The walk to Jeff's hospital room was probably the longest walk that Shawn had ever taken in his life. But thank god Kevin was there with him. The two Kliq members stopped right outside of the room. Shawn turned to Kevin with a helpless look on his face, "Oh god Kev. I don't think I can do this." He pleaded with Big Daddy Cool.

Kevin just frowned down at him. "Shawn, I'm very disappointed in you for your behavior. You are the one what said all that shit to him when you know he needed you! Even though he loved you! You are doing to him what you did to Bret! I will not sit back and allow you to ruin your own life once again. You love Jeff so you are gonna walk in there, be a man and tell him about it damnit! Because if there is one thing I don't want to see again it's my best friend lying on the floor covered with blood after he has tried to kill himself! I still have nightmares about that Shawn!" Kevin spoke harshly but never once raised his voice.

By the end of Kevin's speech Shawn had tears rolling down his cheeks. Sniffling he brushed them away quickly. "I don't want you to have to do that again either Kev. I'm gonna go in there and tell Jeff that I love him no matter what happens!" He hugged Kevin tightly.

Returning the hug Kevin suppressed some tears of his own. "Alright Shawn. I'm gonna go back to the waiting room now." He let go and walked away.

Taking a deep breath Shawn opened the door and was startled when a voice spoke. "Leave me the fuck alone," Jeff growled angrily.

"Uh, how about no." Shawn stated walking over to the bed he looked at Jeff. There was a heavy bandage around his rib cage. "I've come here to talk to you little cub."

Jeff looked at Shawn in surprise but then his face hardened. "What is it Michaels? And don't call me that I'm not your fucking cub! Have you come to tell me off some more or do you just pity me?"

Angrily Shawn spoke. "How dare you?! You are members of the fucking Kliq, not only that but you and Sean are the heart of it! How dare you even insinuate for one second that I would pity you?! I love you ok! That's what all of this is about! I love you and you didn't know it and you went out there and I thought you were fucking dead! How could you almost die on me Jeff?! How could you almost leave me alone in this world?!"

"You love me? You actually love me?" Jeff looked up at Shawn with such amazement that Shawn realized how young Jeff actually was.

Shawn smiled and sat on the edge of Jeff's bed. "Yeah I love you. As corny as it is to say, you're my rainbow Jeff. You light up my day and I don't remember any days happier than the ones I have when I'm with you." He looked deeply into Jeff's eyes before leaning forward and capturing his lips in a kiss. Jeff returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around Shawn pulling him closer so he could deepen it. After about a minute they pulled away from each other. Jeff's face was tinged with doubt. "Are you sure about this Shawn? Love can't heal my back or the paralysis in my legs. I don't want you stuck in a relationship you don't want."

"You know Jeff, I used to be as cynical as you but then I met a young man who was so sweet and caring however he'd had his heart broken by someone who didn't know how important he was. So this young and handsome man was very hesitant about love but he managed to overcome his shyness and opened himself up to the people around him. And those people appreciated him more than anything. And I, well I fell in love truly for the first time in my life. I was cynical and jaded but you healed my broken heart. I believe that love will guide you on the way to recovery and I will be with you all the way down that long road." Shawn spoke passionately with a light in his eyes Jeff had never seen before.

His face breaking into a smile Jeff pulled Shawn close and kissed him again quickly before pulling away. "Thank you Shawn. If you believe then I do too. I love you more than anything."

The two beautiful men stayed curled up on that bed together until their friends found them and by that time they had both fallen asleep with brilliant smiles on their faces. All of the friends hugged each other grateful. Kevin snuggled up to Mark and sighed. "This is gonna be really hard for Jeff." He remarked.

"Of course it will be hard babe. Life is just that way but he has Shawn and Shawn has us so everything will be okay as long as we stick together." Mark grinned.

Sean spoke from his spot leaning against Glenn. "Of course we're gonna stick together, we're Kliq and that's what we do. Which reminds me of something." His face lit up mischievously.

Groaning Glenn answered his love. "Oh what is it now Sean?" He couldn't help but chuckle. Sean hadn't been happy in so long.

Tugging on Shane Helms hand he pulled him into the room and Shannon Moore followed. Sean looked at Kevin hopefully. "I found some new cubs. Can we keep them?"

Kevin looked at Scott Hall who merely returned the look before studying Shannon and Shane with a wicked smile. "Well I don't see why we can't. Do you Kev?" He asked.

Looking around at all their faces Kevin realized he was no match for the rest of them and sighed. "I guess we can. Welcome to the Kliq boys, God speed and good luck."