Hi. My name is Pi2. This will be my first entry into the Sonic category, so I hope you like it. As I said in the summary for this, it's not just another role reversal. You'll have to see for yourself. And I am sorry to say that Tails will not be appearing here. It's not that I don't like him, it's just that I can't think of much for him to do. Besides, I don't want to make him a villain. Sonic will also not be appearing. Well, he will, but only as a supporting character. Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this fanfic are copyrighted by Sega and Sonic Team. One character and place are copyrighted by Archie comics. One last character is owned by myself.

Okay, before we really start this story, I thought I should provide this brief character guide so you know who's who in this game.


Shadow the Hedgehog: Main character and hero. Discovered about a decade ago by Dr. Ivan Robotnik in a cryogenic capsule. Awakened with no memories of his previous life, due to a bullet imbedded in his skull. Found with a Chaos Emerald and cool hover shoes. Testing seems to indicate he was created, not born, and is the "Ultimate Lifeform." Flat-out refuses to be commercialized in anyway. Has rejected every movie deal, advertisement, toy production and TV series offered him. Hates reporters.

Amy the Hedgehog: Shadow's girlfriend. Created by leading scientist Professor Big in an attempt to make a female clone of Shadow. The experiment didn't work exactly the way it was supposed to. She is unable to use Chaos energy and is not as fast or as strong as Shadow, but compensates with a really big hammer. Loves Shadow.

Knuckles the Echidna: Guardian of the Master Emerald and resident hero of Angel Island and the city of Echidnaopolis. Self proclaimed treasure hunter and bachelor. Doesn't have much of a social life due to his inflexibility in his task as Guardian of the Master Emerald. Whenever the thing breaks, he has to go looking for the pieces.


Scales the Lizard: Cyborg found in a G.U.N. research facility. Anger and revenge against G.U.N fuel her motives and feelings. Her reasons for this are as of yet unknown. Her past a mystery to all but herself, she seems to know Shadow from somewhere.

Dr. Snively: Formerly Dr. Robotnik's lab assistant, Snively went renegade soon after the discovery of Shadow. Stealing many of Robotnik's greatest inventions, he conquered New York City and turned all of its citizens into machines. When he attempted to take over the East Coast, Shadow stopped him in his very first adventure. Since then, Snively has attempted multiple plans for world domination, all of which were thwarted by Shadow and friends. Currently has a new plan involving a certain lizard.

Rouge the Bat: Shady treasure hunter who stole the Master Emerald, causing a certain Echidna to come after her. After the thing broke, she offered her skills to Snively to help him hunt down the elusive Super Emeralds. Loves jewels, but her true purpose and motives are a mystery.

Okay, now that I've set that up, let's begin the story!

Day 1, 7:00 PM.

A military helicopter with the symbol for the government organization called GUN on the side flew high above the city of San Francisco. The pilot called ahead to their superiors at the top secret GUN headquarters. "This is Roger-Bravo-Delta, requesting orders, over." The reply came back. "Has the cargo been secured, over?" "Yes, we handcuffed the hedgehog to a pole, over." Said the pilot. There was a pause, then the guy on the other end said, "Uh, Roger- Bravo-Delta, you are aware that the subject is stronger than the average hedgehog, very cunning, not to mention has quills strong enough to cut through most metal, over?" The pilot blinked. "Um, no I was not aware of that, over." "Would you mind checking on the cargo to see if it is still secure, Roger-Bravo-Delta, over?" said the superior. "Right, just a minute, over." The pilot turned off the radio and poked his head through the door in the back of the cockpit. He saw the three other soldiers on the helicopter were lying on the floor, unconscious, and a black hedgehog with a white tuft of hair on his chest, red stripes on his spines, and some really neat looking gloves and shoes snapping what was left of the handcuffs on his wrists. The pilot quickly turned around and switched the radio back on. "Uh, sir, the hedgehog has gotten loose and taken out everyone on board! Requesting backup and.what was that noise?" the pilot said, hearing a loud bang. He quickly turned on the autopilot and ran into the main room of the helicopter. The door had been ripped off of its hinges. The pilot ran to the doorframe and looked out. He saw the black hedgehog clinging to one of the wings. "Hey, what are you doing? Get back in here or I'll shoot!" the man said, pulling out a gun. The hedgehog smirked. "No you won't. The wing has a fuel tank under it. If you shoot, you could risk destroying the helicopter." The hedgehog looked at the city below. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I have a date. So long." The hedgehog ripped off one of the wing flaps and jumped off, falling to the city below. The pilot cursed and ran back to the cockpit to call for assistance. The black hedgehog was, of course, Shadow. He had been nabbed by GUN on the way to his date with Amy Rose. He was more than a little angry that he was missing his date, mostly because he had been planning to propose that night. If he didn't show up, Amy might get mad enough to use her famous hammer on him at a later date. He would deal with Amy later, right now he had to get to his home, Dr. Robotnik's lab, to find out why he had been arrested in the first place. He held the flap over his head and activated the jets in his boots, seriously slowing his descent. When he was a couple of yards from the street, he put the wing flap under him and switched off the jets.

