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Chapter 18 - With Your Heart Wide Open

The first time Blaine woke up he curled back around Kurt, spooning him and wrapping his arm around the relaxed body until he could feel Kurt's heart beat in the palm of his hand. In his sleep Kurt intertwined their fingers and sighed in contentment. Blaine smiled into his pillow, lazy and ridiculously happy.

The second time he woke up, a pair of baby blue eyes looked at him, with love showing in every shade.

"It's not fair to look at a man in his sleep," Blaine mumbled with a funny face and covered his head with a pillow.

Kurt hummed and peeked in. "You just looked so peaceful and beautiful that I couldn't help myself."

Blaine dragged Kurt into his arms and let the happiness seep from his heart to the rest of his body. Last night had been so emotional and intense and the memory of Kurt's body underneath him, seizing and receiving, was imprinted in him like a lasting memory. Kurt was crazy about him and that thought alone made him feel like conqueror of the world.

His skin turned sensitive to Kurt's soft hands, caressing him lazily.

"Did you sleep well?" Kurt asked and tangled their legs together.

"I slept like a baby," Blaine answered truthfully. "I seriously haven't slept this good for a very long time."

"It's amazing, right," Kurt said as the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. "I love sleeping next to you. I don't know … it's just like the safest feeling in the world."

"I love you, Kurt," Blaine mumbled, knowing exactly what Kurt meant.

"I love you too."

Lying in silence, enjoying Kurt's hands on his body, the last six months slowly reappeared in Blaine's mind, picture by picture.

He still clearly remembered the sound of Kurt's voice when he called the first time in New York. Maybe it wasn't the sound so much, but the way it had made him feel and how immediate his body had responded.

Then came their first meeting at the coffee shop. Every little detail about the clothes Kurt had worn and the way he smelled was right there in his conscious when he closed his eyes. He remembered the gig at The Cavazz and how he had sung his heart out because someone very special to him had been in the audience; someone he never thought he was going to have in his life again, ever.

The fight about Cordelia's song was represented too, but not as a bad memory even though he had been disheartened at the time. Because somehow it had been the beginning of something more truthful and right between them.

Blaine trailed his hand down Kurt's back and found shivering dips and curves.

Then there had been Wicked; always to be remembered for its magic and the way Kurt's hand had felt in his. With a beating heart he had given in that night and recognized something in Kurt's eyes too, even though he had pretended it was not there.

Boot camp was the first time he knew he wanted to kiss Kurt and the first time he realized how badly he wanted to wake up next to him, like they almost did on the couch.

Kurt's hand moved playfully on his ass now and a familiar coil in the pit of his stomach convinced his morning erection to stay alive.

Hopeful as always.

He tensed up by the touch and Kurt responded right away, obviously taking it as encouragement, as he gently, but determined pushed Blaine to lie on his back. Blaine locked eyes with endless blue and whimpered when Kurt touched his dick.

"I like you this," Kurt said with a subtle smile.

"Like what?" Blaine asked and concentrated on controlling the urge to move in Kurt's hand.

"Naked and turned on."

Blaine didn't get it.

How could he go from a chain of serious thoughts about how he met Kurt the second time, to this hot mess.

Kurt put his mouth on Blaine's body, still touching and teasing the full blown erection, and when the wet heat from Kurt's eager mouth circled around a nipple the first real moan escaped.

Blaine's heart was beating right out of his chest. "You're asking for trouble, baby," he whispered with a rough voice.

"I want to be in trouble," Kurt replied with dark eyes.

Then Blaine let go.

He let himself drown in the sensation of Kurt's mouth all over him and grabbed the sheets to stay grounded when Kurt took him in his mouth.

It was different from yesterday; it was more daring and raw, exploring and discovering familiar things, and things brand new and exciting. Having sex with Kurt was more of everything compared to any other sexual encounter Blaine had had through the last years. It was more powerful, more breathtaking, it was trust as well as a matter of wanting to give pleasure and receive pleasure.

Blaine came hard and fast and on his high he realized Kurt had come too, even though he had barely touched him.

When they collapsed on the bed, Blaine couldn't hold back a huge grin on his face. "God, you're hot, Kurt. Can we just do this for the rest of the day?"

Kurt tipped his head to rest against Blaine's shoulder, trying to catch his breath. "I would love to, but I kind of have an audience for a certain musical waiting for me tonight."

