Chapter 1


Shin could remember the day like it was yesterday, mostly because the scene kept replaying itself in his head incessantly. It had been like his whole existence had lost meaning, because the moment his lover had gone away, nothing was the same. He looked at the world with such sad eyes now, his music played in sad tunes. On some days he couldn't even take it upon himself to play his beautiful hand-made harp, mostly because it reminded him of his first encounter with Judas, and the promise of an in-home concert. That promise had been the beginning of the nights he and Judas would spend together, listening to the chords of the harp float through the air and into their ears, but the same couldn't be said for Judas anymore; he was now a solitary note just waiting for someone to pluck the strings to let him free once again.

The same could be said for Rei. Not a day had passed that everything he saw reminded him of his beloved Luca. Whenever he went outside, he would look into the sky and remember a time where both he and Luca soared above the clouds, together, with only the flapping of their wings in the air. If it wasn't that, then as he stood at the window of his room, looking at the forest that encompassed his house, he would hear the songs of the birds and be reminded of the freedom that Luca didn't have, the one he'd probably never receive.

It had been only three days since the fateful battle with Zeus and three days since Judas's and Luca's betrayal to the Six Saint's Beasts. Neither of them could have fathomed such outright revolt, but it wasn't like it wasn't seen. Both Judas and Luca had expressed their concerns about the growing condition of Heaven, even Goh, but that didn't mean he was going to go to war with the god in an effort to change the system! Their six man team had dwindled to four, but that four was feeling only like two.

Shin and Rei- since that very day their loves were deported from Heaven and sent into the fiery depths of Hell- had never been the same. Goh and Gai had given the men their space, knowing how hard it must have been to those two especially. They were hurting, of course, but Goh knew how close they were to the exiled; it was not at all the same in his and Gai's case. Tonight, he decided, was the last night. He wanted to help Shin and Rei get over the loss, no matter how hard it may have seemed. He knew Zeus wasn't going to let them wither away for the rest of their lives, and Goh knew that if he got to them first, he could save them from Zeus's prude methods, not to mention, they were still Saint's Beasts, protectors of all animals and humans. If they weren't at the top of their game when they were called for duty things could only get worse.

Gai walked into the room and went straight for Goh who was out on his balcony, looking over the palace. "Goh," he said, turning so that he was facing the house and his back was on the railing, "what are we going to do about the others? They seem really sad. Rei went back to his house, and I can't find Shin anywhere."

"Gai, I've decided that we need to get them back on track. I know that it's hard but they have to deal with it. How will the other angels deal with this if they knew their protectors were in this much of a mess?"

"But Goh…" said Gai trying not to catch his eyes. He shook his yellow hair and stopped what he was going to say. "How will you do that?"

Goh had wanted Gai to finish what he was saying, but he thought it better to wait until Gai was ready to tell him; it seemed important. "Tomorrow morning we will go and get them and make them understand. We have a job to do and no matter how tough it is, they have to deal with it differently. They cannot lock themselves up and hide out all day."

"I guess you're right Goh." Gai turned to Goh and looked him in the eye. Intense emotion had been stirring up inside of him the moment he stepped foot upon the balcony. "I just want us to be like we were back then, before we became the Beasts, and…" Goh walked up to the man and placed his hand on Gai's head.

"Gai, I know, but this is the reality of it. We only have our memories now." Gai had always been the care-free one of the group, so it pained Goh to see the man worrying so much. "Let's go eat some food; I'm sure that'll cheer you up."

"And can I have some fried chicken too… Rei would never let me have that…"

Goh smiled at Gai. "Of course Gai, you can have whatever you like." Gai, happy, and completely changed of heart, ran out of the room to the kitchen on the lower floor.

Rei looked out into the sky noticing the orange and yellow hues of the setting sun. He moved from the window, and paced back and forth. The songs of the birds had long since quieted and the only thing that could remind him of his pain was darkened (it held no real meaning to fly in the nighttime to him). Rei went through his closet and brought out his cloak. He had been thinking something, something crazy, but it was time he finally went through with it.

