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The next day, Simba was playing with Kiara under one of the trees that were bordering the edge of the Pride's resting place. Both father and daughter were enjoying themselves when Zazu came flying towards them.

"Sire!" Zazu called. Simba looked up, and then got up, causing Kiara to let out a huff of anger. Simba gave her a gentle swat with his tail, reminding her to be polite in front of Zazu.

"News on the rogue Zazu?" Simba asked. "Has he moved in closer?"

"Yes," Zazu said. "I am afraid so."

"How close?" Simba asked.

"Close enough so we can see him from the border. But he still doesn't seem to be interested in causing trouble." Zazu said.

Simba silently considered his options. He could either leave the rogue alone to wait and see what he did, or confront him. Leaving the rogue alone seemed like a good idea, since there was only one and the chances of him causing trouble were small. Besides, it would save him from the trouble of confronting the rouge with the other males.

"I'll leave him for now," Simba said. "If he does enter the Pridelands, then I'll confront him."

"Very well then," Zazu said, and after bidding Simba and Kiara good bye, he flew away.

"Daddy, why are the Mara Pride so dangerous?" Kiara asked as Simba settled down next to her.

"They've killed a lot of lions Kiara. All their members are very brutal and fierce." Simba said.

"Grandpa and Grandpa don't like the Mara Pride. Grandma was really angry when she was talking about them." Kiara said.

"I know," Simba said. "They have…bigger problems with them."

"Do you know why Grandma and Grandpa hate them so much?" Kiara asked.

"No," Simba said, shaking his head. "I don't." Simba honestly didn't know why Sarafina and Runju hated them so much. There were a few others who hated them equally, but he didn't quite know exactly why. He decided to ask his mother or father later; maybe they knew since they had grown up with Sarafina and Runju. Shaking his head, he turned back to Kiara.

"Now come on," Simba said, "Let's keep playing!" He grabbed Kiara who tried to dodge him with a squeal, but she was too late.

All thoughts of the rogue were forgotten as Simba enjoyed his time with Kiara.


Later that evening, Kiara was spending time with Sarabi and Mufasa.

"And what did your mother say about your father's wrestling skills?" Sarabi asked her granddaughter with an amused smile. Kiara had been telling them about how she was never able to pin anyone down and that Simba would just laugh at her.

"She said that he was terrible at wrestling when he was a cub!" Kiara giggled. "But Daddy said that he was so good that Mom was jealous of him."

"No Kiara," Mufasa laughed. "Your mother was right. Your father really was terrible at wrestling when he was a cub. And I'm afraid that you take after him!"

"That's what Mom says too," Kiara frowned, folding her ears down.

Sarabi pulled her in closer and nuzzled her, "It's okay, you'll get better as your grow up. Your mother will turn you into a wonderful hunter, I'm sure of that."

"Not as good as me!" Came a voice, and the next thing Kiara knew was that she was being pinned down by Ajjali.

"You might be good Kiara," Ajjali smirked. "But not as good as me!"

"Ajjali!" Kiara whined. "Let me up!" She struggled under her weight, but Kiara was too small to wiggle her way out.

"Don't worry Kiara," Ajjali giggled. "When I get position as the leader of the hunting party, I'll make sure you still have a place. I'll be making the decisions!"

"I'll be the one making the decisions as the leader!" Kiara growled, trying to get up, but she couldn't.

"Alright, Ajjali." Mufasa said, scooping Ajjali up into his paws. "That's enough."

"What's enough?" Simba came onto the scene. He bent down and gave Kiara a nuzzle, before turning to face his parents.

"Kiara's jealous that I'm going to get the position as the hunting leader!" Ajjali laughed, and Simba joined her. Sarabi shook her head at her son and daughter. No matter what their age difference was, they were still the same with teasing others.

"Alright Kiara," Simba said, after a minute. "Your mother's waiting for you."

"Alright," Kiara said, and eager to get away, she trotted into the den. Ajjali went over to where Zawadi was and began to play with her.

"Anything wrong son?" Mufasa asked, turning to face Simba.

"It's about the rogue from the Mara Pride. I know that most Pride's hate them, but some of the members of our Pride especially hate them." Simba said.

"Like who?" Sarabi asked, but she had a feeling to where this question would go to.

"Like Runju, Sarafina, Kudeka and a lot of other older members." Simba said. "Do you know why?"

