Hey guys I'm back, with my second story,'' It Never Really Ends'' Before you read this story, you should read my first story ''The Lion King With A Twist'', or else you might not understand why something's happen. Just to let you know, unlike my first story, this doesn't really have a main plot. It's all a bunch of little stories put together. I will be posting another story up as soon as I have at a few chapters up for this story. If you want anything in this story just tell me in a review. Anyways, here's chapter 1 and please review. Remember, I don't own Lion King or its characters, Disney does.

Nala opened her eyes, and shifted looking around for Simba. Nala realized she was the only one in the Royal den. Simba must have woken up early to deal with the morning reports. The Royal den was the den that the King and Queen slept in along with their cubs. After handing the throne over to her Simba, Sarabi, Mufasa and Simba's little sister, Ajjali had began sleeping in the big den with the rest of the Pride. The big den was the den used by the Pride during the rainy season and during the warm season the Pride used the small den. There was also another couple small dens, and a nursery den that was only used for small cubs. Simba walked in through the entrance of their den.

''Good morning beautiful.'' Simba said, giving Nala a nuzzle.

''Good morning,'' Nala replied, smiling at him.

''Are you going hunting today?'' Simba asked. Nala was the leader of the most powerful hunting party in the Pride.

''Yes, I am, soon'' Nala answered. ''After I go to the Waterhole.''

Simba nodded, and said ''I'm not busy today. I'll be with Alex, Tojo, Moraan, Amri or someone if you need me.''

Nala nodded, and after nuzzling him, she walked out of the den and went to the Waterhole. Her friend, Tama was already there taking a drink.

''Good morning,'' Nala said, approaching her.

''Good morning,'' Tama replied. ''Are you leading the hunting party today?''

Nala nodded, and bent down and lapped at the water. When she was finished, she turned to Tama.

''Let's go.'' Nala said, and she and Tama went back to Priderock, and into the big den, where their hunting party was getting ready.

''Mom!'' came a voice. It was Tama and Moraan's twin cubs, Ari and Tanabi, who were three years old. Both of them rubbed their heads against their mother's front legs.

''Mom, are you going hunting now?'' Ari asked.

''Yes, I am,'' Tama replied, giving both of them a nuzzle.''Where's your father?''

"Dad went on the patrol. He said that he would be back.'' Tanabi answered.

Tama nodded, and said "I don't want you two leaving the den until he comes back.''

''But, that's so boring.'' Ari whined.

Nala smiled at them. ''Why don't you two play with Lena?'' Lena was Kareena and Tonal's daughter and was the same age as Ari and Tanabi.

Ari considered this for a second and nodded.

''Alright,''Tanabi said, and both of then trotted away looking for Lena.

''Let's go, everyone's waiting for us.'' Tama said, giving Nala a nudge. Nala nodded and the lionesses went outside to find their hunting party assembled, waiting for Nala.

Nala walked up to her mother and greeted her with a nuzzle. Sarafina returned her daughter's nuzzle, and Nala and the rest of the lionesses walked down Priderock and towards the herds.

The hunt went well, and soon Nala was dragging an antelope to a tree, waiting for Simba to join her so both of them could eat.


Simba was resting in the shade of a tree with his friends, Tojo, Alex, Amri and Tonal when he heard Zazu calling him.

''Your Majesty'' Zazu panted, landing in front of Simba.

''What is it Zazu?'' Simba asked, giving the hornbill his full attention.

''It's Zira.'' Zazu said. ''She's causing a riot back at Priderock.''

''I'll go deal with her.'' Simba said, getting up.

''We'll come.'' Tojo said, getting up. ''I want to see what's wrong with Zira this time.''

The males went back to Priderock and into the big den, and found Zira in the middle yelling. There were lionesses around her, telling her to stop. Tonal walked over to his daughter and gave her a nuzzle.

''Zira started yelling at everyone.'' Lena said, frowning.

''It's okay Lena,'' Simba reassured the cub. ''I'll deal with her.''

''Zira!'' Simba growled, ''Now why are you yelling?''

''I've held in my patience long enough Simba.'' Zira snarled. ''Scar deserved to be King, but you took that way from him.''

'' Scar didn't deserve to be king. He got Nala, Kula and Chumvi and me exiled and tried to take away my rightful throne.''

''Scar's gone, but his children are still here.'' Zira growled.

Simba was surprised. ''Scar didn't have any cubs.'' He said, frowning at her.

''Oh, really? Well me and him decided not to tell anyone this but my cubs were sired by Scar.'' Zira said, with an evil smile on her mouth.

There were several gasps from the lions around them as they realized Nuka and Vitani had been sired by Scar. Mufasa was looking at Zira stunned.

Simba looked at Zira, ''Scar wasn't the rightful heir to the throne, so therefore your children are not either.''

''Yes, they are. I don't like any of this Simba. Your taking my child's right to rule.'' Zira snapped.

''Well, Zira if you don't like it here, you don't have to stay. Go to the Outlands if you like.'' Simba growled.

''Actually I will. I'll go and live in the Outlands. And I'm warning you Simba, I will be back and someday my daughter Vitani will take the throne.'' Zira snarled.