Shin threw the harp onto his bed. Never before had he been a violent person, but today his music had all but threw him off a cliff. It was still sad, and no matter how sad it was, he would always be sent back to the time when Judas listened to his songs. He couldn't stand it anymore; something had to be done about this… this feeling that kept coming back to him every time he thought of Judas. He knew it was crazy, and he knew everything would be lost should he get caught, but it was something he was willing to risk.

Rei walked through the forest, careful not to be seen by any of the angels that chose to walk there that same night as he. If he was spotted all would be lost, and he was sure that nothing would stop him from getting to where he was going. He continued through the silence, trees rustling from the wind, telling him to go back. It wasn't an easy journey to the Tears of Life spring, especially since it had the power to bring an angel to the lower world, to Earth. That was nothing for Rei though, he was on a mission, and he was going to see it through.

Rei felt the wind once more, but this time it brought the scent of water with it. Gasping he started to run; he was close by. After all of the treacherous obstacles he had faced, he was finally in front of the spring. He cried out loud, outwardly smiling his content. As he approached, he heard a branch crack behind him, and he went stiff.

"What are you doing here?" Rei recognized the voice as an old one, one he hadn't heard for what seemed like forever. It was of course only three days, but three was long enough. Rei turned around to greet Shin, and as Shin walked up to him, Rei saw him at his worst he's ever seen him before.

Three days ago, Shin had been a well-kept and beautiful angel but now, Shin looked a mess. His eyes had been red from his crying, and his hair that was usually tied back in a bow was down, unkempt, waving as the wind blew by. Rei smiled; he probably looked just as bad too. "Shin," he started, what are you doing here?"

"I asked you first Rei. Are you planning on going back to Luca?"

Rei was surprised. "And let me guess, if you're here then that must go for you too. You wanted to see Judas too."

Shin could neither confirm nor decline. They stood in silence, neither of them knowing what to do at this moment in time. "Shin, I miss Luca. He was everything to me, and…"

"You don't need to explain yourself Rei. I completely understand what you are going through. The one you love was taken from you and you have spent these last days deciding whether to mourn or do something." Closing his eyes to the coolness of the night, he pushed his glasses up on his nose. "You chose to do something, just like I did."

"Shin…" said Rei with a smile.

"Let's go, we might as well go together…"

"We can get in real trouble Shin, think about what you are doing."

Shin smiled at his companion and took a bottle full of the spring's water. "I've come this far Rei, so please, let's go."

"Right," he said taking hold of Shin's hand. Shin took a sip of the water and in seconds, they were transformed into a small yellow ball that floated to the highest part of the sky, before falling through the clouds to the human world.

It was dark in the human world when the angels landed in the clearing. They were far from everything. There was nothing for miles, and what was worse, they didn't know exactly where they were, let alone how they were going to get to Hell, or break the seal, if that was possible. Rei and Shin walked a few feet to the west before looking around for any hint of magical power. "Shin, don't you know this stuff best? Do you even know how we can open the gates to Hell?"

"Actually I've been researching that, and I only came across one thing in a book."

"What was that?" asked Rei intrigued. They were still walking west from where they had landed, yet even after about what seemed an hour, they still could not find any sign of life or a town or a village.

"Supposedly there is a cave, though I don't know where… I'd have to ask someone about the whereabouts or the details of the legend…" He shook his head and looked at Rei. "I'm sorry, but I don't know where its location is. This'll be a tough job, but we have to finish this before Zeus finds out."

"If he finds out we know what'll happen."

"Yeah, hopefully we can avoid that."


Goh hurried down the steps the next morning, Gai at his sides. They both ran from the front door, racing to the edge of the palace. "Haha, I won!" said Goh.

"That's not fair, Goh, you are already faster than me."

"Oh but I wasn't using all my speed; you were just unusually slower than usual!" Goh jumped out of the way as Gai attempted to hit him.

"Why you…" he said his fangs growing on his face.

"Hey, your fangs… now hurry over to Rei and bring him back here. I'll get Shin."

"You got it Goh. I'll have Rei back here in no time."

