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Chapter 1

Harry sat in the back of Vernon's car staring out the window. As the buildings flew by he began to think. He thought about his life. His education. His friends. Everything. During his musing Harry realized that he could not trust anybody, especially Ron and Hermione. Their blind faith in Dumbledore was just too great. He might be able to trust Sirius but he would have to ask. He was so deep in thought that he found himself alone in the car at his "home." With a sigh he got out and made his way up the stairs to the smallest bedroom.

His thoughts were interrupted by a yell of: "Boy! Get in here!"

With a sigh Harry made his way downstairs. "Yes?" He asked.

"We're going to have some ground rules this summer. One: you are not to do m-magic of any kind. Two: you will do all your chores properly. Three: if there are no chores then you will either stay in your room and make no noise or go outside. Four: you will be respectful at all times. Am I clear? If so then get out of my sight."

Harry went back up the stairs slowly wondering how he could possibly survive the summer. Entering his room he was shocked to see Sirius sitting on his bed, grinning like an idiot.

"Hey kid," Sirius said.

"What are you doing here? Vernon will go crazy if he sees you," Harry whispered.

"Then let's go somewhere else." With that Sirius opened the window and jumped out. Harry however, went down the stairs and after explaining to his Aunt Petunia what he was doing, walked out the front door. As he reached the road, Sirius joined him and quietly they went to the park.

"Muffliato," Sirius said holding a new wand.

"Where did you get that?" Harry asked pointing at his wand.

"Bought it at Knockturn Alley. Apparently they don't care if you're on the run or not as long as you pay full price," Sirius explained. "Anyways, enough about me. Time to get serious. I spoke to Fred and George and we had an idea."

"Sirius…" Harry began. "I've been thinking. I can't stay here anymore. There's too much going on and with Dumbledore meddling I need to leave."

"Really? Harry that's brilliant! I was coming here ready to try to convince you the same thing. You really are a Marauder's child." With that they began planning.

"So basically me, you, Fred, and George are gonna leave for America right now because you have it all handled. We're going to take all of our money, transfer it to a Gringotts branch in America. Then we get on a plane and fly to Toronto. From there we fly to Miami and find a place to stay for the night. Then what?" Harry asked. Sirius had just finished explaining the Order of the Phoenix as well as his ideas on how to leave.

"Well, Fred is looking for magical schools in the area while George is talking to a real-estate agent. Then we enroll you three in school while I find a job and we'll be home free," Sirius finished.

"Yes. But there is a minor problem you seem to have overlooked. I believe its called DUMBLEDORE!"

"I got it all figured out," Sirius stated. "The four of us send a howler to the Order explaining what we did, that we don't care, and that they shouldn't come after us. Then we try to forget about them."

"Do you really think that's going to sit well with any of them."

"Not at all. But Lupin's going to show me their faces when it's delivered."

"OK. Sounds good. Do you want to bring meet Lupin there or something?"

"Actually he's in on it. He is going to be our spy on the inside and make sure we aren't caught."

"Wow you've really thought about this haven't you?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. Azkaban gives you a lot of time to think," Sirius said morosely. "But anyways we should go to Diagon Alley and talk to Gringotts." With that Sirius pulled out his wand put on a few glamour charms and called the Knight Bus. As they arrived at the Leaky Cauldron, Sirius paid the fee and they walked in, out the back, and towards Gringotts Bank. Upon arrival Sirius and Harry saw Fred and George and quickly hurried over.

"So, Harry."

"We Heard."

"That you were."

"Running away," they finished together. "Let's go see your vault."

"Hi. I'd like to see the Potter Vault," Harry said approaching the counter.

"Key please," the goblin replied. Harry took out the key and handed it to the goblin. "This is not the key to the Potter vault. This is the key to the trust vault. The Potter Vault requires a different key."

"How do I get the Potter Vault key?"

The goblin took out a sheet of black paper and said, "Put some blood on this paper. If it turns red the key will appear. If it turns green you will be arrested for thievery from Gringotts." Harry apprehensively pricked his finger and squeezed out a drop of blood onto the page. With a flash it turned red and a large gold key appeared with a red ruby in the middle. "Very well then. I will call a goblin to take you to your vault. Sharptooth!" A Goblin wearing a black three-piece suit came over. "Take these four to vault 228."

"Alright Mr. Potter, here you are. Vault 228."

"Great! How do I get in?" Harry asked. Fred and George snorted with laughter.

"You take the key, put it in the lock, and twist. Then it opens," Sirius explained while arriving from a different cart. Harry did as he was told and the vault door slowly creaked open revealing a massive vault twice the size of the Hogwarts Great Hall and also… empty.

"What the hell? Why's it empty?" Harry asked confused.

"We have a ward on the larger vaults that makes it look empty from the outside. That way if the door gets blasted open, which is unlikely, people will get discouraged. It was meant to make everything disappear but the leading spell creator got Drogon Pox and had to stop. This is what ended up happening. Step inside please," Sharptooth instructed. Harry walked forward and immediately hundreds of thousands of galleons exploded into view startling him. With a cry Harry leapt backwards and collided with Fred who fell into George who fell into Sirius who fell onto the ground in a heap.

"Ok. Let's try this again." Harry stepped forward a second time, prepared. Once again galleons exploded into view. Awed the four wizards sifted through the gold and silver. At the very back there was a massive shelf with almost every book known to wizards. There were also robes, battle robes, wands, and almost every weapon imaginable. When they were done exploring Harry put 10,000 galleons in a bottomless bag and they went back to the surface.

"May we speak to an advisor?" Sirius asked when they reached the lobby.

"Certainly," the goblin replied leading them to a side room. "Right this way sirs." They went through a door and into a large office. As they sat down another goblin walked in the room.

"Good evening," he said. "My name is Ragnok and I am the head goblin for Gringotts Bank. How may I help you?"

"Well we were going to move to America and need a way to transfer our money. We were hoping you could help us." Harry explained.

"Alright then. There is a transfer fee of 1 galleon per 10,000 galleons moved from here to America. Also if you wish us to transfer objects there is a fee of 5 sickles each. You can also buy an endless trunk for 1000 galleons. Very helpful for those with more than 3,400 items."

"Well I'd like to transfer everything from the Potter vault except 2 million galleons. I'd also like to give 1 million galleons to Mr. Remus Lupin with a note saying thanks for the help."

"Alright. Where in America would you like it sent to? We have locations in each of the State Capitols and WashingtonD.C. However if there is a larger city in a state such as Los Angeles compared to Sacramento, the bank will be there instead."

"Can you divide it up into an even amount and place it in each vault?"

"Yes. What would you like to do with the items?"

"I'd like to buy a trunk, put items I need right now inside, and have everything else sent to the New York Vault."

"Okay. It will be done. Is there anything else you need?"

"Yes. I need fake muggle passports, American driver's licenses, and anything else a normal American would have. Also do you have a type of credit card that can be used in the magical as well as muggle worlds?"

"No we do not but we are in the process of making some for use. I will owl them to you when they are made. Now, about the other items. There is a shop across the street that can have all that made as well as change your appearance for you."

"Thank you Master Ragnok." With that they left.

After they left Gringotts the four wizards went across the street and entered a small shop called New Identity and approached the counter.

"Hi. I heard that you helped people change appearance and made fake ID's and such."

"Okay take a look at this book and let me know what you want to look like. Then we will get what you need," the lady replied. "Oh and by the way we can also change your accent. With that the four sat down and picked out their new looks.

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