''How about Nuka?'' Mufasa asked, stepping forward. Usually, it was the oldest cub that was the heir, and sometimes they made it the first born son.

''Nuka is much too weak. Look at him,'' Zira said in disgust. ''He is weak just like Simba.'' There were a few whispers from the lionesses, surprised that Zira would talk about her own son like that.

''Get out!'' Simba roared. 'And anyone else loyal to Scar can go with Zira if they like. But if you can promise to be loyal to our Pride, you can stay.''

A number of lionesses stepped forward with Zira. Zira shot Simba a smirk, and picked up a one month old Vitani with her older son trailing after her.

''Let's go. And I'm warning you Simba. Someday my daughter will rule.'' Zira said, and walked out of the den with her followers behind her.

Simba turned to Zazu. ''Make sure they leave.''

''Of course, Sire.'' Zazu said, and flew out.

Simba turned to the lions in the den. ''Don't worry, she won't bother us again.''

Everyone nodded and began to go back to what they were doing, whether it was resting, cleaning their fur or watching the cubs. Simba walked out of the den to find Nala.

Simba found his mate waiting for him, under an acacia tree.

''Sorry I took so long.'' Simba said, rubbing his head against hers.

''It's okay,'' Nala replied. She studied her mate's face. ''Simba what's wrong?''

Simba sighed and explained about what had happened with Zira. Nala was surprised that Vitani and Nuka were Scar's children, and that Zira just left the Pridelands willingly.

''It's going to be okay Simba. Don't worry about her threats. The number of lionesses she has is only one eighth of our Pride. And who knows if she'll survive there. We had a hard time surviving.'' Nala said, rubbing her head under his chin.

Simba nodded, and the two lions began to eat their meal.


Moraan arrived back at Priderock to find Tama, Ari and Tanabi in their usual sleeping spot waiting for them.

''Dad!'' Tanabi said, jumping up.

''Zira just left the Pridelands.'' Ari said.

''What?'' Moraan asked, looking at Tama.

Tama sighed, and explained what had happened. While she was explaining, Ari and Tanabi began to wrestle with each other, pinning each other down.

''I'm worried about her threats.'' Tama said, lowering her voice.

Moraan leaned over and gave her a nuzzle. ''I won't let anything happen to you, Ari or Tanabi.''

Tama nodded and rested her head against his shoulder. Ari came by her side, and began to nurse from her, hungry from playing.

Tanabi climbed onto Moraan's back.''Can I go patrolling with you?'' Tanabi asked, his brown eyes, hopeful. Moraan smiled, and ruffled the tuft of brown fur on his head.

''Alright the next time I go, you can come.'' Moraan said.

Ari stopped nursing and looked up. There was still milk around his mouth.

''How about me?'' he asked, narrowing his dark blue eyes.

Moraan chuckled, ''You can come too.''

Ari nodded and went back to nursing, while Tanabi began to wrestle with Moraan.


Anjani, Zuri and Hofu were playing by the Waterhole. The three cubs were so absorbed in wrestling that they didn't notice Shinda coming up and watching them wrestle. Hofu managed to pin Zuri down before noticing his cousin standing there.

"Hi Shinda," Hofu said, walking over and giving her a nuzzle. Shinda returned his nuzzle.

"Hey, remember how Alex promised to give you some wrestling lessons?" Shinda asked.

Hofu nodded and Shinda continued, "He's going to be back at Priderock any minute now, and he'll be more than happy to teach you."

"Alright! I'm going right now!" Hofu exclaimed. He turned to run, but then stopped and looked back at Zuri and Anjani.

"Are you coming?" Hofu asked. Anjani and Zuri were also his cousins.

Anjani and Zuri looked at Shinda, their half sister, and then exchanged a glance with each other.

"No, we'll stay here." Zuri said.

"It's okay, you can come. Alex won't mind." Shinda said. "I know my mate, and he'll let you join."

"No, we'll stay here." Anjani said, repeating her twin sister.

Shinda nodded, but her mind flashed back to her argument with her mother, two years earlier. She and Kudeka still weren't on normal bases. They didn't talk much anymore, and Shinda didn't play with her half sisters, Zuri and Anjani much. She barely said a word to her step father, Hariku.

"Alright Hofu, let's go." Shinda said. Hofu nodded and followed Shinda back to Priderock.

On the way up to Priderock they saw Simba.

"Hey guys." Simba said, and gave both of them a friendly nuzzle. "Where you going?"

"Alex said he would give me wrestling lessons." Hofu said, looking at his brother in law.

Simba chuckled and said, "Well if you wanted wrestling lessons, you should have asked me. I could always pin Alex down."

Shinda laughed, "Of course you could. Tell me one time that you pinned Nala down. None of us could."

"What about me?" Nala asked, walking out of the den with Alex.

"Has Simba ever pinned you down?" Hofu asked his sister.

Nala smiled, "No he never did." Alex laughed, "No one was able to pin your sister down, Hofu."

"I was just being nice to her and letting her pin me down." Simba said, smiling at Nala.

"He's joking Hofu." Shinda said. "Let's go in the den, and Alex can start teaching you."

Hofu nodded, and the whole group walked into the big den.