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"You know O is gonna kill me when she gets back and finds out who I've been working with this weekend," said Stephanie Brown thoughtfully.

"So?" said her companion carelessly.

She turned her head sharply to raise an eyebrow at the man sitting next to her. The shiny red helmet had been cast aside and the wind ruffled his dark hair; a simple red domino mask was still covering his eyes though. But she had seen those eyes once or twice during the past few days. They were cool and clear and so blue. All Robin boys had to have pretty blue eyes.

"You worry too much, Brown," said Jason Todd, smirking slightly.

"Well you're still kind of the thing in the family that no one really talks about," she pointed out.

"Didn't think I was actually still considered in the family," he said wryly.

"Haven't you seen the case in the Batcave?"

He didn't have a reply and she was suddenly afraid she had offended him again. It had been a tumultuous, exciting, and thrilling three days. On one hand, tiptoeing around delicate subjects had never been Stephanie's strong suit. But she had been made aware of how dangerous Red Hood could be.

Personally, she didn't really see it. Besides the whole killing thing, Jason was actually pretty decent, honorable even.

Three days ago, she had stumbled into a fight where they were oddly paired up against a large group of thugs. When the dust finally settled, he had curtly told her to get lost, that he didn't need a Bat like her helping him out of trouble. In her ear, Proxy had warned her to take his advice and scram.

The gun had been pointed at her; suddenly, she was really not impressed with his rudeness after she had helped him. So Batgirl had struck, kicking the gun aside, elbowing him in the face, knee to the stomach, and he was wheezing before he could think. Grudgingly, he relented. Thus began the unlikely partnership of Red Hood and Batgirl.

She couldn't help it; perseverance was her thing.

In true Bat fashion, Jason had actually already known all about her and how she came to be Batgirl. He even knew about her small stint as Robin. It was a jumping point and they spent plenty of time comparing their tenures.

"Well I started a gang war."

"I died and came back to life."

"Please, who hasn't?"

"I stole the tires off the Batmobile."

Stephanie had burst into laughter; that story really never got old.

And now, the villain had been found, the day saved, and Proxy had signed off for the night. All that was left was to enjoy a late night dish of gelato on the roof as the dawn approached.

"Why are you still here, anyway?" she finally broke the silence. His dish of strawberry ice cream was definitely empty but he was still seated on the ledge next to her as she finished her own chocolate brownie bites.

Jason shrugged unhelpfully. "Got somewhere to be?"

"No." It wasn't entirely true. She did have a mountain of homework for the coming week, waiting at home.

He was looking at her now, interestedly, making her feel self-conscious. There had been moments like this, where suddenly he looked at her and his expression was relaxed, almost approving. Ever since the whole Tim debacle, she really ought to have learned to keep her hopes down and focus on the job.

But damn, he was attractive. Everyone in this business was attractive. But Jason Todd especially. When he wasn't being moody or vehemently disagreeing with her methods, he could actually be very pleasant and charming. The lock of white hair definitely worked on him. And his ass was amazing enough to even give Nightwing's a run for its money.

She licked her lips subconsciously and saw the whites of his mask widen slightly.

"So … is this the part where we make out or where we part as unlikely friends?" she said, breaking the tension.

He smirked again. Stephanie Brown continued to surprise him.

"My place is a few blocks that way."

Here it was, the moment of truth. She almost said no, because what would the family think of her, going home with the outcast of the Batfamily? Then she remembered that she was Stephanie Brown and since when did she back down from something she wanted just for that reason alone.

Bad ideas are your specialty, Brown…

With a smirk, she stood up and pulled out her grapple. "Lead the way, Hood. And make haste, we've got work to do."

His safe house was best described as a diamond in the rough. Stephanie almost rethought her decision as they arrived at the dilapidated building. And then she shrugged and decided she had seen (and lived) worse and followed him inside.


"Just don't ask how I afforded it all," said Jason with a smirk, resetting the alarm on the control panel just inside the flat.

"Yeah, I think I know better than that," she replied, pulling down her cowl and looking around the room in awe.

"Well, Blondie?" he asked after a moment of watching her wander the room.

"Yeah, uh, so, right…"

His mask was off and those gorgeous blue eyes were studying her interestedly, flickering down and back up once, obviously checking her out too. He had moved closer, just barely inside her personal space. Her stomach, or maybe something lower, fluttered in anticipation.

"Steph … we don't have to do anything."

And oddly, with everything she had learned about Jason Todd, she just knew he didn't actually expect anything from her.

Stephanie smiled reassuringly and moved closer, reaching up to place a hand on his shoulder.

"Well, here goes nothing."

"No need to sound so enthusiastic," he commented, leaning in close and pausing just before their lips brushed.

Her hand went to the back of his neck and she pulled him into a firm kiss.

He returned it eagerly, hands resting on her hips. Her back met the wall and she pulled him closer; her lips parted and he deepened the kiss. Oh, wow …

"Well?" he asked, pulling away and trailing kisses to her neck.

"Initial reports are positive but more research is required I think," she said, a little breathless.

The warmth of his breath tickled her skin and his slight chuckle made her shiver pleasantly. There was a click and a soft thud. Stephanie opened her eyes, somewhat shocked to see her belt on the floor.

"How did you-" Utility belts were designed to not be easy to take off on purpose.

"You really have to ask? The design hasn't changed that much," he said amusedly, now undoing the hooks on her cape.

"Smart ass."

"You like it." His mouth suddenly occupied hers before she could make another comeback.

They were kissing a little more playfully now, less hesitantly. His body pressed to hers, hands roaming her body. He groaned when she bit his bottom lip and his hands slid around her back.