Stage 1: City Escape. Mission: Escape from the Military Pursuit

The flap hit the ground, Shadow landing on top of it. Using the wing flap as a sort of street board, Shadow started boarding down the road, getting many odd looks from the pedestrians on the sidewalks. He slid back and forth across the street, keeping from running into the many cars. He turned down a few side avenues, using his memory of the city's layout to get back home. After several near misses with cars and the sides of buildings, not to mention boarding off a couple of ramps, Shadow finally was launched off the side of a road, landing in a park. Since the ground was now flat, Shadow couldn't use the board any longer. He looked around and saw some big wooden crates blocking a staircase. He somersaulted into the crates, breaking them. He ran up the stairs. Two large Hunter series robots dropped from the sky and tried to shoot Shadow with their big guns. The hedgehog hit them both with a homing attack, destroying them and clearing the way. He ran into a short tunnel on his right, using the homing attack on the Hunter that tried to ambush him outside the tunnel. He ran down the long staircase in front of him, coming to another section of the park. Straight ahead was a staircase with a large pit full of metal pillars that went up and down. Shadow opted to take the stairs instead of the pillars. He followed the path at the top of the stairs to the left, destroying the Hunters that tried to shoot him. He ran through the archway the path led up to and ended up back in the streets. Checking the signs, he started running down the hill in front of him, once more watching out for cars. He ran down the many turns and corners on the street, finally arriving in a parking lot near another park. He ran past the cars and up one of the two brick stairways on a grassy hill. He ran through the tunnel on his left, destroying the Hunters in his path, and finding himself at the top of a long curved road for skateboarders, you know, a sort of half-pipe. He ran down the pipe, using the dash panels and his speed and momentum to run up the side of the wall. After a fun run down the pipe, he came to the end of the trail, which led to a straight path and some dash panel. He ran across the dash panels, allowing himself to run with extra speed down the path and up the big loop-de-loop and running down the side of the skyscraper right next to it. Shadow jumped off the side and used his jets to slow his descent as he neared the ground, landing in another park. Several robots of the Beetle series then attacked him. They fired lasers at him, but Shadow wiped out the whole swarm of Beetles with a chain of Homing Attacks. He ran along the path and up a brick stairway, killing the two Hunters at the top. He ran through a short tunnel and entered the streets of the city again. After another run down the side streets, ramps, and hills of the city, Shadow got to a large square that had an archway leading to another park area. Shadow thought, When did this city get so many parks? And headed through the archway. In front of him was a long, curving stairwell with an equally long railing. He could either walk, or do something really cool by grinding down the rail. He grinned and jumped onto the railing, his special shoes allowing him to skate down the metal rail. At the end, he hopped off and ran up a ramp to a platform next to a large pit. A spring was right on the edge. He jumped on the spring, launching himself onto a horizontal bar. He grabbed onto the bar and started swinging on it, picking up speed. He let go, launching himself from the bar and across the pit. At the other side of the pit was a pulley. He grabbed the pulley, which lifted him up to another section of the park. The path widened, leading downhill and through another half-pipe. Shadow started running towards the hill. Several Hunters dropped out of the sky and started shooting their guns at him. Shadow killed all the robots by running right between them. They turned after him, still firing their weapons, and blew each other up. Shadow ran down the half pipe, picking up incredible speed. At the end was another loop-de- loop. He ran around the loop and down the side of another skyscraper, landing in yet another park. There weren't any robots waiting to ambush him, which was a surprise. Shadow ran down the path ahead of him, past benches, bushes, and trash cans, until a Hunter lumped out of its hiding place behind a bush. Shadow somersaulted into the robot and ran to the right. A Beetle flew in his path. He destroyed it with a Homing Attack, and came to the next area. A large pit blocked his path. Several metal cylinders moved up and down in the pit. Shadow jumped to the closest one, using it as an elevator to get to the next cylinder. He jumped from cylinder to cylinder, finally getting across the pit. In front of him was another long, twisting stairway and rail. He hopped onto the railing and grinded down the stairs. At the bottom a Hunter leaped in front of him and was killed immediately by a somersault. Shadow was getting tired of this. If only his Chaos Emerald hadn't been taken from him! Then he could just warp back to the lab and be done with it. Ahead of him was an archway leading back to the streets. He checked the signposts and started running down the steep street ahead of him. As he was halfway down the long hill, he suddenly heard a very loud honking noise. He turned around. He gasped. Hurtling down the hill was a giant semi bearing the GUN logo. It was so big that it took up the entire street. People ran screaming as the truck smashed everything in its path, be it car, human, or anthropomorph. Shadow started running faster, not wanting to get caught under that thing's bumper. He saw a side street up ahead and ran down it, trying to lead the truck away from any more civilians. He was certain that more than a few had died already thanks to the truck. The truck roared after him, easily making the turn down the street. Shadow ran at full speed down the road, shouting at everybody that he passed to get indoors. Thankfully, one glimpse of the giant vehicle got everyone ahead of him to run into a building. Shadow looked ahead of him and saw only empty cars lining the sidewalks, no people. Breathing a sigh of relief, he kept going. He eventually reached the bottom of the street, where he rushed through an archway. He turned around and watched as the truck was unable to stop itself, crashing into the archway. The engine grille poked through the arch, blocking it. Shadow hoped the driver had died in the crash. He didn't know what the military was playing at here, but people were dying because of it. He shook his head in disgust and headed down the path before him. It led to a spring on the side of a building. He jumped onto the spring and was bounced onto a pulley. He grabbed onto it as it lifted him higher into the air. He jumped from the pulley to another one and was raised even higher. He saw a floating spring a short distance away. He let go of the pulley and used a Homing Attack to hit the spring, bouncing up to another pulley. It pulled him up and he saw another spring. He Homing Attacked to the spring, bouncing up to yet another pulley. It lifted him even higher. He saw a spring that moved up and down. He waited until it was high enough to jump to and made the leap. The spring bounced him up to one last pulley. Ahead of him was a bar he could swing from, but a Beetle with an electric force field blocked it. Shadow waited for the Beetle to lower the shield, then hit it with a Homing Attack. He used another Homing Attack while in the air to get to the bar. He swung on the horizontal pole a bit before launching himself into the air, landing on a ramp that would have been too big for him to just walk around. He ran down the ramp, finding himself back in the city streets again. He checked the signs and was pleased to see he was almost home. He ran down a few streets. It was now getting pretty late, so there weren't as many cars out. He soon ended up in a large square with an archway and a staircase in the back. In the center of the square was the Goal Ring. Shadow ran towards the center, leaping through the Goal Ring and ending the level.