"Minor detail," Blaine stated and nuzzled Kurt's neck. He smelled of cologne and sex. "You know I'm going to be there every night to watch you," he then said and stroke a finger down Kurt's cheek.

"You are?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

Kurt cuddled closer and sighed satisfied. "Next time you're going to be the musical director."

"Ah, so there will be a next time?"

"Of course," Kurt snorted. "What did you think?"

Blaine's phone buzzed with an incoming text before he could tease Kurt about the change of tune.

To Blaine from Cooper

Good morning Bee – hope you two lovebirds have been sleeping well *cough*. There is brunch at our place at 12, everybody's coming, and we would LOVE to see you guys too! Don't say no :-D xoxo

Kurt read over Blaine's shoulder. "They will never let us hear the end of this," he moaned.

Blaine kissed him again. "I don't want to hear the end of it, so they can just bring it on."

Kurt hid his head in the crook of Blaine's neck and smiled. "I got to eat before 12 though, I'm starving right now. I just don't have anything fancy in the house, so we'll have to go on cereal until then."

Blaine started to move. "Okay, let's hit the shower, gorgeous, and then I'll serve breakfast in bed for you."

The warm water was a blessing, and even though the shower technically wasn't big enough for two grown men they made it work perfectly. You don't need space when you kiss and soap each other up at the same time.

Blaine left the shower first and told Kurt to relax and soak up for as long as he needed to. Then he dried up and looked for the clothes he had borrowed last night. This time he reluctantly added underwear first though. They didn't have time to fool around anyway. After searching for a while he found a clean sheet and changed the bed.

In the kitchen he put up a tray and found bowls and three different kinds of cereals - all healthy ones of course. In Kurt's fridge he found strawberries and grapes and within a few minutes it was all arranged, looking really delicious. When he carefully pulled two roses out of the bouquet he had given Kurt, a yellow and a red, and placed them on the side of the tray. He was actually proud of himself; cereal or not.

Kurt laughed at the sight when Blaine came bouncing back. He was sitting in the bed again with wet hair and a robe. But when he saw the flowers he melted. "Okay, baby, that is just one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me. I mean besides you singing a love song for me in front of a couple of hundred people, of course. Oh and kissing in the rain. That's number one for me."

Blaine put the tray down between them and reached in to kiss Kurt again. "Yes, that was pretty spectacular." he said when they let go again, "kissing in the rain."

They started eating and agreed that it was the best cereal they had ever had.

"What about reviews?" Blaine suddenly asked, "aren't they supposed to be out by now?"

Kurt's spoon stopped mid air. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, how could I forget about reviews?"

Blaine chuckled and continued to eat.

"I've just lost my appetite," Kurt stated and put his bowl down on the bed stand. "This is too much pressure. What if people hated it, what if the critics think it's rubbish," he panted.

"Why would they hate it?" Blaine asked through a mouthful of cereals. His appetite was back full force, and the reviews weren't going anywhere.

"You never know with people like that," Kurt continued and got up to pace the floor. "Critics can be vicious and completely unreasonable, and if they don't like my voice, my career is screwed. It's a simple as that. Then I will be out of work and not be able to live in New York. I might as well move back to Lima."

"Look, I will try to put aside that you are incredibly cute even when you panicking, and then assure you that everything is going to be fine." Blaine emptied the bowl and got up to drag Kurt in for a hug. "We have done everything we could. We have done our best, and sure, there will always be things to learn and things to do better next time, but I'm proud of what we have created together with Ally. Besides, I've got a good feeling about the reviews."

Kurt didn't look convinced at all.

Blaine gave him a peck on the lips. "Go get your laptop and let's read them together."

"Okay, okay, I can do that," Kurt said, and tried to calm himself down. He strode into the living room, picked up his laptop and placed it carefully on the bed when he came back, as if it was a ticking bomb. "Um, maybe you should read it."

"Sure," Blaine said and got back on the bed to start the computer.

Kurt moved to the opposite end of the bed, making sure he couldn't watch the screen.

"So where do I look?" Blaine asked. "Do we know what kind of papers that will publish reviews?"

"I can't remember," Kurt said and pulled his knees up to his chin, "but if you enter "Broadway . com " they have a section for the off-Broadway productions and they usually post at the same time as the papers."

"Broadway . com ," Blaine said slowly as he typed. He waited for the site to load and then navigated around for a while before he found what he was looking for. "Okay," he said, "here we go."