"Where's the fucking zipper on this thing?" he growled, making her giggle.

Still laughing, she took his hand and pulled him down the hallway to what she found was the bedroom. "Come on."

"It's right here…" Stephanie slowly turned to him, reaching up to the back of her neck to peel off the suit. A bit of the sexiness was lost, she suspected, when she had to shimmy it off her rounded hips and then pull her feet out of the boots, one by one. By some miracle, she managed not to fall over. But the amused smirk on his face as he watched her undress was irritating.

He had long since lost his jacket and belt but now he pulled off the tightly fitting shirt before moving over to her again, backing her up until she reached the bed.

Stephanie climbed on, leaning back on her elbows and looking at him expectantly. She managed not to feel too self-conscious as his eyes once again traveled along her body.

"Sorry this isn't really the sexy underwear," she commented, plucking at the strap of her sports bra. It was built for practicality, but at least it was purple.

Jason laughed a little and said, "You look very sexy." He moved closer and kneeled over, kissing her again, moving down her neck and pausing to help her pull off the sports bra. And then his mouth was occupied with her breasts.

"Ohh!" she let out softly in surprise when he sucked and jolts went through her body, making her lower abdomen clench.

He moved lower, hot mouth and tongue passing over her skin. When he reached the edge of her panties, he kneeled on the floor between her legs, fingers curling under the purple fabric.

Stephanie tensed and looked down at him. "Are you …"

"Uh, I was going to …" He paused awkwardly. "Is that okay? Don't you want me to go down on you?"

"I just … Have never had that before. That's all."

"Oh, well you'll like it." He smirked slightly, lightly rubbing the outside of her thigh and slowly peeling down her underwear

"You don't have to if you don't want tooooOHH!" Her eyes went wide and she put a hand in his hair as he started in, teasing her nerves with his lips and tongue.

He had her panting in almost no time, alternating between licking and sucking. The vibrations of his amused humming made her gasp and pull at his hair.

"Oh, Jason! Ohh! God, yes, that!"

And then he added a finger and she nearly lost it right there. She was on a different plane, moaning as his hands and tongue built her up to the edge. Her muscles were all wound up tight; just a little bit more and suddenly-


She came, shouting loudly and arching her back, her toes curling, and it was so fucking amazing. For a moment, she just lay there, trying to soak up every last bit of pleasure, every last twitch of muscle.

"Ohh, wow …"

Jason pressed a few light kisses to her inner thigh while she attempted to catch her breath before climbing back over her, smug smirk on his face.


Steph nodded faintly. "I don't know why I never asked for that sooner…"

He laughed slightly again before capturing her lips. Instead of thinking it was weird, she actually found it really hot that she could still taste herself on his tongue. Her hands skimmed over his defined abs, down to grab his growing hardness through his pants, eliciting a groan from his throat.

"I think you need to take these off," she muttered, undoing the button and fly. He pulled away to finish taking them off and she couldn't help but lick her lips again at his apparent readiness, all for her. "Please say you have condoms…"

"Way ahead of you, Blondie." He produced a box from the bedside drawer and pulled a packet out.

And then he joined her again and she shifted, wrapping her legs around him as he slid into her core.

"Steph …" he said lowly, pausing as she adjusted a little more. He was looking down at her so intently, she felt her cheeks flush again. She gripped at his shoulders as he started thrusting, fingers digging into his back. "Steph, you feel amazing …"

After a few minutes, she smirked and flipped them over, letting out a giggle. Jason reached up and pulled her into a hard kiss, still managing to thrust up into her as she started rocking her hips.

"Oh, fuck, Stephanie …"

She continued to ride him, moving faster and faster. Steph knew she wasn't really great at dirty talk, everything that came to mind just sounded really stupid to say. But soon her voice was mostly occupied with moaning and "ohh!" repeating over and over, louder each time as the tension built up again in her lower belly.

"Come on, Steph, come on, Babe … come for me again," he egged her on, looking smug despite the exertion and panting. She looked incredible; her strong, curvy body was moving and bouncing over him, her soft skin flushed pink and her mouth slightly open.

"Jason! Ohh! YES! OH!"

She was very loud as she came again and this time he was able to watch her face, overwhelmed with pleasure. It sent him over the edge too, saying her name as well. As she came back down, she slowly pulled herself off him, collapsing next to him on the pillow and still breathing heavily.

"I don't know if that was good for you, but it was pretty great for me," said Stephanie casually.

She had settled with her head on his shoulder, just in the perfect spot to trade a few kisses lazily before they fell asleep. After a few more rounds, they'd finally felt the exhaustion kick in as the sun was coming up.

"Hmm," she said, between light kisses, "I think we ought to team up more often."

"If it ends like this, I would agree."

Part of Jason still couldn't quite believe what had gotten into him. Stephanie Brown had been annoying and persistent when he first ran across her. But something between them had just clicked as they worked that case together. And he wasn't going to go around not noticing how hot she looked in the Batgirl costume.

He glanced at the lightening window, reflecting on how quickly he had decided he liked her. She was hopeful without being naïve, and so much stronger than what people seemed to give her credit for. And there was the eerie similarities of their times in red. She hadn't backed down from him and despite how she drove forward through difficult subjects, she understood. Despite all she had been through, there was a brightness in her that would not be quelled.

"Imagine what O is going to say now …" he trailed off, finding that her breathing had gotten steady and her eyes were closed.

He tucked the sheet around them a little more, rolling his eyes affectionately as she drooled a little on his shoulder.