Shadow walked down the stairs, and was in another big square. This one had a few parked cars in the lots in front of some houses and stores, and a green spot with trees in the center. There were a few advertisements and billboards on top of the buildings. A road led away from the other three sides of the square. Directly across from Shadow was the road leading home. He could see the nice big building with the EGGMAN INDUSTRIES neon sign on top of it at the end of the street, only a block away. "I'm almost home! GUN can't stop me now!" he said. That's when a really big robot dropped down from the top of a building and started walking towards him. It strode forward on two big bent-back legs, each with three "toe" pads. The legs connected to a large body with two intake vents on either side of the front, an even larger intake and rocket engine system on the body's underside, a visible cockpit on the body's top and a triple barrel machine gun right beneath the cockpit. Coming out of either side of the robot's back were two big boxes with hinged lids, probably missile launchers. Shadow groaned. "I just had to open my big mouth, didn't I?" He sighed. "Well, come on, let's do this!" he started towards the walker. The mech's pilot radioed in to his superiors. "This is F-6T Bigfoot of Scorpion Troop reporting in. I have the target in sight and am proceeding to intercept." "Roger." Said the guy on the other end.


The walker stomped towards Shadow, obviously intending to flatten him with its huge feet. Shadow backflipped from the walker, jumped into the air, and slammed into the cockpit with a Homing Attack. The glass cracked a little and the walker shuddered a bit. Shadow leapt back as the robot surged forward. He rolled between the walker's legs and waited for the next assault. Bigfoot turned around and jumped off the ground. Its legs folded up underneath it and its rockets came online. The machine gun started firing high-speed bullets at Shadow. Shadow ran in a circle as the walker kept turning after him, trying to kill him with a well-placed bullet. Of course, it would take more than a bullet to kill this hedgehog. He was the Ultimate Lifeform after all. Eventually, the machine gun ran out of ammo and needed a moment to reload. The robot landed. Shadow ran towards the machine and hit the cockpit with another Homing Attack. The glass cracked more. The robot stumbled backwards and took to the air again, the machine gun reloaded. As the gun started firing at Shadow, the hedgehog started running in a faster circle, until he was right behind the walker. Starting to move in a tight, inward spiral Shadow soon ended up right beneath Bigfoot, out of the line of fire. When the mech tried to fly away to get a better vantage point, Shadow just stayed right underneath the machine. Finally, the pilot got frustrated and tried to land. Shadow rolled out of the way as the mech hit the ground. He was about to hit the cockpit with another homing attack when suddenly; one of the two boxes opened up, revealing four missiles. The missiles launched, homing in on Shadow. Shadow ran away from the missiles, using his speed to outlast the fuel tanks on the rockets. They plowed into cars, their engines spent, and exploded. Shadow winced and ran back towards Bigfoot, which looked like it was about to fly again. He jumped up and scored a Homing Attack on the cockpit before the robot could get into the air. The machine wobbled, but still took off and started shooting depleted-uranium shells from the machine gun again. Shadow stepped under the Bigfoot again and did the same technique as before to frustrate the pilot. When the mech landed, Shadow jumped up and was about to do the Homing Attack when both missile boxes opened and eight missiles rocketed towards him. They exploded, sending Shadow crashing into one of the nearby buildings, making a big dent. He fell to the ground, not moving. F-6T started walking towards him. The pilot called HQ. "This is Bigfoot. The hedgehog seems to be down, repeat, the subject seems to be down." "Roger that. Subdue the subject and take him to Prison Island headquarters." Said his contacts. "Roger. Over and out." Said the pilot. The walker stood over Shadow and was about to launch a capture net when Shadow