Definitely." Kevin replied as they pulled up to a large black gate. The driver punched in the code that Kevin had given him and they drove up to a big house adorned with Christmas lights. It was a dark brown and the white twinkling lights made it seem like it was a place filled with magic.

"What are the Christmas lights doing up?" Jeff asked. He looked at the intricate designs on the side of the house that were created with the small fairy lights.

"They've never been taken down. Paul and Shawn did that last year for the neighbor hood Christmas competition and Shawn hasn't taken them down yet. They were so proud of it." Kevin explained as best he could. People from the outside tended to be judgmental when it came to the weirdness of the Kliq.

Jeff grinned. "That's pretty cool looking," He said to Kevin as they stepped out of the luxurious limo. "I wish I could do stuff like that."

"I thought you could, I mean I heard about you're sculptures from Sean illuminamis I believe their called," A new voice spoke from behind him, whirling around Jeff saw Shawn Michaels standing there, as thought he'd been waiting for them to arrive.

"Mr. Michaels, it's nice to see you," Jeff greeted him shyly not sure of how to react to his long time idol who was standing right in front of him looking hotter then hell and more delicious than sin.

Shawn grimaced slightly. "Remember one thing kid, it's always Shawn never Mr. Michaels. I can't stand that." He shook the young mans hand.

Jeff blushed shying away from Shawn a little. "Sorry Sir," He muttered in a quiet voice hoping that he hadn't upset Shawn after the Kliq had been so kind, allowing him to stay with them.

Shawn looked at Jeff in shock; this wasn't the Jeff Hardy he'd met previously. "I guess this has all really gotten to you huh?" He waited for Jeff to nod. "You used to be so outgoing what happened?" He asked voice gentle.

Jeff could feel a lump grow in his throat. "Matt said that I scared people because I look like a freak, that no one would want me around." He whispered trying not to cry. His brother had told him lots of things that he knew were true. People didn't trust him.

Shawn hugged Jeff unable to resist comforting the younger man who seemed so broken, so sad. "Sweets, you're not a freak, as a matter of fact you're probably one of the most normal people that I know, it's the inside that counts. Just because you paint you're nails, dye you're hair and wear strange clothes doesn't make you a freak. You should be outgoing people like that Jeff, people like you." He comforted Jeff as best he could.

Jeff pulled away tears running down his cheeks. "Then why doesn't Matt love me anymore? We're brother's, he's supposed to love me. We've always been close." He felt like throwing a world class temper tantrum, one that would surely make Christian proud.

Shawn led the young man inside the house. "Matt does love you, he's just a little lost right now, we all get a little lost at one point. Don't worry about him, he'll find his way through all this bullshit and he'll end up right back with you and Miss Amy." He told Jeff to sit down on the couch and try and relax. "I'll be right back. I gotta go find Glenn and Sean, they disappeared fifteen minutes ago and I haven't seen them since."

Kevin settled himself in a nice comfy chair and snorted back laughter. "Fifteen minutes? Well, I know where they are now, probably cleaning up a certain type of mess. Ain't that right Shawn?"

A shoe came flying from the hall and hit Kevin smack dab in the chest. "You're just a bit pervy huh Kev? Thinking about other people's sex lives when you should be worryin' about your own." Shawn called from the hallway, his voice followed by the sound of a door opening and then a shriek. Shawn came running back out. "Fuck, I'm blind, blind I tell you, blind!" He yelled before collapsing dramatically on the floor.

Jeff watched Shawn with wide eyes not sure of what to do. "What happened Shawn?" He laughed as Shawn flopped around on the floor like he was having a seizure.

Shawn stopped and grinned wickedly. "Well, let's just say I know why they call Glenn the big red machine." He winked as Jeff blushed again.

"Shut your trap Michaels," Glenn growled coming into the room with Sean trailing behind. Both of them looked spent. "Just because you don't have a sex life doesn't mean you have to rag on everybody else's."

"Well what are you doing getting you're freak on in my house old man?" Shawn challenged. Glenn stepped nose to nose with him, or rather nose to chest. Just as they were about to start something, just when Jeff was sure that he couldn't take anymore…A knock sounded at the door.

"Come in," Kevin called. Heavy footsteps sounded as the person approached the living room.

Jeff gasped as Glenn growled. "What the fuck do you want?" Kevin demanded.

Shawn's face was rapidly losing colour as he stumbled backward nearly landing on Jeff who quickly moved out of the way. All of them looked shocked at the man standing in front of them. It was Paul… his hair wet from the rain; he looked saddened by their reactions. "I came to talk to Shawn," He spoke softly. At that very moment he was not Triple H, he wasn't the Game, he was simply Paul, Kliq member and their best friend.

Shawn stood shakily with the aid of Jeff who was afraid to touch him. "Thanks kid," He kissed Jeff on the forehead before taking Paul by the arm and leading him into the study. Paul looked around the room at all the things he has seen before, way too many times before, things that he had once wished he had, not knowing that friendship and companionship was worth so much more than any gold Vince McMahon could give him.

As Shawn looked at his friend, no that wasn't right, he was his enemy now. Paul was still good looking, his hair hanging down onto his shoulders, his hazel eyes troubled, those lips that were so kissable. He had kissed them before. Shawn found that he could only say one thing, "Why?" As the word came out of his mouth he didn't know if it was a question, demand or plea either way it sounded pretty pathetic to his own ears.

"I had to Shawn, I don't know if you'll understand I just know that I had to, I don't want to see you hurt. I don't want you to end up like me," Paul said this still not meeting Shawn's gaze.