Gai ran to the forest and followed the path to Rei's house. The path was etched in his mind. He had been going over Rei's for as long as he could remember; they were good friends, even if Rei loved picking on him. The house was a small log cabin type of house. It was surrounded with flowers and trees, and gave the best view of wandering animals. When Gai reached the house, he saw the closed window. "Isn't Rei here? Usually it'd be open…" He went to the door and knocked. "Hey Rei," he yelled, "open up! Let me talk to you." When the first bout of knocking went unanswered, he kept up the slamming. "Rei?" He moved his hand to the doorknob and twisted it, shocked to find that it was unlocked. "Rei?" he asked, concern tinting his voice.

Rei was nowhere to be found when Gai arrived inside. The usually clean and kept house of Rei was a mess. Books were spewed every which way, and food had not only littered the kitchen and the table, but also the living room too! Gai knew Rei loved to cook for all emotional aspects of his life, but this was overdoing it. Pies and cakes filled the stove, while meat and bread lined the counters. Gai went to a cake and cut himself a piece. "Mmm, this is good. Rei!" he called once more. "I'm going to finish all your food!" Taking the rest of the cake with him, and a few others in a bag, Gai hurried back to the palace to tell Goh the news.

When Goh arrived at Shin's house, he first saw the harp on the bed. This was the same hand-made harp that he knew was so special to the angel. He had seen him work on it for so many days, and seeing it carelessly thrown onto the bed told him something was wrong. Goh looked around the house for anymore signs of where Shin could've gone. He went to the man's library. It wasn't as grand as the library in the palace, but it held its own compared to the size of the small house. Books were set out over the table and interestingly enough, they were all spell and magic books. Goh picked one of them up, one that had been left on the top, and read the open page. Goh needn't read the whole thing, the moment he saw 'Hell' and 'gate', he grew concerned. The angel ran out of the house and back to the palace. Hopefully Zeus didn't know about this, but that was a long shot.

Goh made it back to the palace just as Gai entered into the yard. His face was covered in white confectionery, and his mouth full of the cake. He mumbled something that Gai figured he already knew. "Rei's gone too huh?" he said. They sat on the bench that stood in front of the fountain after walking into the garden. "So is Shin."

"Where do you think they went?" Gai had already eaten his fare share of deserts, but talking out loud about his missing friends, caused his hunger to be taken away. "I miss them."

Goh stood up, sitting closer to Gai. "I know Gai, and that's not the worst part."

"There's a worse part?"

"Yeah," Goh nodded. "Why do you think they left?"

"Judas and Luca…"

"Exactly. We have to find them before…" Goh heard footsteps coming toward them and he instantly shut his mouth. Pandora stood with a smile in front of the duo. "Pandora," Goh said with unhidden distrust.

"Goh, Gai. Master Zeus would like to see you." Pandora turned away.

"You don't think…" asked Gai concerned. He got up to follow Pandora when Goh stopped him.

"You're a mess Gai," he said. Goh leaned in close to the angel, who backed up a bit.

"What are you doing?"

"Your face is a mess," Goh said calmly, "you can't see Zeus like that."

"There's no napkin. How are you going to wipe my face?"

"I'll find a way Gai." Goh leaned forward and brought his hand to the angel's messy face. His finger traced the confection on his face, gathering the bigger pieces to him. He put his finger in his mouth, and licked the sugary goodness clean. "There, all better." Gai blushed deeply, walking ahead of Goh quickly. Goh laughed at his companion.

Goh and Gai stepped into Zeus's chamber, bowing before him as he spoke. "My Saint's Beasts," said Zeus, "it seems you have been reduced to only two." Gai and Goh looked at each other, saying nothing. "I know about Shin and Rei, and I have to say, you know what happens next."

"Zeus please," tried Goh, "we can get them back, they don't have to…"

"Be quiet. It must be done and you know it. We have already lost two of our Beasts to Hell, and now two others had gone after them. We cannot allow them to open the gates to Hell, so you two, will have to stop them."

"But Zeus we can't kill Shin and Rei!" yelled Gai, "They are our friends!"