suddenly got up. Stammering, the pilot called HQ. "Mayday! Mayday! The hedgehog is back up! Send backu-" He was silenced forever as Shadow performed another Homing Attack, smashing in the cockpit and sending razor-sharp glass into the pilot. He slumped, dead. Bigfoot lurched and fell over, inert. Shadow panted and got down from the machine. "I wish I hadn't had to do that, he left me no choice." Said Shadow to himself. "Well, time to go home." He started walking towards the path leading to the laboratory, thinking to himself that the doctor would be able to clear things up and if he ended up in court, the lawyers would be able to get him off on a charge of self-defense. It had been true, after all. He heard a noise, something landing on the robot behind him. He whirled around, and gaped at what he saw. "What the?" Standing on top of the fallen mech was what looked like a female anthropomorph lizard. Her flesh was orange-red, and the underside of her tail was yellow. The long, flexible appendage ended in two sharp, curved blades. Her two legs were bent back, but designed so that they allowed her to walk like most people and not like, say, a dinosaur. Her feet looked like the feet of a velociraptor, complete with talons and special scythe claw. She wore two metal rings around her ankles. A red transparent dome filled with complex machinery and a black Chaos Emerald was on her back. Cables came out of the dome, going into her back and up her long neck where they connected to the base of her skull. She had two long arms with elbow spikes and four-fingered claws. She had two bracelets similar to her anklets. Her head was sleek and reptilian, with nostril slits and intelligent, yellow eyes. Her mouth was full of small, sharp teeth and a snake's tongue. A sort of metal capsule grew from the spot between her eyes, with a blue crystalline window in it containing some sort of a microchip. In her right hand she was holding a large green jewel, similar in appearance to a Chaos Emerald but larger. She had not noticed Shadow yet. "It all starts with this, a jewel containing the ultimate power." The lizard said to herself. "That's the city's Super Emerald! What are you doing with that?" asked Shadow, astonished. The lizard looked down, noticing Shadow. Her eyes bulged and she almost slipped off of hr perch on the machine. "Sh-Shadow? Is that really you?" she asked, sounding shocked and a little happy. Shadow frowned. "Have we met?" The lizard blinked and her expression turned sad. "You don't.you don't remember me? Well, I guess that's to be expected." she said, disappointed. "I have no idea who you are. What are you doing with that Emerald? It belongs to the city. Give it back." Said Shadow. The lizard looked even sadder. "I'm sorry Shadow, but I can't give this up. I need it more than you can imagine. I also regret that you do not remember me." Shadow started towards her. "I don't know how you know me, but we can talk about being reacquainted after you give me that Super Emerald!" The lizard shook her head and held the jewel close. "Chaos.Control!" The black Emerald in her back flashed. The lizard disappeared in a flash of light, reappearing on a building on the other side of the square. Shadow's jaw dropped. "That was the Chaos Control! How do you know how to do it? Who are you?!" The lizard smiled a little. "I was born with the ability to use the power of the Emeralds, Shadow, as were you. As for my name." she said, pausing for dramatic tendency. "My name is Scales, the world's Ultimate Lifeform." "But that's impossible, I'm the Ultimate Lifeform!" Scales' smile broadened. "We both are. But for now, I must bid you farewell. Chaos Control!" She vanished again in a flash of green light. Shadow shielded his eyes from the flash. When she was gone, he said, "Scales, what is she?" Suddenly, several bright lights were shone on him. "Huh?" Several police cars, cops, and helicopters now faced Shadow, all with their guns trained on him. "Put your hands up, you are under arrest!" yelled one of the police officers. Shadow considered making a run for it or attacking the cops, but he knew he wouldn't survive either way. Reluctantly, he put his hands up, surrendering.

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