"Wait, wait," Kurt said with big eyes. "Maybe you could read ahead, just a few lines, and then prepare me if it's bad."

"Fine, if that's what you want," Blaine chuckled. "Are you sure you don't need a cookie to stress-eat as I'm reading?"

"It would take an entire cheesecake to calm me down at this point," Kurt said with blushing cheeks. Then he licked his lips. "Oooh no, I just changed my mind. Don't read ahead, I want to hear it as it is."

Blaine nodded and tried to look serious. "What do I do about the two lines I've already read?"

"You've read two lines?"


"Is it good or bad?"

"It's just two lines, Kurt. I can't tell anything from two lines."

"No, no, you're right. Okay I'm ready, just hit me with it."

"Okay, here comes the first one. It's a guy named Jeffrey Marcs. Do you know anything about him?"

"Yes, well, he is not easy to impress, but he is not too harsh with his words either. It would be a good place to start."

Blaine cleared his throat before reading out loud.

"A Song for Cordelia" is a brand new musical created by three debuting artists. Experience has taught me not to expect too much under circumstances like that, even though I put pride in keeping an open mind. The storyline is quite simple and maybe a bit old fashioned for somebody looking for new experimenting musical genres, but the experience overall is anything but traditional.

In a mythical, magical universe, the dots are connected between unsung heroes, broken hearts and love worth sacrificing everything for. What lifts the play above things that's been seen from debutants before, however, are three things:

First of all, a very witty and at times sarcastic dialogue, written by Kurt Hummel. Kurt has a NYADA background and has been seen in smaller parts on the Broadway stage, but he is definitely showing his worth as a writer as well. (Oh did I mention that he has an absolutely divine voice?)

Second of all; costumes that combines a modern expression with the mythical. Costume designer Ally Cole has had a lot of fun mixing different styles; and she proves to be bold enough to go with the unexpected, even in the more traditional gowns. The modern expression pays off particularly well in the evil underworld and emphasizes the grotesque hunger for beauty and vanity amongst The Evil Four.

And third of all; a score that manages to surprise you again and again. Once more it's a bold choice to go with a completely unknown composer, but it pays off all the way through. Blaine Anderson has a master's degree in composing from Northwestern University in Chicago, and right from the first tune in the overture he proves to be an interesting artists. Like his two partners in crime he tend to nurse the unexpected just when you think you have him figured out, and the results are beautiful, funny, catchy songs with an edge of their own.

Kurt Hummel, Ally Cole and Blaine Anderson are names worth remembering, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last production from the talented trio if you ask in the buzzing underworld of the prestigious Broadway.

The boys looked at each other for a breathtaking moment before they started to laugh and dance on the bed. The laptop between them was bouncing, tipping close to the edge, but their joy couldn't be contained.

"I cannot believe it," Kurt yelled exhilarated. "That is not just a good review, that's a badass review. I've never in my wildest dreams imagined someone like Jeffrey Marcs would write something like that! It's just like … I don't know what … and now I'm hyperventilating and I need to sit down." He threw himself down on the bed again and laughed out loud.

Blaine crawled on top of him and hovered over the happy boy until he suddenly was pulled down for a kiss.

They were interrupted by Kurt's phone. He reached for it on the dresser without breaking the kiss and then he side eyed the display, still holding Blaine in place. "It's Michael," he said and kissed Blaine one last time. "I better hear what he has to say."

Blaine nodded and rolled off with a happy sigh.

Kurt walked into the living room to take the call, and Blaine decided to check out some more reviews. Most of them were really positive and his music was received well.

Maybe it was time for the band to mix the covers with his original songs, or he could start sending submissions to other performing artists.

One good song was all it would take under the right circumstances and with a decent amount of luck.

Kurt came back behind him. "They are selling tickets like crazy right now, Michael said, and the three weeks will be sold out soon, so now they're trying to extend with two more weeks. Isn't that amazing?"

"We aimed for the roof and now we're reaching for the stars," Blaine said happily.

Kurt sat down on the bed again, pushed the laptop out of the way and reached for Blaine's hands. He rubbed Blaine's knuckles with his thumbs and a more serious expression appeared on his face. "All this, with the play and the reviews and the opportunities, it would never have been the same without you. And I would give it up in a heartbeat if I had to, just to be with you."