"I don't care what they are to you. They will destroy the balance of the world, and I cannot allow that. You two will go down to Earth and stop them." Goh nodded reluctantly as Gai remained silent; they walked out into the hall.

"Goh, are we really going to kill them…?"

"We have no choice right now Gai, we have no choice."

Zeus looked at his orb and sighed as Heros walked into the chamber soon after Gai and Goh. "What is it?" he asked his son.

"Father, I don't think that what you chose was the best course of action." Heros looked at Zeus, waiting for a response.

"What do you propose Heros? I choose what I want my Beasts to do, and I will not have any more of them turning to betray me."

"Father, you don't understand. They aren't going to betray you. They went down there because they wanted to be with their friends. They aren't trying to let them go! They are just going to be with them!"

"You can't say that for sure, and I am not going to take any chances."

"You…" said Heros seething, "I will take the throne from you and make Heaven right. You have made the worst of mistakes and when the time comes, I will take over." Heros walked out of his father's chamber. Zeus slammed his hand down on his throne. How dare Heros say that to him? Zeus understood exactly what Heros was saying though, because the events that befell him those days ago, had really disturbed the balance on Heaven, and he knew that if he didn't get things on the right track, he'd be taken off the throne, and by force if it happened to come to that. He could only hope that his Beasts made it in time for him to disperse all the negative feelings that were building up in his body.

He called for Pandora. "I want you to follow them, and make sure they finish the job. Take Cassandra with you."

"Yes your highness."


Heros watched the two remaining Saint's Beasts in front of him. They had just drunk the Spring of Life's water and were glowing with rainbow lights. They disappeared only a few moments later, when he decided to come on out. "I can't let them do this; it isn't right." He produced his own water from the spring, and readied to down it when Cassandra walked up to him.

"I'm sorry to disrupt you sir," he said with a smile, "but the Goddess was wishing to see you." Heros sighed and went on his way to his mother. Pandora appeared soon after Heros had left the scene. "Are we leaving now?" asked Cassandra.

"Yes, we have to make sure the Beasts do what Zeus wants."


Shin and Rei had walked far into the deserted land until finally, they came across a village. They ran into the village as if they had been wandering for days on end with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. They were invited to dine with the villagers, and offered a nice bath and fresh food and water. The duo ate to their hearts content, and bathed until they were also fresh. It all felt good, but they had a reason for staying as long as they did. As another woman put in front of them a plate of food, Shin asked if they had access to a library. The woman smiled at him and pointed to a building across from them.

Shin and Rei, the moment they set foot inside of the grandiose library, searched for the book that would get them to open Hell's gate. It was a legend, Shin remembered, but all the legend and folklore books he had found had nothing to do with that sort of thing. Rei too, was at a loss, and he searched with all his heart. "I can't find anything at all," said Rei, "what about you?"

"Nothing, I'm at a complete loss." Rei sat next to Shin and put his hands on his shoulder. Nothing was said between the two, but they looked at each other and regained the confidence to search again. As they got up, they heard a voice behind them.

"So the pure and innocent Saint's Beasts are looking for a way to get into Hell huh?" Shiva sat down at the table and looked through the books. "I know how to get to Hell."

Rei and Shin gasped. "Really, are you able too?" asked Rei.

"Of course, you know I left with Judas. I am able to transition between the living world and Hell at free will. I could help you if you want."

"We'd be able to see Luca and Judas, Shin."

Shiva stood up and walked to the door. "Follow me and you'll be able to see them."


Goh looked around and noticed the village out into the distance. "Gai, get on my back, we have to get to them, and I'm not going alone. We both have to be there to talk to them."

"I don't need you to–"

Goh cut him off. "I don't have time for this." He pulled Gai into his hands and ran at full speeds toward the village. All the while Gai had taken it upon himself to whine and complain to Goh. When they reached the village, they asked around if two men had come around before them. The villagers told them what they wanted to know, leading them to the library. As they approached, Goh saw three angels walking away from the library.

"Shin, Rei," yelled Goh.

"Rei, Shin," yelled Gai. They ran to their friends, but the others had only started to run away from the yelling duo. Goh hadn't wanted either of them to get away, so grabbing Gai again, and holding him bridal style, Goh reached the three rouge angels.


