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The time Merlin and Freya made love was probably the best moment of Merlin's life. Never before had he felt so connected to someone. When she had fainted a few weeks later Merlin knew she needed medical help. But she also knew Gaius could not help her in Camelot. So he took her to Ealdor. Hunith was stunned to see Merlin coming to her cottage with a girl in his arms, and Gaius next to him.

After Hunith helped Freya into a bed it was then that Gaius had announced she fainted because she was pregnant.

Merlin still remembered that shocked feeling, that scared feeling.

What would happen to his child who would be half druid?

What would happen to the child and Freya since she had to be in hiding?

Hunith comforted him and said she would take the girl and the child in. She would raise her grandchild like he or she were her own. But her grandchild would know of her or his father.

Merlin was there when the baby was born, and it was then that Freya had passed away during childbirth.

As he held his son in his arms he knew he could never tell Arthur, or Gwen, or anyone.

He had broken so many laws he'd be tried for treason and taken away from his child. Or his child would be taken away and sentenced to death by Uther, and that would be a hundred times worse.

He could not risk it.

Even when Uther was dead the lie had been told for too long for him to reveal anything.

So he and Gaius kept the boy a secret. The boy was raised by Hunith and Merlin would visit whenever he could. He would give them whatever spare food he could snitch from the kitchen, and Gaius would bring hot meals whenever he could spare a moment.

And so for 2 blissful years Merlin kept his boy a secret. No one knew, except for Gaius.

All of that changed when Gwaine followed Merlin to his village and saw the little boy run into his father's arms...

Chapter 1

Gwaine stared in shock, open mouthed, as he saw the little boy run up to Merlin.

Surely it was just a family friend, one of the villager's child.

"Daddy!" The little boy cried, and Gwaine felt even more faint.

Merlin...a father?

The idea seemed preposterous, and impossible. And yet it explained so much.

He had followed Merlin because Merlin had seemed worried and distracted when he left. Gwaine had wanted to make sure things at home were all right.

And now here he was staring at Merlin's...son?

That little boy looked so much like Merlin he had to be his.

Gwaine swallowed and continued to stare, unsure of what to do.

But he knew one thing. Merlin kept the boy a secret for a reason, and Gwaine would honor his friend's wishes.

It was obvious Merlin wasn't ready to tell anyone. So, slowly, without trying to feel hurt and left out, Gwaine left and swore this news to secrecy.

He would not tell anyone, not even Merlin, that he knew.

He would take this secret to the grave.

When he left Merlin looked up sharply and scanned the wooded area.

He could have sworn he heard footsteps.

He stayed kneeling as he hugged his son, William-Billy- and continued to scan the forest.

With a sense of protectiveness he picked Billy up and quickly walked inside, praying his secret was still safe...