The vulnerability and honesty in Kurt's eyes reached Blaine's stomach in seconds.

"This night we have spent together will be something I will remember for the rest of my life," Kurt continued, "and I'll always think about it as a new beginning and a second chance. To love you, and to know that you love me back, is bigger than life to me, and I want you to know that."

"I know all this, Kurt," Blaine said with a shaky voice, "but I will never get tired of hearing it."

Kurt nodded. "Because you need to hear it."

"Yes I do."

"And I want to give that to you. Every day, I want to tell you, that you mean the world to me."

It was somewhat a surprise to enter Cooper's apartment, buzzing with life, laughter, and a delicious greasy smell of bacon. So many people were invited and Blaine's heart lept with joy at the sight of each and every one of them: Matt and Megan, Ally and Fred, Burt and Carol, Santana, Rose and … Katie.

Well he had to ask Cooper about Katie.

She had been his brother's date at opening night, but something more than that seemed to have happened by the cute looks they gave each other in the kitchen.

Before they'd had a chance to hug all these special people that meant the world to them, Blaine's parents had walked through the door, making the moment even more perfect than it already was.

Blaine didn't know if it was his dad's beaming smile or his mom, stroking his cheek, but for the first time he felt like they belonged in his life. They were here to see his play, they were here to support him, and to his uttermost surprise they were also here to meet Kurt all over again.

Blaine had told his dad briefly about his heartache and his love for Kurt a couple of weeks ago, but he hadn't realized that his parents had worried about him, hoping that he would get back together with Kurt again.

Some things just need time to grow, but even in his darkest hour he had never imagined his parents talking and laughing with Burt and Carol.

Kurt had been with him the minute all the emotions got the better of him, and they had spent a few moments in Blaine's room to just soak it all in.

Life is hard, and funny, and fragile, and unpredictable, and everything in between.

When they had joined the rest of the company again they gave up on not touching each other or standing a little too close from time to time. They had to endure a fair share of teasing during the brunch, especially about of the kissing in the rain, that for some reason everybody had seen, but they didn't care at all.

After brunch Blaine packed a bag of clothes and some few belongings he could have at Kurt's apartment. At first he was afraid he seemed too presumptuous; he was not moving in after all, but Kurt kissed him breathless and convinced him that it would be really practical if he took a lot of stuff with him.

After dropping everything off at Kurt's apartment they got ready to leave for the theater where Kurt was supposed to be by 3 pm.

Everybody involved in the production needed to evaluate the performance last night, and there were bound to be some minor alterations.

Blaine wanted to be involved as much as he could from now on, even if that just meant bringing everybody coffee.

After a couple of busy hours at the theater, getting everything in gear again, the audience started filling the seats.

Kurt was all dressed up and the makeup team was done with him. He seemed focused and a bit nervous, but he was ready.

Then somebody knocked on the door and Ally entered. "There's a couple of friends who wanted to say hi," she said and winked to Blaine before she left again.

Blaine's face split into a huge grin. "Kevin, my man," he said and hugged the boy; before he shook hands with Joyce. "I'm so happy you guys are here." Then he noticed a dark haired girl hiding a bit behind Kevin. "You must be Lucy," he said and smiled at the girl. "You look really pretty, girl," he said and winked at Kevin, which made Kevin roll his eyes and Lucy giggle. She looked really sweet and Blaine was happy that Kevin was starting to have friends again. "I hope Michael has gotten you some nice seats," he continued.

Kevin seemed to have lost his tongue for moment, apparently impressed by being backstage at a real theater; or maybe concerned about losing his cool with Lucy being next to him.

Joyce shook her head in amusement. "They have both been counting the hours, Blaine, and we're all so excited to be here. The seats are great."

Blaine smiled and tried to catch the boy's eyes, but he was looking curiously at Kurt instead. "Oh, that's right, I better introduce you guys. This is Kurt Hummel, he has written the script and he plays the main part," Blaine said and skimmed his hands down Kurt's arm. "And Kurt, this is Kevin, Lucy and Joyce. Kevin is one of my best friends and by far my favorite student."

Kurt gave Kevin and Lucy a reassuring smile and reached up for high fives. The children surrendered and their palms met in the air. "Any friends of Blaine's can be friends of mine," Kurt said.

Kevin looked at both Blaine and Kurt with curious big eyes now. "Are you Blaine's boyfriend?" he finally asked Kurt.