Heros entered the Goddess's chambers and kneeled before her as she waited for him to right himself. "Heros, my son," she said in an angelic voice, "you were about to go and follow the Beasts were you not?"

"Mother," he argued, "I cannot stand by and watch Father destroy Heaven any longer. He cannot rule, and many have noticed his ways are no longer pure!"



"I believe you are correct." Heros looked at his mother. He was sure there would at least be some form of disputation, but she too wanted what was best for Heaven; she always had. "Long before Judas and Luca became the Saint's Beasts, they had always wondered about the standing of Heaven and the roles Zeus had in that forming. They were always doubtful about the ways your father took and finally they broke, taking matters into their own hands. I know if this goes on the way it is, things will only replay themselves, and the whole circle will start again. I want you to take over your father's throne, and you cannot be on Earth to accomplish that."

"Mother I understand, but I sense those angels will need my help."

"When they need help, you will sense it, and you will go to their aid. Until then, you must work to take the throne from your father. He knows you are a threat and will work to defeat you; be careful my son."

"But what about you? If he truly knows everything, then won't he know that you were the one to help me? I don't want to get you in trouble…"

The Goddess laughed and walked to her son Heros. His hair was white like Zeus's, but that was the only thing he had gotten from his father. He took her kindness, and her general appearance, as well as her sense of duty. "You don't worry about me. I've been around your father long enough to know how he thinks. He wouldn't dare hurt me, but you, he can't stand someone taking what he thinks is rightfully his."


Shiva snarled at the two men who came flying over to them at amazing speeds. When Goh stopped, Gai and Rei, though usually sour to each other, couldn't help but to hug. "Rei, I missed you. Shin…"

"What are you guys doing?" said Goh getting to the point.

"We need to see them, Goh, please understand," said Rei with a desperate look.

"Look, I understand, but you can't just abandon all you have done. What about the Saint's Beasts? Your duty?"

"Goh," said Shin keeping his face to the horizon. He couldn't stand looking at either one of them right now. He too missed them, but Judas meant too much to him; he couldn't give up after getting this far. "You don't understand."

Shin pulled Rei and took Shiva by the arms and hurried in the direction they were heading towards. They would've gotten farther down the road if Goh hadn't stopped them.

"You know why we're here, and you know what we don't want to do…" Rei looked between Goh and Gai. Once upon a time he said the same thing to Luca, but it didn't matter. Luca still left him there in Heaven all alone.

"We know, Goh, and we are ready for you. We will not back down in our mission. We will see Luca and Judas," screamed Rei ready to attack.

Goh also got into his stance, and when he started to move, Gai stopped him. "No!" Shiva took this as a chance, and pulled the two angels forward with him. Goh tried to go after them, but Gai still held him in place. Goh broke free of Gai too late, they were already gone.

"Gai what the hell were you thinking?!" Gai avoided Goh's eyes and fell onto the ground. He looked on the verge of crying. Goh lightened his approach. "Why did you do that?"

"Goh…" The way Gai was talking had gotten Goh worried.

"What is it?"

"They have a point Goh! I understand how they feel!" Goh walked up to the downed Angel of the Earth and patted his back.

"What are you talking about?"

"Rei and Shin… I know how they feel!"

"You know how they feel? About what?" Gai looked straight at Goh and smiled sadly. He lifted his hands to Goh's face and caressed his cheeks. "What is it Gai?"

"If I ever lost you I wouldn't know what to do…" Goh had barely heard what Gai had said mostly because it was a soft murmur.

"Gai… I would never leave you, and you would never lose me. Not on my watch." Gai blushed and looked away from Goh, but he was truly excited at the notion of Goh and him always being together. Goh laughed and brought Gai to face him. Gai got an even darker shade of red as he waited for Goh to make his move. Goh smirked at Gai's expectancy, and ruffled his hair as he got up to follow the angels. "Get up Gai, we can't go back until we find them."

"Goh, you jerk!" said Gai baring his fangs at the dual eye-colored angel.


