Chapter 1 – A reunion


Hi guys! This is my first Game of Thrones and my first Gendrya fic. I got the whole idea from the Ed Sheeran song 'Kiss Me' and it's all kind of based around the lyrics.
Please keep in mind that I haven't read the books, I only watch the show.

I've fallen for your eyes
But they don't know me yet

It had been a good many years since Arya Stark had laid eyes on Gendry, son of Robert of House Baratheon and heir to the iron throne. In fact, the last time she had seen him, he was being carted off by a fire-haired witch as her heart broke. She had still been a young girl then, a child really. She had been grieving the death of her beloved father while becoming evermore caught up in the war that was wreaking havoc on the seven kingdoms.

Arya had been scared and lonely then. Gendry, the only one by her side, the only one there to cover her up on the cold nights. But much had changed since those days.

The Battle of King's Landing had yet to take place; the defeat of the Lannisters and of Stannis Baratheon at the hands of Daenerys Targaryen and Robb Stark's armies; the Alliance - a sacred and binding treaty between the three new ruling parties to sustain peace, freedom and equality - had not been formed; the white walkers not fought off by the dragons and their mother. It was a very different world they now lived in.

Now, Arya had not only grown into her role as Lady Stark of Winterfell, but, at 24, was an expert swordsman and archer. It was widely known that she was the strongest and most fierce warrior in the North, a force to be reckoned with. No man would dare challenge her without fear of pain or death.

And Gendry, climbing off of his horse in front of Arya, well he was a different man too.

There was silence as King Gendry dismounted in the rebuilt courtyard of Winterfell. A sign of respect, not fear. Nobody knelt.

When the King and his party were off their horses they stepped forward to greet the remaining members of the House of Stark.

"Welcome Your Grace," Robb's warm greeting rang out as he stepped forward to embrace the man. Gendry returned the gesture with ease, stepping back after a moment, though still maintaining a firm grip on Robb's shoulders.

"Who are you calling 'Your Grace', King in the North?" Gendry replied in a fake mocking tone and the men laughed together. "I trust you have both been well?" he went on to ask Robb and his wife Talisa, who stood at his side.

"We have," she replied smiling, pulled the twins, young Thea and Jon, to her side and ruffling their hair, "all of us." Gendry spoke with the kids for a good minute or so before moving on to greet Lady Sansa and her distinguished yet humble husband, the good-looking Lord Maerys Doulton from across the Narrow Sea. As they greeted one another, Sansa and Maerys' third-born, the six year old Brandon approached them from behind. He jumped forward - almost tripping as the helmet which adorned his head slipped over his eyes and the fur cloak which dwarfed him tangled around his feet – and attempted to scare his siblings Cate and Eddrick, who were standing proudly at their parents' side.

As Sansa scolded her mischievous son and Maerys and Gendry shared a smile, Arya, who looked on, was reminded of a different time, a different King's visit, a different adventurous and innocent child. Herself. Many many moons ago.

Bile rose in her throat as she thought of how history was repeating itself. No, everything is different now, she told herself trying to control the dread. There is no more war, no more unnecessary suffering or death.

Abruptly, Arya was torn from her thoughts. The King stood in front of her now. And she was alone. Though her brother and sister had both encouraged her many times over the past years to settle down and marry, there stood no man nor children at her side.

Slowly she lifted her eyes from the ground up to his face. A stubbly, unshaven chin; shoulder length brown hair; soft curving lips; straight nose; a faint set of frown and worry lines etched into his forehead. Each of these Arya registered individually before finally taking in the face before her fully. It was Gendry, changed but the same. Different from how she remembered and yet still himself.

As Arya looked into his eyes she saw both a man that she knew better than any other, with whom she had shared some of the most terrible and intimate experiences of her life, and a man that she knew not at all. Yet, at least.

It was only going to be a one-shot but it grew a bit in my mind so there will be a bit more (and possibly some more still if you review/give me feedback :P)
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