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It begins...

America leaned back in the couch, stretching. Arthur was leaning against America's chest, waiting for his daughter to arrive with DC.

Ottawa was sitting in the floor in between her father's knees. She was bent over a PSP, growling silently at the scene. Canada chuckled and ruffled his child hair. She looked just like Canada, but with thicker glasses frames and the curl was missing.

"Dad don't distract me!" Ottawa whined, "She's kicking my ass."

Tokyo smirked, moving to a more comfortable spot on her father's lap. Japan was watching the fighting match on Tokyo's PSP scene, his fingers running thorough her long hair. Tokyo had long dark brown hair and eyes like her dad.

"I still can't believe you knew beforehand." America called to his Asia friend. Japan just smiled.

"You met Osaka once. When you can that first time." Japan said. America screwed up his face, trying to remember.

"The teen?" He asked, "With the ponytail?"

Japan nodded. Tokyo started laughing as Ottawa cursed, almost throwing her PSP down.

"Did you get beat again?" DC asked, walking into the room with London. Ottawa stuck her tongue out at her cousin.

DC laughed and stopped in front of the coffee table. London sat down next to England, smiling. England hugged her briefly then looked over at DC.

"I've got emails from the others." She said, holding up a stack of papers. "They're scared, but ready."

America nodded then said, "There's going to be a lot more people at meetings now."

England laughed in agreement.

"Who emailed first?" He asked. DC held out one of the papers. England looked at the paper and groaned.

"I hope she isn't like him." He said, handing the letter back. London just laughed.

"What about the others?" Canada asked. DC and London just smiled.

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