E/O Challenge Word:

growl /groul/ v. – to say something in a low grating voice, typically in a threatening manner.

Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for season eight

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: Triple drabble

I'm Batman. ~ Dean talking to Sam in 3x03, "Bad Day at Black Rock"

"Here..." Sam told his brother, entering the main room of the Batcave and setting a small flat box on the table in front of Dean.

Dean's gaze flickered between Sam and the box.

"For the new place..." Sam briefly explained, gesturing to the large expanse of the bunker – their unofficial new home.

Dean swallowed his mouthful of coffee and arched a questioning eyebrow.

Sam sighed. "Just open it."

Not much for speaking in the mornings until after his second cup of coffee, Dean nodded, setting down his mug and instead grabbing the box.

From the opposite side of the table, Sam watched, smiling as Dean shook the box, listening for any clues as to what might be inside.

"Dean. Just open it."

"Hey. Don't rush me," Dean growled back.

Sam rolled his eyes.

And Dean said he was the moody one.


Sam sighed again as Dean took his sweet time popping the tape on the sides of the box and then carefully lifted the lid as if he expected something to jump out.

Seconds passed.

Sam waited.

Finally the box was open.

Dean frowned at the gift inside – not recognizing what it was folded like that – and removed it from the box; shaking it out and then blinking as he realized that he was holding an apron.

But not just any apron.

Sam smiled.

Dean cut his eyes at his brother. "What the hell is this?"

Sam shrugged. "You're Batman, right?"

Which was what the apron portrayed – the body of Batman, complete with the emblem on its chest. So whenever Dean wore it, it would look like he was indeed Batman...suited up and cooking up a storm.

Sam's smile widened at the visual. "Right?" he prompted his brother about Dean's usual claim of being Batman.

Dean shook his head fondly. "Right," he agreed and chuckled. "Smartass."