Author's Note:Hi all - it certainly has been a while. I had this story lying around and thought I'd dust it off and share it with you. The first part is set before Being Mrs. Superman time frame and focuses on one aspect of the Lane/Kent relationship.

Hope you enjoy! Would love to hear what you think!

Chapter 1

Clark Kent was furious.

His wife had done it.


Despite the fact he'd asked her—no, no—asked wasn't the right word. Begged her. Pleaded with her. Even demanded that she not take this story…

She'd taken it anyway.

It was probably the demand that did it.

The last straw. The final shove that sent her tumbling from the precipice of indecision headlong into reckless action.

And landed her here.

In jail.

Clark had received the call an hour before and he was still hoping it'd only been a dream.


"Hey, hon. Where are you? I expected you home by now."

Cradling the phone to his ear, Clark picked fourteen month old Lily up from her high chair and grimaced at the amount of food falling to the floor. The blue-eyed cherub in his outstretched hands didn't seem to notice. She kicked her bare feet with joyous abandon and flashed a dimpled smile.

Clark couldn't help but smile back at his little bundle of energy. "Lils and I've already had dinner." He grimaced again as he mumbled more to himself. "Though, in truth, she wore most of hers."

"Yeah. Um, Clark, I need you to come pick me up."

"Ok. Where are you?" Clark repeated as he winked at the youngest member of the Kent family before depositing her on the counter next to the sink and grabbing the wipes meant for just such occasions. Tickling Lily's tummy had the desired effect. Her delighted giggles filled the kitchen and provided just the distraction he needed for the necessary and usually scream-filled clean up job.

"At the Metropolis Police Station."

Alarm bells instantly clanged an agitated warning.

"O…K." His smile faded, brows furrowed. The police station. A call from the police station was not necessarily a bad thing, he reasoned. Usually. After all, she could be getting the latest scoop on some innocuous story. Or pestering the guys about their upcoming loses at the next poker night.


A pair of chubby hands reaching for the curtains brought him back to the present. He stopped Lily from bringing a pile of calico ruffles down on her head. Barely. "Just let me clean Lils and we'll head on over."

"Clark, can you not bring Lily?"

Now he knew something was wrong. "Why not?"

Ignoring his question, she added another request. "And can you bring some money."

"Loiiis…" Aaand now he was just hoping beyond hope.

"And can you not hang up on me while I explain? They only allow one phone call and this one's mine."

"Awww, Lois…" Clark groaned as his head dropped in believing disbelief. "What did you do now?"

Of all the irresponsible, crazy, irresponsible…

Pulling abruptly into an empty spot in front of the Metropolis police station, Clark shifted the gear into park with a little too much force. His seatbelt was unhooked before the engine had a chance to sputter to a halt. His slamming door rocked the car.

Clark took a deep breath and tempered his simmering fury before retrieving a freshly cleaned and diapered Lily from the car seat. Turning to the steps of the station, he halted abruptly at the sound of his impish cherub's clapping hands and excited exclamation.


Father and daughter simultaneously turned toward each other. Clark with a scowl; Lily, with a bubbly smile.

A chubby finger dripping with slobber pointed to the massive building in front of them. "Mama!"

Clark sighed and shook his head. "It's so sad you're already making that connection."

Innocent eyes blinked at him as Lily bounced in his arms a pout forming on her rosebud lips. Obviously, he wasn't moving quickly enough for his demanding little angel. "Mama?"

Clark sighed resignedly. "Yeah, pumpkin, you're going to see mommy." Determination flashed through his eyes as he turned toward the station. "After I get through with her."