Anger surged through Shawn. "You don't want to see me hurt?! You pedigreed me in the middle of the fucking ring, and then you put my head through a car window! And you have the audacity to tell me that you don't want to see me hurt. You don't think that fucking hurt Paul?!"

A sound of distress echoed through the room as Paul listened to his friend. "I had something horrible happen to me Shawn, someone in the business. I needed to warn you about him so I came here I'll leave I promise. You just have to listen to me." He wiped his eyes and it was at that moment that Shawn realized that he was crying.

"Who is it?" Shawn went to comfort him but stopped short. "Tell me, who the fuck is messing with you? Who's messing with the Kliq?"

Paul sat down heavily in one of the office chairs. "Shane McMahon, he said that if I didn't hurt you, he would destroy you're status, I couldn't let him do it. I know how much that means to you. I know how much wrestling means to you. I had to stop him Shawn." He looked down.

Shawn grabbed Paul by the chin and forced him to meet his eyes. "Let me get one thing straight, my status doesn't mean shit if you're not by my side. I need you and the rest of the Kliq and it's about time you fucking realized it you dumbass." He kissed Paul brutally. It was just like Shawn, honest, not hiding anything.

Paul felt the world fall away until there was nothing but him and Shawn. He stood up and pressed his body desperately into Shawn's needing to erase the pain of his last lover. "Please Shawn, I want you. I need you," He murmured against his lips. "Erase his touch."

A loud moan resonated through the room as Paul pulled away from the kiss and took off Shawn's shirt running his rough callused hands all over his bare skin. "Need you too." Shawn gasped pulling off Paul's shirt and kissing him again. "More than you know, more than you'll ever know." He whispered against Paul's soft moist lips.

The two of them left the study and stumbled across the hall to the bedroom not caring if anyone saw them. Hands pulled at unresisting material until finally they were both free to each other. All logical thought left their minds leaving only one thing, the desire to remove all the pain and betrayal that had been placed in their hearts by others and by each other, the need for a new beginning overwhelming everything else.

"Promise me this won't be a mistake," Shawn pleaded. Paul's hands roamed Shawn's lower regions causing the older man to moan. "Please?"

Paul stopped. "I promise that this isn't a mistake. This is about making things right once and for all." He dropped to his knees and took Shawn into his mouth groaning as he tasted his friend. Something he hadn't tasted in a long time, far too long. They moved to the bed.

Shawn pulled him away before he got too close to the edge, not wanting it to end. "Dominate me, make me yours." He kissed Paul arching into his body. Paul whimpered trying to control himself.

Paul prepared himself and Shawn before thrusting deeply into the man beneath him. Both moaned and Shawn arched once again. He was a beautiful creature, a light sweat graced his skin, and he was slightly flushed, panting and moaning. Paul knew what he was doing right and he was sure that he would know what he did wrong too, Shawn was always forceful in bed.

It wasn't making love, it wasn't considered fucking either. It was like a dance, two graceful bodies entwined in an act of love, an act of intimacy. Their passionate cries getting louder and louder, ringing through the house startling the others who just shook their heads and turned up the volume on the television.

Afterwards Shawn rested on Paul's chest breathing heavily. "I love you Paul, never forget that." He murmured sleepily.

"I love you too," He stroked Shawn's hair gently listening as his breathing steadied. "Sweet thing." He waited an hour for Shawn to wake up, content to watch his best friend, and as he knew, now former lover sleep. When Shawn awoke did, stretching like a cat Paul couldn't help but smile. "Wake all the way up babe, I think we scared little Hardy. They could probably all hear us through the wall."

Shawn grinned relaxed for the very first time in awhile. He got up and walked out of the room before Paul could say anything. "Uh, Shawn, you might wanna put some clothes on," He called after him only to be ignored. Looking at the clothes on the floor Paul sighed, but for once it was a happy sigh. One that was not filled with sadness. He grabbed a pair of jeans off the floor accessing them. "Definitely not mine." He pulled on a pair zipping not bothering wearing boxers and walked out into the kitchen.

The kitchen looked messy. Flour was all over the place and sitting at the table was Jeff, Sean, Kevin and Glenn. Voices came from the living room. "Only one person could make this much of a mess," He pondered. Joanie walked into the kitchen. "Joanie, Chyna sweetie," He greeted opening his arms. She stepped into them hugged him quickly then stepped back and slapped him harshly across the face before kicking him in the nuts. Paul dropped to the floor in pain.

"That's what you get for messing with one of my best friends." She warned him. She held out a hand which he gratefully accepted pulling himself up off the floor. "You're nuts ok?" She asked gruffly.

He massaged them jokingly and nodded.

"So uh where's Shawn?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"He's talking to someone down in the living room." She pointed.

Paul nodded knowingly.

Shawn walked backwards into the room talking to three people. On closer inspection they were discovered to be Monty, Brian James and Mark Calloway.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Paul questioned, his tone light, not sure if they were pissed at him or not. All three hugged him, one after another, even Mark who grumbled while doing it before dropping into the chair next to Kevin.

Paul went and grabbed his shirt before coming back into the kitchen. "Well I best be going. I have a meeting with the storyline writers in an hour plus I have to fly out to do RAW promotional stuff." He kissed all of them even Jeff before leaving.

Jeff watched Paul leave with a jealous look on his face. Kevin noticed it and filed it away in his mind for later. He needed to talk to Jeff for sure. "So Chy, what brings you to this part of the woods?" Kevin asked trying to remain casual about things, inside dying to know about Jeff's jealousy.

"What the fuck do you think brings me here Nash? I am about as Kliq as any one of you," She responded quickly and angrily. "Besides Sean called me. Not that it's any of your business."