Mufasa sighed, closing his eyes. "When we were nearly full grown adults, a while before I took the throne, there was a terrible attack from the Mara Pride."

"How bad?" Simba asked.

"Very bad," Sarabi said, with a shudder. "I remember resting in the den, when Zuzu, the major domo before Zazu flew in. She said there was a terrible attack and that your grandfather, Ahadi needed serious help."

"Everyone in the den went to the place of the attack, and what we saw…it was terrible." Mufasa said.

"What was it?" Simba asked.

"There were bloody bodies all over the ground." Sarabi said. "Mostly dead and the rest dying slowly."

"My father stayed alive during the attack, but died from his injuries a few days later. So many died, Simba and the others were lucky if they survived." Mufasa said.

"Who died?" Simba asked.

"So many family and friends," Sarabi sighed. "My own father was killed in the attack. Not only him. Sarafina's mother, Runju and Kudeka's father, Ishan's parents, Penda's father, and so many others. Nearly an entire generation was killed."

"So that's why some of the lions hate the Mara Pride that much. They killed their parents and friends." Simba said his voice low. "But why did the Mara Pride attack our Pride that day?"

"We don't know." Mufasa said. "When I took the throne about a week or two after, I sent a messenger to them demanding to know why they had done that. But they refused to tell me."

"Yes," Mufasa said. "That's why. We as, your parents decided not to tell you. It was too painful and brutal to talk about. Most other parents agreed, including Nala's parents."

Simba nodded, slowly while still trying to process the news in his head. He felt anger burning up in him. The Mara Pride had killed his Pride members, his ancestors, and his own grandfathers in the attack!

"Never mind that now, Simba." Sarabi said, in a soft voice. "It's the past and it cannot be changed."

Simba nodded, and after bidding them good night, he went into the den to be with Nala and Kiara.


The next day, Nala was taking a walk around the Pridelands, hoping to spot Simba. She hadn't seen him since morning when they had shared a kill together. After eating and spending a few minutes with her, he had excused himself to go to the patrol.

"Is he still doing the western border? He's doing it alone, but it's not the biggest border and…wait…the southern border's the border that the rogue's by!" Nala thought, panic filling her.

What if Simba had been attacked by the rogue? Simba was a deadly fighter but the rogue was from the Mara Pride! Maybe that was why Simba wasn't back yet!

Without hesitation, Nala sprinted towards the border. She couldn't lose Simba. She couldn't. She would die without him. She didn't bother to even think about going back to Priderock to check if Simba was there and then get some other Pride members to help her.

Nala crashed through some bushes and looked around.

"Simba?" Nala called, looking around. She continued to call Simba's name out, walking around. She couldn't scent Simba or the slightest smell of blood.

"Simba must just have had something else to deal with. I panicked for no reason." Nala thought, shaking her head. She was about to turn around to go back, when she heard a growl from behind her. She whipped around to see a huge male, with bulging muscles and razor sharp claws standing behind her. Nala gasped, realizing it was the rogue from the Mara Pride.

"Here's the opportunity I was waiting for!" the rogue chuckled. "To kill the Queen, the mate of Simba, daughter of Runju and Sarafina!"

"How do you know me?" Nala growled, backing up. The rogue looked a bit older than her father, but he was full of strength.

"Let's just say," the rogue growled. "That I've had some history with your family!"

Before Nala could react, the rogue lunged at her, raking his claws on her back. Nala growled, and sank her teeth into his shoulder, causing him to roar in pain, giving Nala enough time to get back onto her feet.

Nala was panicking, knowing that this was a fight that she couldn't win. Unless someone saw her, she was dead. Nobody would be near the border anyway because of the threat. She had to fight him alone.

The rogue lunged at her again. Nala tried dodging him, but he was too big. She crashed on the ground, gasping from the impact. She raked her claws along his cheek, his blood dripping down onto her shoulders, but that wasn't enough.

Growling in anger, the rogue lifted his paw to kill her and Nala knew it was the end. She would die right here and now. She closed her eyes, using her last few seconds to think of her mate and cub. What would happen to Kiara? She was so young and Nala still needed to be with her. And Simba? How would he get on and raise Kiara without her?

Nala could feel the rogue bringing his paw down, but just as his claws were about to tear through Nala's throat, she heard a new sound.

An furious, ear splitting roar. Nala saw a flash of fur, and the next thing she realized was that the rogue was being pinned down by a lion.

Trying to get onto her paws, Nala squinted, thinking, "Who is that?"

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