Shiva led the two Saint's Beasts to a cave that stood only a few miles of the outskirts of the village. They entered the darkened and damp cavern, following Shiva until they hit a dead end. "Shiva," said Shin, "where are we?"

"We, my good sir, are at the entrance to Hell's Gate!" As he said this, lights of all sorts shone brightly in the cave. Tribal engravings were revealed and they moved as the light shone brighter and brighter. The marks began to swirl before the three angels and finally, when they began to slow, a hole appeared in the wall of the cave. Dark energy shot out at them the moment they saw the hole appear. The opening grew bigger and bigger until it was about a size for them to fit through. Taking the lead ahead of Shin and Rei, Shiva led the angels to exactly who they wanted to see.

Judas and Luca were sitting on their stone thrones, watching the fiery flames of Hell flicker to and fro in front of them. They were bored in this life; there was nothing better to do than to sit around and watch their subjects as they did their work. The door opened, and Judas turned to see Shiva walking out. He was about to ask him something when all voice had died away from his mouth. Luca must've felt the same way because he too, was standing next to Judas wide-eyed.

Shiva smiled and introduced the angels, as if they didn't already know each other. Shiva knew that Judas loved Shin, and it was only part of his plan to get Shin to be here. If things played out in his favor, his goal may be met.

Luca walked over to Rei as if he hadn't believed it was possible to see the man again. He touched the man's deep purple hair before whispering his name. "Rei…"

"Luca," said Rei looking into his eyes. It had been so long since they looked at each other like that, and it felt good to the both of them to have the feeling envelop them.

"Shin," asked Judas jumping off of the stone throne and in front of the blue-haired angel. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you Judas… I just couldn't…"

"Rei, you too?" asked Luca, He said nothing, but contrary to their expected reunion, they were met with furious yells.

"How could you do something like that?!" yelled Judas, talking to the both of them now. "We were sent to Hell for what we did, and you guys had made your decision up in Heaven!"

"Judas, we know we made our decision," said Shin placing his hand on his heart, "but you never gave us a choice. Why would you leave us? How could we choose when we knew what you were doing was wrong?!"

"Then if you knew it was wrong, what are you doing here?!"

"We realized," said Rei, standing beside Shin, "that we had cared about you more than Heaven. Heaven wasn't the same with out the two of you and we just couldn't continue living like that!"

Never before had Luca heard this from Rei or Judas from Shin for that matter. They sighed. "Alright, you saw us, now leave. Hell is no place for two pure angels." Shin and Rei stood their ground.

"We came all this way and almost fought our friends. You cannot expect us to just go back!" Luca looked at Judas. He would usually know what to do at a time like this.

"Fine, but don't say we didn't warn you." Judas walked over to his throne, and Shin followed after him, sitting right underneath him as if the spot had been made for him. "We aren't the same people you knew in Heaven and things have already changed." Shin could tell in his voice, as well as his eyes, that things have changed, but he didn't care; he was with his Judas.

"We understand," said Rei taking his place next to Luca, "we came here to be with you, not stop you."

Shiva had slipped away after the silence had begun. He truly hated that Shin had come around and taken Judas's attention from him, especially since when he was the only capable henchman, he had all time to spend with Judas… whenever Luca wasn't around. He walked away to his own place just waiting for the next mission. Shin and Rei, he knew, were nice angels and they'd never be able to participate in the acts that Judas and Luca participated in. If anything, it'll show the alpha angels how useless the beta angels were to them, and when that happens, Shiva will have Judas all too himself once more.

Judas and Luca hadn't entirely said their truest feelings when they saw the men walking behind Shiva. Of course they were glad to have their loves by their side, but they never wanted for them to see the evil that had grown in their hearts. As much as they wanted to stop what they were already planning to do, they couldn't. It had taken days to plan and it was a big step in fulfilling Lucifer's earlier goal: getting the angels to Hell, since Hell was truly a real paradise.

When hoards of demons kneeled before the two angels, Shin and Rei exchanged confused glances. Judas stood up and directed the demons to Shiva, who opened the door, and let them into the world. "Go and take over the village; show them the path to paradise."


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