Kurt laughed out loud and Blaine ruffled the little boy's hair. Joyce started to apologize right away and reprimanded her son for being too nosy, but Blaine stopped her gently. "Yes, Kurt is my boyfriend," he said and beamed.

This made Kevin smile all over his freckled face. "That's why you smile so much."

Blaine dropped his head and chuckled. "Yes, Kevin, that's probably why. Don't you think he looks cool?"

Kevin nodded eagerly. "Have you ever played a pirate?" he asked and narrowed in on Kurt again.

"I actually have," Kurt answered, "a couple of years ago."

Blaine turned around and looked at him surprised. "You have?"

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Of course, you happen to be looking at Captain Hook. To tell you the truth I wanted to play Peter Pan, but it turned out that Captain Hook's outfit was much cooler."

In no time Kurt and Blaine had the children laughing and forgetting all about being shy, with stupid pirate lines and an improv dance made specifically for people with wooden legs. Soon the room became even more crowded when Blaine's parents came to say "break a leg" as well.

Once again Blaine was given the chance to connect the dots between important people in his life.

Joyce seemed honestly moved by the encounter with Blaine's parents.

"You must be so proud of your son," she said and looked them in the eyes. "He means the world to my son and he knows about hardship and music."

"We are proud of him," Blaine's mom said and hugged Joyce with a smile.

Blaine caught his father's eyes in that moment and melted when his dad winked and said; "We're very proud of him."

With five minutes to curtain call, Blaine and Kurt were alone in the room again.

"Are you ready?" Blaine asked

Kurt nodded, his blue eyes sparkling.

"Can I do one more thing before you go on stage?" Blaine then asked.

"Of course."

He grabbed Kurt's hand and pulled the sleeve of his wrecked shirt up to his elbow. Then he grabbed a pen and moved close enough to be able to write something on Kurt's arm, still hiding what he wrote. "I know a part of you hates that I drew on you, but just keep it for this one night, and then remember it for the rest of your life."

Kurt kissed Blaine's neck as he was busy writing. "Now you got me really curious," he whispered in Blaine's ear.

Blaine bit his lip, but kept on writing. "No funny business, Hummel, that's for later."

"Do you promise?"

Blaine finished writing and got up and cupped Kurt's cheek. "I promise."

Kurt watched his arm all doodled with four lines, and then he read them out loud.

Even if your hands are shaking

And your faith is broken

Even as your eyes are closing

Do it with your heart wide open

"That's really, really beautiful, Blaine."

Blaine smiled. "To me, this represents everything about us; our past, this very moment, and our future. It's from a song called "Say What You Need To Say" and that's what I promise you; that I will tell you how I feel no matter what, and that's what I hope you will do too."

"Even if my hands are shaking?" Kurt asked gentle.

"Even then, and maybe especially then."

"I promise to keep my heart wide open, Blaine, no matter what, and I will remember these lines. I love you so much."

"I love you too."

They hugged.

One of those hugs that seep into your bones and settles like something solid in your soul.

One of the stage managers knocked on the door. "Two minutes, Kurt."

"Thank you," he yelled back over Blaine's shoulder. They let go of each other and Kurt put his sleeve down again, as Blaine opened the door for him.

They walked together to the side of the stage, Kurt waiting for his cue and Blaine peeking out to see a full packed theater.

He saw his mom and dad sitting with Cooper and Katie to one side and Burt and Carol to the other; and at one of the front rows, he spotted Kevin's and Lucy's excited faces next to Joyce.

Kurt squeezed his hand, stole a kiss, and entered the stage for the second half of the opening number.

Blaine watched him perform with a happy smile on his face and a heart beating with joy.

Ally came up from behind him and snuck her arm around his waist. He kissed her hair and pulled her closer with his arm around her shoulder.

"You know, back in high school, when Kurt was a senior and I was a junior, we both auditioned for West Side Story. He dreamed about being Tony and I was willing to take whatever role they had for me. As we were waiting for the results he met me at a staircase in the schoolyard with a bouquet of yellow and red roses, to celebrate me, because he thought I would be a better Tony than him. Back then he was the one standing at the side of the stage, cheering for me.

Today I'm so happy to be able to return the favor."

"That's really beautiful, Blaine," Ally said and rested her head up against his shoulder.

"I'm so proud of him," Blaine said with a broken voice.

"So am I," Ally replied with a smile, "very proud of him."

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